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And we've seen from the last few cycles that a social conservative beats the all-around very conservative candidate (this year Cruz)
Huck would lock down the most conservative 35-40% of the vote in a candidate who can't get to 50%
A Huckabee run would do more than anything to help a center-right establishment figure win the nod.
Local UK officials count all paper ballots manually within a few hours of poll closing. Why can't Alaska/Colorado/California?
YOLO RT @kerpen: Alaska won't count more ballots until Friday.
RT @TechCrunch: SpaceX will announce micro-satellites for low cost Internet within 3 months
Y'all. We're about to land on a COMET.
RT @MiaFarrow: Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders - a ticket we could trust
This is all about Howard Schultz planning an Indy bid in 2016 right?
Yahoo Buys BrightRoll, a Video Ad Platform, for $640 Million.
RT @Taniel: #AZ02 count ends: *McSally (R) has 133 more votes than Barber (D) *200-250 provs left (voters must prove eligibility) *within recount margin
RT @AaronBlakeWP: If Dems didn't control state gov't in California, they would have only 5 states comprising 3.5% of U.S. population
RT @EchelonInsights: Cable buying patterns from a Republican media buying firm likely going based on gut. #InsightsOnAir
RT @EchelonInsights: Diversified cable buying patterns from a Democratic media buyer likely using set top box data. #InsightsOnAir
Wondering aloud: Why are poppies for Armistice Day a thing in the UK but not the US?
Old under-the-radar measure of whether a campaign gets it: Is the manager/consultant on Facebook? New: Do they use Uber?
RT @Kantrowitz: Google does some quantifying of the ad-fraud it sees: http://doubleclickadvertisers....
Stackhouse campaign taking shape:
RT @HotlineJosh: Rubio and Paul Ryan teaming up to introduce Obamacare alternative in next Congress #2016
Congressional candidates took Uber more than taxis this cycle:
TV Has An Advertising Problem — Here Comes The Blame Game
Politics becoming a perfectly efficient market:
Nobody could have ever predicted any of this.
Tech should be grateful Obama chose to act on net neutrality at this peak of his power.
Democratic persuasion models couldn't have possibly predicted how many people wanted to vote for Joni Ernst!
75.7% of online survey respondents will definitely not purchase a New York Times subscription in the next month.
Those Iowa independents Dems told us were 2-1 Braley? Yeah, not so much.
RT @wesleydonehue: Something we already knew - @ericwilson is kind of a stud.
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