Paul Buchheit
After signing the papers :)
What's with the fists, Paul? :) - April Buchheit
congrats Paul - Zee.
I thought it would make a funny picture April. - Paul Buchheit
Secret backyard meetings FTW. :) - EricaJoy
What? No lawyers in suits? Mark's setting a pretty low bar on the dress code for this sort of thing...:) - Tomas Remotigue
Our lawyers were wearing shorts actually -- no air conditioning at their office on Sundays I guess. - Paul Buchheit
Zuckerberg's the only one from FB who could be bothered to show up? - Andy Bakun
American big business such a formal affair - Robert Higgins
Contrary to popular misconception, lawyers don't actually enjoy wearing suits. Haul us into work on a Sunday, and we'll definitely be dressing comfortably. :) - Brian Chang
Andy, the person on the left is Vaughan Smith from Facebook. Sanjeev (the fourth FriendFeed founder) is not pictured because he was boarding an airplane. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, that's so awesome. FB's an awesome company to do business with. - Jesse Stay
Must have been exciting, congrats. - sean percival
Yeah, wishing you guys all the best, its been good fun hanging around here thanks!! - Mel Buckpitt
Congrats to you guys! - Jack Wilson, K4SAC
Congratulations you guys!!!! I love the Teak Conference Room table :) - Susan Beebe
Hey Paul congratulations - FriendFeed has been leading the way since its inception. Are the photos you've posted copy-protected or could I use them in a story on the deal? - Mitchell
Mitch, feel free to use the photos. - Paul Buchheit
where's the ...friendfeed shirts then?? ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
SWEET!!! Congratulations! - Chad Lester
...congrats.can't wait to see what happens with both FF and FB as a result of this. - .LAG liked that
Please try to keep Friendfeed like it was if they let you. Either way, congrats on the financials! - Josh Haley from iPhone
Congrats and best wishes for the future. - Jeff Stannard
For $50m you could at least have hired a photographer who doesn't shake so much. :) - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
FF was the cutting edge whereas FB is quickly becoming the mainstream. Unfortunately, the mainstream does not necessarily equal innovation and pushing the envelope. We all suffer when innovation is chilled. But on the other hand, congrats to the FF crew. They made their money! - blackChinahand
I think the Tiger suit would have been more appropriate! But hey....shorts in a backyard is pretty cool too. - Drea Lester
Congrats! - CG
Whatever the outcome, Friendfeed is terrific. Congratulations. - Ashish
LOL, click through if you want to see pics of newly rich geeks in casual wear.. -> - Alex Schleber
congratulations! keep the innovation coming... - ozlubling
VERY happy for you guys. Possibly even owe you one or two. Are we getting FriendPhone next?? Think Mark should seriously think about 'Friendbook' :) - Charlie Anzman
Congratulations to you and your team. - Maria Niles
just showed the pictures to my students and they were like, "they look like normal people!" Congrats on the deal, onward and upward! - xxx xxxxx
Congratulations, Paul -- to you and everybody at FF. - Eric Johnson
Congrats Paul, Bret and the rest of the team, this is awesome news! The big question on everyone's lips is: Who gets to have :) - Fenn
Congrats, and thanks for taking us all on such a terrific ride! Big ups. :) - Pete D
Congratulations to everyone at FF. Whose house was the deal made? - seman
I am sad .. !!! I do not know .. why .. for me its not good news - Nayan
Congratulations! - Made Adi
++Mark - David Cook
Awesome! Congratulations! - michael silverton
hey, congratus Friendfeed team!!! - K.D.
