Paul Buchheit
What is the easiest way to paste an image into a pdf in osx? Preview doesn't seem to allow paste (at least not in 10.4).
I've found exporting another document format into PDF is the best way to get an image into a pdf. Electronic signatures FTW :) - Ivan Kirigin
PDFpen is pretty easy - David Vasileff
I guess I was unclear -- I have a pdf and I want to add an image, so "Save as PDF" doesn't do it. PDFpen looks like it might, but buying software is such a hassle -- and having to pay $50 just so that I can paste an image into a pdf seems crazy. - Paul Buchheit
Chris, it looks like Automator can do this, but of course it applies to every page, etc and so it doesn't really work. Neal, pasting into Word doesn't seem to work. I even considered taking a screenshot of the pdf and then pasting the one image on top of the other and printing the result back to a new pdf, but I can't even paste one image onto another with the mac! Apparently this simple task is impossible without buying more software, which is lame. - Paul Buchheit
Download something like the GIMP (needs X11, although an experimental native build is available ) or Seashore (native Cocoa app). For really simple edits, you can use Skim although in 10.5 should be able to do these kinds of edits anyway. - Victor Ganata
Chris: copy any image from anywhere. In, you can either do File > New from Clipboard or Edit > Paste in an existing image. - Victor Ganata
Seashore looks handy for basic image editing, which is strangely lacking. Skim can't past images in to PDFs as far as I can tell, so it's no help. - Paul Buchheit
it seems the only way to insert an image into a PDF page for free is to capture the page as an image and use image editing software, then print the image to PDF. PDFpen can do it easily but is $50. adobe acrobat is $299, so it could be worse. 10.5 can paste an image as an entire new page into a PDF and also insert new PDF pages. - David Vasileff
I would suggest ImageMagick for this, but IM just delegates to GhostScript. You should be able to use either of those for this task. - Gabe
Chris, sorry, yeah, you're right, if you need to overlay a pic on a PDF, Preview won't let you do it. You can only paste into other images (JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.) If all you need to do is edit a single page, then that may be feasible, but AFAIK there's no easy convenient way to edit a multi-page PDF without splitting each page up into a separate file. - Victor Ganata
As Victor Ganata suggests, you can easily paste a single image into a PDF using Apple's Preview application. First, using Preview, save your PDF file as a JPEG. Then paste in an image, such as a signature or note that you've copied from another file. Resize the pasted image as desired within your JPEG, double click on the pasted image to set it, then save the file. If you wish, you can then reconvert the resulting JPEG into a PDF. - L Shlensky
If you create the document in Google Docs, photos can be inserted and it can be downloaded as a PDF. - Gregg Scott
I recently read that openoffice edits pdf's - lemuel