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DCCC email at 4pm: Ok, so we lied. The last email wasn't the final notice.
RT @anamariecox: With 1/3 of the nation delinquent on debts, DCCC puts out a mailer that looks like a collection notice. Classy?
Hats off to @RepEricCantor - consistent voice for innovation and smarter GOP agenda for the middle class.
We were promised flying cars, and we got flying sharks.
RT @RepEricCantor: With that, it's time to pass on the @GOPLeader Twitter handle to my good friend Kevin McCarthy, our next Majority Leader!
RT @EchelonInsights: Perspective: At 432k, peak daily tweets for Shark Week 2013 nearly twice that of the first Sharknado. #SharknadoInsights
RT @LFCUSA: Tonight's attendance at Yankee Stadium: 49,653 #LFCTour
RT @ESPNFC: Attendance at Yankee Stadium: 49,653. That's over 1,000 more people than the highest Yankee game this season.
Wait... Sharktopus?
First ever recorded reference to Sharknado ->
RT @EchelonInsights: #Sharknado2 tweet levels nicely show the divide within Texas: College Station 20.1% Austin 8.9% Dallas 7.8% Houston 6.4% San Antonio 6.4%
Judging by its particularly high share of Sharknado tweets, Pittsburgh earning its stripes as a hipster paradise.
RT @EchelonInsights: #Sharknado2 tweet share by city: Pittsburgh 16.9% DC 15.8% Boston 15.6% NYC 14.0% Mpls 12.9% Philly 11.0% #SharknadoInsights
RT @EchelonInsights: Top #Sharknado2 states by tweets: DC 15.8% NH 13.9% PA 11.1% MN 11.1% NY 10.9% NJ 9.8% MA 9.6% CT 9.6% WY 9.1% WI 8.8% #SharknadoInsights
RT @ethanklapper: admit it you are only watching sharknado to tweet about it and get lots of retweets
RT @simonpegg: It's all very funny live tweeting Sharknado 2 but what if there is an actual Sharknado during the movie. People will think its a joke!
RT @pourmecoffee: Killing the sharks won't solve the problem. We need more money for sharknado awareness and education.
Go follow @EchelonInsights. They've got your social-TV data needs covered. #SharknadoInsights
RT @philipaklein: Al Roker just gave the clearest explanation of a Sharknado I've ever heard. He should get a job at Vox.
Maybe this wasn't the best product placement decision for Subway #justsaying
RT @EchelonInsights: Places most likely to tweet about #Sharknado2TheSecondOne: THE DISTRICT 1.86% PA 1.64% MN 1.49% CT 1.42% NJ 1.42% WV 1.35% AL 1.28%
Can't lie. I used the impeachment fundraising email tactic in 2006. Raised 2x the best email to date then.
RT @joshtpm: DCCC, Dante's Inferno edition ...
Number of people using the #UnpledgeErnst hashtag in NextGen Climate's ad: Less than 20, including staff. $2.6M buy.
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