I call this pic... "Six Happy Dudes & 1,000,000+ Pissed-Off FriendFeeders" - Brad Williamson
I don't get the negativity - did no one realize FriendFeed was a business? The object of a business is to sell eventually (either privately or publicly). We should be celebrating their success. This is a huge win for them, as well as Facebook. I personally think it's a huge win for the "loyal users" as well. So now we stab them in the back when they do something huge? - Jesse Stay
Not to mention we know *nothing* about what this will mean for both services. These guys haven't let us down yet, have they? - Jesse Stay
Congratulations to all of you!! - Steve de Mena
The FB/FF deal rocks. Total win for users and developers. - Steve Gillmor
Facebook announces the acquisition of FriendFeed - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations guys.. and good luck! ;) - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations Paul. I hope for nothing but the best for you and FF. - Martha
We should start a PhotoShop meme on this. - Ben Hanten
Lindsey, I'm with you completely. Bad timing. Too bad there weren't photos of money being thrown in the air. - Ben Hanten
++Ben - David Cook
Congratulations Paul, you should have got more, but I guess $50m is nothing to sneeze at. Have a great wedding anniversary too, I'm sure you both deserve it. Much happiness - :) - Chris Loft
Congrats! The hard work paid off - Becca
Those are the kind of business meetings I could get used to - no suits... but selling to Facebook? Hmmm... Good for someone of course but I suppose we'll see where this ride takes us. - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
Congratulations, FriendFeeders! I'm anxious to see what changes this will bring. FriendFeed is my favorite site to visit, so hopefully y'all will find a way to maintain the FF spirit somehow. - Keith Pelczarski
No matter the type of big change, there are those who will not like it, often simply because it's change. I for one am very pleased that two of the services I use most are joining forces, and am eager to see the new developments that come of this acquisition. Congrats to EVERYONE on the FriendFeed team. You all deserve it! You've done a great job with a small company. Now lets see what you can do with a large one :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Nicely put, guruvan. - Anne Bouey
Congratulations - Steve C, Team Marina
@Jesse Stay re: "the objective of business is to sell eventually" : Ummm, the objective of many businesses is to become profitable by providing a valuable experience to their users. Businesses that feel they can't do that are the ones that sell. - Shane Gibbons
LOL! ♫ ♫ "ooh, take the money and run"!! ♫ ♫ ;) - Vincenzo Piromalli
Congratulations to everyone involved. Well done. - Darius Dunlap
This is a very sad day in friend feed history. It is horrible because I like friend feed for how it's different from face book. I use facebook but I find it really annoying and I wouldn't use it if my friends and family weren't using it. So if Friend Feed becomes another facebook then i donno if I will keep coming to friend feed. - Colide81 (James) from iPhone
Grats. :) - Joshua Schnell
Congrats to the FF staff, but you'll have to pardon my lack of exuberance. I have mental pictures of being forced to use the FB UI and it makes me sad =( - FFing Enigma
Very happy for the Friendfeed team. These pictures say it all. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Congrats -- may the FF UI stay alive! - RateBrain
Where are the photos of everyone celebrating? No beer or champagne? - Shane
Great match-up guys ! The Fabulous Friender Boys ! - Let's see some integrated mashups and extensible apps and FF UI. Given Google and Twitter a run for their money... Looks like they are going to have to "hook-up" now ! - Mike Schmidt
Congratulations Paul and the team! Hopefully we'll still get the same simple UI for FriendFeed. I'm sure however that no matter what you do, things will turn up nicely. - Ovidiu Predescu
Enjoy! - Paul Mayne
NOOOOO! I _LOVE_ friendFeed and this will change it forever. Yeah - this will improve Facebook. Great deal guys - I can not wait to see how this works out - Ric Johnson
Congratulations! :) - İdris Cin
hayırlı olsun - Sinan İŞLER
congratulations to both parties. intuitively, it feels like the right move. - raheel naqvi
Congratulations guys :) - Yalcin Parmaksiz
Congrats Paul, Bret and the rest of the FF team. Your smiles are priceless!! - mj
Hayırlı işler... - Onur Selek
Congratulations gentlemen! - Mutimba
Congratulations Paul. Yes, I do hope Friendfeed users and community are "treated right". - Paola Bonomo
shit all FF VC's and CO-FOUNDERS! YOU DID THE SHIT! you can safely accept all spam "app" invitations on FB. - AlpB.
Ahmet: I'm disappointed to even be on the same service as you and I really can't wait until you leave. - Robert Scoble
Congrats! Maybe you'll make FB usable again... - Eran Kampf from iPhone
cngrtlti.ons I hope you will understand what i mean! - Atif UNALDI
Great vibe :) - Sharel from FriendFeed API Example
@Scobleizer: Come on you're a genius and can not realize future of FF? Turkey was one of important countries which is using FF! They asked no one about this! We hate fcking morons and stupid people on facebook, and I'm sure that this post will be real, just read it: - AlpB.
But Ahmed you are still being an ass about it, trying to rain on their good times. Go find a hole under the bridge where you belong. You can be sad and not have to come out all bitchy about stuff. Clear thoughtful comments instead of going all into "fuck you" mode. - Rasmus Lauridsen
OK, that's great. I hope you can be successful at Facebook Dev Team and enjoy spending that money. - AlpB.
