Paul Buchheit
Perspective, FriendFried and the Scoble Effect -
Jake Kuramoto may be on to something. Louis Gray has noted that both Robert Scoble and Chris Brogan have joined FriendFeed, and the networking possibilities have certainly increased as a result. - Ontario Emperor
I worry that Scoble will bring noisy people to FriendFeed. :-( - Amit Patel
"you do have the final say on his effect on your feed by not subscribing to him". Not 100% true -- the "personalized communities" here overlap in the comments threads. Say, Adam subscribed to Eve. Sue subscribes to Eve. Robert brings Pete on board. Pete comments in Sue's thread, perhaps she's a friend of a friend. Adam will now see stranger Pete's output because Pete is a friend of Sue who's a friend of Eve (the only person Adam actually subscribed to) -- all due to Robert. - Philipp Lenssen
Right, wrong, indifferent I think the Scoble Effect does help drive features, if only to control the noise. Right Paul? - Jake Kuramoto
Agree with you Jake, the more people sign-up here the better as it will let us watch how experts tackle the issues arising! - Philipp Lenssen
I already unfriended him because of the noise it brought into my friends feed. I liked the new information, but it quickly became too noisy, and made FF less valuable to me. I still see his stuff now because of friend of a friend semantics. - Derek Collison
I'm not subscribed to Scoble and don't plan to. The “noise” I was referring to was the increased volume of friend-of-friend posts — described by Philipp Lenssen. I also think that as more strangers start following me, I'm going to be less open about what I post. I think that “big city vs. small town” feel may be unavoidable growth. - Amit Patel
But in the real world we all live in neighbourhoods where we tend to bump into the same people repeatedly rather than interacting with everyone on the planet. Maybe what we need are private groups or sub-graphs? - Adewale Oshineye