#PhotoUpdate: We survived the blizzard and now have a new gallery devoted to snowscapes & drifts. http://fb.me/GgRt4pOi
Update: Snow Drifts Aren't All Bad - http://www.pattersonprints.com/2011...
Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year! I love it!
Printing Autumn-themed greeting cards! <3
our note cards and postcards are now available at My Sister's Garden, located at 2013 South Main Street in Higginsville, Missouri!
You can now purchase our framed photography at Alexander Mitchell Mercantile in Lexington, Missouri! Check it out in person at 827 Main St.
#PhotoOfTheWeek - Its amazing what you see along the side of the side of the road. ALWAYS keep the camera handy! http://fb.me/xNNZbuB3
Update: Old Barn in High Definition - http://www.pattersonprints.com/2010...
#PhotoOfTheWeek - We will be in Lexington this weekend. Say "you saw the cannonball" and get 10% off at our booth. http://fb.me/xtZCW0m3
Update: The Lexington Cannonball - http://www.pattersonprints.com/2010...
Thanks to everyone that helped make the Tanya Andrews Benefit Poker Run a success!
#PhotoOfTheWeek - This week, all profits from our Motorcycle collection will be donated to the Tanya Andrews... http://fb.me/JolRCqgQ
Successful day at the Higginsville Country Fair. Thanks for all who stopped by our booth!
New Photos! We now have a collection of Harley photos available on metal or metallic paper! http://pattersonprints.smugmug.com/Motorsp...
#PhotoOfTheWeek - This week's featured photo is The Finger in honor of this weekend's Higginsville Country Fair. http://fb.me/FOIiBaQv
Wow! The ink goes FAST! We have postcards printed and most of the large prints done. Almost set for the #HigginsvilleCountryFair!
Are you going to be in Higginsville for the fair next weekend? Be sure to stop by our booth and say hi!... http://fb.me/GwzC5cdG
PattersonPrints will be making a donation to the Tanya Andrews Benefit Poker Run. What picture or service would... http://fb.me/GiRlmLfB
I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/Fkh9xA7x
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