Ahmet: I hope this helps with your inquiry -> - Clifford Kennedy
@Clifford, haha LOL. - AlpB.
Bilseydik biz alırdık :) - Hamdi Yaman
wohoo, lets celebrate that ff owners for selling the land they have hired us - now we have to find another place - MobilAdam
very nice FF! Amazing team! - @RecruitingDiva - Sangeeta Narayan
valla kelepire gitmiş, fotoğraflardan belli.. - Mücahit Yılmaz
Who took the pic? - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
@MobilAdam + 1. - AlpB.
@Mücahit +1 :D - Hamdi Yaman
böyle önemli bir iş için fiyat açıklanmadı ama 50 milyon $ deniyor. Bu kadar lakayt bir ortam olur mu yau. Uzaktan baksan gençler eğleniyor dersin - Fatih Hayrioğlu
Şİmdi yorumları okumadım ama çok kişisel bişi söyleyeceğim. Bu gençlerin milyon dolarları çeviriyor olması durumuna şaşıyorum. Bizim memlekette bu seviyeye gelecek mi veya? Kaç sen uzaktalar bizden bu gençler? - mustafa can
Bizim şirket sahipleri konunun belli saatler arasında, belli kıyafetlerle ofiste oturmak değil, yapılan işin niteliği olduğunu analdıkları zaman gelir tabii. Ama bence bu gavurların dediği gibi "When the hell freezes over". - özlem yetis - elvedaofis
bu postu türkçe commentlerle doldrmak süper fikir.. sarcasm diil ciddiyim - MobilAdam
Bakmayın böyle güldüklerine arkada buyuk yatırımcılar olmasa batar gider bunlar..Adamların yatırımcıları işi biliyor... - Zekeriya Pehlivan
tebrikler.congratulations.gratuliere !!! - muratt
Sorry but as an FF user, I've just tried to express my thoughts about this acquisition: - ibrahim özdemir
Congratulations! :) - Ruben Sanchez
Great result Paul. In such a short time, millions of users, 1 new interface and a marriage with internets' celebrity. This is a period which you should write down to make it as an on-line business case. You people are really wise businessmen. Nice job, congrats! :) - Olcayto Cengiz
Not happy happy congrats bullshit from me-I used FF. - frankiecarl
Frankie, a lot of us use FriendFeed and are concerned about where things are going from here. As I said in my comment above: I'm happy for the staff but displeased with who they chose to sell to. I'm perfectly capable of feeling both emotions at the same time. - FFing Enigma
@Tina ++++ - Shevonne
wonderful so normal so ordinary so simple - Thomas Power
MZ looks like he has just returned from the gym - Joe Dawson
Awesome, nice to see they are actually in fact human still. - Robert Schultz
Congratulations, Paul! - Bill Sodeman
Great photographs showing the very reason why 99% of all people start their own business - money! Well done and good luck for the future. - David Jagger
this is so great! congrats paul! im really happy for u guys! - Jason Pollock
congratulations guys! - Liam Daly
congratulations from me, too! mind to stay (y)ourselves. ;) - Valentina*
L-O-V-E the attire, guys. Did you end the evening with a nice barbecue and a dip in the pool? - Giulia B.
"Hi my name is Mark, I do $50m deals in my shorts!" - Simon May
Congratulations. I'm sad for us and extremely happy for you and your team. - Arleen Boyd
congratulations...can't wait to see the success of the collaboration! - Katy Barrilleaux
We better run away! - Constantine Nicolaou
Congratulations. I'm sure that this acquisition will be beneficial for both parties. - Volkan Özçelik
the one in the green shirt is hawt. just sayin'. - Jessie
eew, that causes diseases - Jim Norris
congrats Paul & evereyone ! - Thomas Mader
Is that Mel sitting on Paul's left? - j1m
CHA CHING!!!!! - sofarsoShawn
congrats guys - well done!!! - Gerd Leonhard
Business is Business and we can only move forward with social-media applications as we herald a new interactive platform. Albeit thanks to the Mothers of all Mothers, Google. Frank Burns - frank burns
The worst day for us, but ultimately not the end, many of us thought. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
best moment - רז
Meh. - Sarita! from iPhone