RT @pattyinboothbay: Transforming Education: AFPF: Stories of Transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch... #Education #TEDxDirigo
RT @pattyinboothbay: Transforming Education: AFPF: Stories of Transformation: http://t.co/84b5aZypPC #Education #TEDxDirigo
Comcast: do u REALLY want to list ALL customers’ addresses? If u look 4 location 2 return equip & enter partial, u get list #FAIL #Comcast
Transforming Education: AFPF: Stories of Transformation: http://www.youtube.com/watch... #Education
Transforming Education: AFPF: Stories of Transformation: http://t.co/84b5aZypPC #Education
Lady Zen: Determination has a shelf life of 3 days #TEDxDirigo
Lady Zen: When I said yes to my destiny, everything changed. I will endure uncomfortable situations. #TEDxDirigo
LadyZen: "We don't know where to put you on the shelves." I begged the universe: what do u need me to do? Answer: Just Be! #TEDxDirigo
Lady Zen: Lyric Fusion Poetry which is what I do. I have to endure scrutiny from both poetry and music industries #TEDxDirigo
Lady Zen: Poetry & music have a very prickly relationship. Beethoven, Mozart, experimented with poets. Jazz-Lyric poems/work song#TEDxDirigo
Lady Zen: I create wordless melodies to fuse with my words. Music and poetry are twins and fighting with one another. #TEDxDirigo
Lady Zen: My artistic process starts with curiousity. Kick around consonants and vowels. #TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: If social norms are with you, we inspire local officials to follow our lead? TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: Is it ok for a social individual supported by social norms to innovate? don't want anarchy #TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: What about creating a bike lane? what if you paint it yourself? Is that an ethical action? Circumvent process. #TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: If social norms support you, and it's illegal? Do you take the action of guerilla gardening? Why not? #TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: what stops you from creating a garden on a vacant lot? Laws and Social Norms. Guerilla gardening #TEDxDirigo
Sarah Schindler: Sustainable development & Land Use law. If you live in a shrinking city. Vacant lot. Plant a garden.#TEDxDirigo
Jeremy Frey: Art helped me get thru school. Hated my 1st job. Started to use drugs heavily. I knew I had to quit. #TEDxDirigo
Maine Basket Weaver: Jeremy Frey: Acorn basket. When I was little, i didn't read or write well. I was home schooled, Rebel. #TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: Poem: 18 months wearing black and blue. Art at Work is spreading to other cities and places around the world #TEDxdirigo
Marty Pottenger: Roll Call- 1st 10 mins = crime reports - Police told poems. I would rather fight 4 guys than write a poem. #TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: what projects to tackle? Police dept had low morale. Seemed risky. Brutal honesty that poetry insists on. #TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: Result: Increase in Youth initiated positive engagement; students said "this project changed my life forever" #TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: HS students outraged by shooting wrote a play for officers to do a play for HS. Play=Radio Calls, Weeping City#TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: #2 Meeting Place: Artists 4 key neighborhoods arts-based civil dialog, chorus, drumming, 4 art celebrations TEDxDirigo
Marty Pottenger: Bring creative engagement into govt. In City Hall in Portland ME 3 examples "Home Land Security" original play #TEDxDirigo
Zoe Weil: Zoe needs to know about URDT Girls School http://URDT.net -- this curriculum exists!! in Rural Uganda. #TEDxDirigo
Zoe Weil: last yr. created 1st solutionary school in the world-pre-K thru 12 school. Open source and shareable thruout the world. TEDXDirigo
Zoe Weil: Replace debate teams with solutionary teams: students collaborate to solve a problem; 1st solutionary congress in Utah TEDxDirigo
Zoe Weil: 1 of 50 top-rated TEDx talks. Institute for Humane Education. Free downloadable resources #TEDxDirigo
Zoe Weil: Q&A - I had the solution to all the world's problems: address the system of education, students can be solutionaries TEDxDirigo
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