Paul Buchheit
Just released an improved 'Hide' function. What does everyone think?
And yes, I know you want to block Twitters too.. Baby steps :) - Paul Buchheit
That's a good question Chris. I'm not sure, but a lot of people weren't finding it there. - Paul Buchheit
It's still got the scary-scary factor: will clicking this button make the item go away forever? It doesn't, of course, but maybe if it had a little down-arrow (like More does), and the choices were in a little menu (like More has), then it would be less dangerous-seeming. On the other hand, maybe this isn't a big deal for posts I truly just want to disappear, and once I've used it once I'll know what I'm getting into. I could see being annoyed by the pop-up on repeated use, though. - ⓞnor
My only complaint is that it's right where I keep expecting the "Like" link to be, right to the left of "More". I'll get used to it. I think ⓞnor is on to something with the drop-down idea, though. BTW, when will those menus detect when they're at the bottom of the window and flip up to avoid it? - dgw
Seems to me there could be just three buttons/icons: a pen, a plus, and a minus. Under pen, that's comment. Plus would include Link and Like. Minus would include Unsubscribe and Mute. - Adam Lasnik
I think it would be right to add ... near Hide link to indicate that is will show a dialog. Or make presentation similar to More link, with popup, and show same arrow. And I believe it is right step to extract Hide link to top level, thanks! - Kirill Maximov
thanks for this feature! it will help keep the page tidy and remove the ones we are not interested in reading further. Hope the prompt, after clicking hide, won't be necessary though. - Janette Toral
I don't have a strong use for it. I'd rather have an "I've Read This" feature that hides a post, but will reappear if it gets commented on. Because even posts I don't care about might get comments that I do care about. - Bill Bittner
I'd also like to put in a vote against icons. I think FF has a good balance of icons and text. Very...dare I say...Google-ish. - Bill Bittner
I'd like to second Bill's vote for a link that tells FriendFeed, in effect, that "I'm done with this" and removes it from my feed unless someone makes a new comment on it. - dgw
Looks like an improvement, but here are my comments. 1) You don't know whether clicking Hide will immediately do something. The three dots following the entry as you did it previously was a subtle indicator for "another dialog pops up with furter questions, don't worry." May be OK to ignore that downside, tho, dunno. 2) Please hide all the explanations in the dialog in an expandable "+ Tell me more?" link *below* the action button. 3) May wanna put cancel action into top right of the dialog as X (additionally, or exclusively). - Philipp Lenssen
I like it here. It is one of the more important features for filtering the "noise". I've told people time and time again how to filter data and almost everyone I talked to didn't know it was under "More". (or "Options" before that) Now it's about as obvious as it can get. I also like the wording in the dialogue and that the default behavior will NOT hide entries that have comments and likes. This is definitely a better behavior overall imho. Great job as usual guys. - Bwana ☠
Actually, I kinda like this HIDE feature, however I do feel a bit insecure. What if someone made a great comment ... i will miss that. Perhaps HIDE could just hide the comments and the pictures but leave the headlines. What do you all think? - Christopher Yeo
Christopher: The default behavior will "unhide" entries once they are commented or liked. That's the beauty of it, you won't miss the great comments. - Bwana ☠
Bwana, this was the default behavior, but it's not anymore. The new dialog seems to make "even if it has comments or likes" selection the default (if you opt to hide these types of entries, that is). - Philipp Lenssen
PS (unrelated): Ouch, when you type a comment and then accidentally hit the "Comment" link (before posting) your typed stuff will disappear, and won't come back if you click "comment" again. - Philipp Lenssen
Hide does not appear on tab - Shakeel Mahate
Phillip: It isn't the default behavior if the entry already has comments or likes, which in that case it shouldn't be :) FF detects if the entry has comments or likes and changes the default checkbox appropriately. - Bwana ☠
It seems to me that there are three steps to hiding: 1) When you hide something, it gets replaced with the message: "Entry hidden..." Also, at the bottom, there is a link that says "Refresh to view hidden entries." Then if you click on Refresh, this happens... 2) All the "Entry hidden messages..." are hidden as well. Then a link appears at the bottom "Show (number) hidden entries. Clicking on this does this... 3) Shows the hidden entries at the bottom of the page, under a separating line. It works, in a fashion, but may be just a bit more complicated than it could be. - Bill Bittner
And I guess there's another way to accomplish what "Hide" does. Choose "Like" for every post that seems interesting. Then, add a quick link to the "both" link (shows posted that you liked or commented on) under the "Discussion" section in your "Me" tab in your browser bookmarks. That's what I do. I have both the basic FF view and the "both" view in my browser links and toggle between both. - Bill Bittner
I like what Bill Bittner has said. - Mike Reynolds
I like it, and will probably use it more often now - Aviv
I am amazed at your speed I am now hiding all the twitters - Varun Mahajan
I cannot hide this entry! lol - Russellreno
Same here, hide stopped working. Can't hide anything anymore. Halp! :( - Bwana ☠
I found one. I like it. - Russellreno
Paul, is there a limit to the # of hidden items? It seems I've hit a limit. I can't hide anything else unless I unhide a previous hidden entry. - Bwana ☠
Too afraid of miss something good unfortunately. - Vince DeGeorge
hide should also exist when on a comment page (oddly enough, comment does appear). I often get pulled from an rss feed to the comment page and hide is often the option that I'm looking for. - Ashton
Bwana, try again, it should be working. Sorry for the trouble. - Paul Buchheit
Yup, it's working again. Thanks! - Bwana ☠
I like Bill Bittner's workaround. I found myself doing that more and more - Christopher Yeo
how about filter view? rather than hide. As in how do I show it again? - martin ollman
may i see who hides me? : ) - Erhan Erdoğan
I'm looking for a 'read' function - Joel
Love it! I second the "read" function stated above. Will the RSS feed reflect these settings? If not, then that would be a cool next step. - Phil Ashman
Did you decide to remove the Mute feature under More? - Turker Keskinpala
I hide no one... - Anthony Farrior
How about a "time span" setting if i want to see just the activity in one or more hours? - Anthony Farrior
I think it should be right next to the title of the entry, not next to Comment.. - Derek Collison
I think the domain name should be next to the title - this will enable it for Firefox -, but I still like my Safari.. so hopefully this will come soon. - Aviv
Very weird things happen now when I click "hide" in the iGoogle gadget. - Jim Norris
I like the hide option, helps manage clutter. What does choosing hide without checking the "even if it has comments or likes" mean? You will not hide a feed if it has comments or likes if I select hid ebut not check this sub-option? Confusing! - Sudha Jamthe
I also don't see hide option when I see feeds when I go thru a search eg Is this a feature, why? - Sudha Jamthe
Look! FriendFeed news. ;) - AJ Batac