Paul Buchheit
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Add your location to your signature -
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Add your location to your signature
"To try it, turn on Location in Signature from the Labs tab under Settings, then go to your signature preferences and check the box next to "Append your location to the signature." It'll use your public IP address to determine your location, so it may not always be that accurate. For example, if you're at Heathrow airport, IP detection may put you in Germany. If you want more accurate location detection, make sure your browser has a version of Gears that supports the location module. That way, Gears can make use of wi-fi access point signals to recognize that you're actually in London." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
This is pretty cool. I had wanted to add a feature to Gmail that would instead show the location of the people sending you email by geo-locating the source-IP in the "Received" headers (most non-Gmail services expose your computer's IP address). - Paul Buchheit
Doesn't seem to be working well in Linux and Comcast. Thinks I am in Sacramento not Los Altos. :-( Linux deperately needs better location based services. - Zaki Manian
I don't get why it's not using Google Latitude. If I manually set my location in Latitude, I don't want Gmail to say I'm somewhere completely different. - Tony Ruscoe from fftogo
Maybe it was developed before Latitude and the teams didn't coordinate. - Ionut
@Ionut It's a Gmail Labs feature. That usually means it was done by one engineer in his/her 20% time rather than by a 'team.' - Adewale Oshineye
will be good to have the location in my GTalk Resource JID part. - Stoyan Zhekov
Will this work on the iPhone???? - Roberto Bonini
Roberto, I think Gmail Labs features are powered from the front-end, so it would only work on the iPhone if you could use the full Gmail AJAX interface (which I don't think is possible). - Tony Ruscoe
looks like that <s>developer</s> technical writer behind this feature wave us *hello* -- see that _second_ picture with typed text "Mishutka von Wald" ? that's аllusion on - A. T.
It seems not to work perfect in China. Maybe the ip library of China is not quite correct. - nAODI (ANNDI)
I'm impressed by all the recent Gmail updates. Make me want to abandon for good. - Sebastian
neat stuff but it makes me wonder if it's good thing for people to know where you are though... - Ridzuan Ashim from twhirl
So when is gmail going to get HTML-enabled signatures (without using an extension)? - Jandy
to Paul: do you still receive e-mail from providers other than gmail? :) - Ihar Mahaniok
+1 Jandy Please. HTML already. I don't give a crap where you are emailing me from. - Sarah Perez
Silpol you win, finally someone got the reference to the bear Mishutka :) - xyz