Paul Buchheit
Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook -
Google Making Extraordinary Counteroffers To Stop Flow Of Employees To Facebook
"One recent Googler, we’ve confirmed, was recently offered a counter offer he couldn’t refuse (except he did). He was offered a 15% raise on his $150,000 mid level developer salary, quadruple the stock benefits and…wait for it…a $500,000 cash bonus to stay for a year. He took the Facebook offer anyway." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Google can hire me any day..... - Roberto Bonini
Yes, it is. Many people at Google use Facebook offers in order to get a big raise. - Paul Buchheit
It's the same story here in Italy, but for players of soccer... - @zaps
and a big number of ex-Googlers transferred to Facebook. - Ozgur Demir
It's no different than what MSFT and Yahoo! employees did in that past. At these time the destination was Google. The important metric would be their persistency in their next destination (if they made the switch) or the mean time between their "i'm leaving" bluffs. - Berk D. Demir
seek no persistency Berk... that flow is consistent. - Ozgur Demir
There's no way 150k is a mid level salary (without bonus). I looked at the disclosures for 2008 Google supported H-1B visas and 120k is the highest just 2 years ago. - Doug Brooks
Doug, $150k is not uncommon for an experienced engineer in SV. - Paul Buchheit
I think that the story is basically true, but that the numbers are somewhat exaggerated (or misinterpreted by TechCrunch), especially the $500k cash bonus. - Tudor Bosman
I have some real numbers from recent such events, and while it's not cash, the number of GSUs being handed out are pretty astonishing. There's a serious bidding war going on. - Piaw Na
You'd think Google could figure out the reasons people want to switch and use the money to fix the discrepancy. If you pay someone half a million dollars to stay for a year, they'll only stay for a year (and probably not be as productive in the interim). - Kevin Fox
And I thought I did good with my 1 year stay bonus :P - Juan Pablo González
interesting, I thought the conventional advice was to never take counter offers for fear they will just drop you at a more opportune time, but maybe if they're offering up that kind of cash, they are genuinely interested in keeping, not just blocking the exit of, the employees. also, funny how this is the exact opposite of the zappos pay people to leave approach - Karl Rosaen
Unbelievable... - Jonathan Beckett
Maybe I should turn back to Software Development.. - mak100 from BuddyFeed
"if you get 1/10 of 1%, that’s $100 million in stock." Uhh... There are only so many percents to go around... - Brian Johns
@Kevin: Google is not stupid. They don't hand out cash. Retention packages are all in GSUs that vest over 4 years. Now, one statistic that I heard is that even people who receive the massive packages on average only stay for 2 years. - Piaw Na
wowowowow amazing #braindrain - Susan Beebe
Just realized that a "mid level developer" at Google makes MUCH more than a "high level program manager" at a multi-billion dollar international. Wild guess that FB would have no interest in making me an offer (and that my company would laugh at me if I presented a FB offer to them expecting a counter). Ah, Silly Valley, you're still silly! - Ryan Kaisoglus
I still call bs. I'm in silicon valley too :) Here's some H-1B data to support my skepticism. BTW I'm not saying that engineers aren't making this, just that it's not the mid/entry level guys. - Doug Brooks
Google isn't the only company being poached from by FB. - Mr. Gunn
Doug, there are several ex-Googlers commenting here, and none appear to disagree enough with the reported salary to point it out. Besides, the report said "mid-level" (not "entry level") which covers a wide range. There are some (non-senior staff) software engineers on your list that earn comparable amounts: e.g.: I-07330-3751869 147,000; I-08023-3822031 140,000; I-07352-3779209 139,000. - Simon
I wonder if Google HR is desperate or trying to bluff Facebook into overpaying for folks. - John Piscitello
That would be a very expensive bluff. - Tudor Bosman
It's amusing that there is so much disbelief in these comments. - Paul Buchheit
I don't think most people realize how much of a hockey curve the compensation for engineers is. It isn't something companies generally advertise. - Joe Beda from iPhone
hockey curve? - A. T.
@lelapin Well, all those underpaid brilliant engineers better start coming out of the woodwork. :-) - Piaw Na
Perhaps instead of Big Money, Google should be offering increased autonomy and more chances to change the world. From the outside, and far away, I'd suspect the project coolness factor may matter as much as the bigger payout. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
A.T, here's a graph showing a hockey stick pattern: (it's a tough subject to google because you get flooded with ice hockey or climate controversy results) - Micah
Also... and this is Monday morning quarterbacking, I realize that... Google should've put a hole or two in the scams FB used to rely a lot on for revenue. With a multi-pronged approach: technical and PR and political lobbying. (obviously it wouldn't have been framed as anti-FB, but pro-user, anti-scam.) - Andrew C (✔) from Android
A.T. — sorry for not being clear. The axis for the imaginary graph I'm thinking about would be compensation on the Y axis and seniority/quality on the X axis. - Joe Beda from iPhone
Andrew C: Google already offers plenty of autonomy and chances to change the world. The people who are leaving/getting massive retention packages aren't leaving because FB changes the world more. Many of them wanted to leave because they were consistently under-valued at Google. - Piaw Na
With all that talent, I wish FB deployed even a tiny portion of it to maintain Friendfeed - Paola Bonomo
Why do people think 150k is over the top? $150k would be high here (Australia), but not crazy-high, and we don't have as much competition. If you include contract engineers I know quite a few people making that pretty easily. +15% + 4x stock benefits + 500K is nice though! - Nick Lothian
Nick, I don't think $150k is over the top for Google. I think that $150k plus all the variable comp is over the top. Further, I think that outside of the small world of Google, FB, Twitter, etc, $150k for a mid-level developer is very high. Point of comparison: I work for a Fortune 5 company that also happens to be one of the 15 largest producers of software in the world (though software is not our business). I'm a high-level program manager (read: those engineers/developers are 2-3 levels below me on the org chart) and I don't get paid anything close to $150k. There is a distortion field around companies like Google and FB. Not saying it is good or bad, just saying it is out of phase with most of the rest of business. - Ryan Kaisoglus
@Ryan: - that's the java job market for Australia. Over 1200 jobs paying over $120K (multiple that by 1.1 to convert to US $) - and that's only including jobs where they advertise the pay. Edit: It's actually a lot more than that - a lot of the ads are for multiple positions (eg: we require 11 developers) - Nick Lothian