Paul Buchheit
Google's Secret Social Initiative Delayed Until Spring 2011 -
Google's Secret Social Initiative Delayed Until Spring 2011
"So what is causing the delay? The likely culprit is disagreement on the design, purpose and execution of the project. One of our sources told us that he/she has heard “tales of disorganization and too many different teams working parallel or in conflict.”" - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
cant wait :-) - Phil Smirnov
Paul it must be a relief that you can post on these matters now that you are no longer associated with Facebook or Google. - Shakeel Mahate
Well obviously, they need to throw more people at it :) - Private Sanjeev
Around the same time you posted this, Peter posted a link to a blog post praising the culture of engineers at Google But I think that culture can also be a problem. Engineers can make the coolest products in the world, but do they understand how the masses are using social? How frictionless it needs to be? How, as Charlene Li says, in the future social will just be "like air"? If Google can't get all that right, they won't be competing well in this space, and their track record is not good, I'm afraid. - Laura Norvig