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RT @Rentrak_Wilson: Contributed to a great @latimes story! DirecTV, Dish Network to vie for political cash with customized ads.
RT @AlecJRoss: David Plouffe joining Uber as its Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy
RT @sjlmiller: .@PatrickRuffini & @KSoltisAnderson want to break down campaign #silos.
RT @JimmyPrinceton: These two tweets from @SenatorDurbin are priceless.
Great to talk to @C_and_E about @EchelonInsights and the future of measurement for politics and corporate advocacy.
RT @C_and_E: A pair of GOP strategists look to break down campaign silos:
Doesn't know how to be President.
Can we please amend the #ALSIceBucketChallenge to donate AND dump the damn bucket on your head?
Was just live ID'd by a volunteer for the VA Democratic Coordinated. I told them the truth. Was this a mistake?
What Google calls Docs vs. Drive almost as confusing as previous separation between Apps and non-Apps Google account.
2006 -- Harkin Steak Fry was one of the first real signs Obama might run.
Here's an example of a tech startup that will be more successful than any in politics:
RT @kasie: Hillary Clinton to the Harkin steak fry in Iowa, @JenniferJJacobs reports. That answers that
Lots of favorites on the last few posts, which is indicative of "Stuff everyone thinks but won't say publicly."
5/ So tell me more about your political crowdfunding startup that's going to revolutionize everything...
4/ For instance, ALL TV spend is subject to 15% commission, even in 2014. Check the FCC public file. And that's at least transparent.
3/ Most of the successful political business models involve commissions/markups within media spend that are seldom discussed with the client
2/ The other $1B goes to ALL other forms of voter contact: Mail, phones, digital, field. And a lot of this is to the USPS & phone companies.
1/ Yes, politics is a "$6 billion market." You know where that goes? $3B to broadcast TV stations, $1B to cable, >$1B to media buyers...
Dirty little secret: If you want build a purely political VC-backed startup, don't.
RT @AntDeRosa: Twitter tests putting favorites into users' timelines
RT @engagedc: Our client strategy team keeps on growing! Meet @jvconnors the latest addition to Engage:
RT @ElieLitvin: XRay: a new tool for tracking the use of personal data on the Web
Sunday Wikipedia page views for the Ice Bucket Challenge: 111,205. Ferguson + Brown Shooting pages: 82,297.
.@zeynep @briancmccomas If someone's grandmother dies, do you "Like" the post? Ok, now if there is social strife somewhere, do you "Like"?
RT @briancmccomas: Again, #Ferguson is dominating my Twitter feed, and is nonexistent on Facebook.
Startups experiment with ads that know how you drive.
YouTube stars more popular than Hollywood celebrities among teens:
Edward Tufte Forum: Slopegraphs for comparing gradients: Slopegraph theory and practice Because charts.
Why behavior change apps don't work.
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