Paul Buchheit
"I don't believe that any of the other candidates, except perhaps Huntsman, would cut the military-industrial complex as deeply as it needs to be cut. What Paul understands - and it's why he has so much young support - is that the world has changed. Seeking global hegemony in a world of growing regional powers among developing nations is a fool's game, destined to provoke as much backlash as lash, and financially disastrous as every failed empire in history has shown. We do not need tens of thousands of troops in Europe. We do not need to prevent China's rise, but to accommodate it as prudently as possible. We do need to get out of the Middle East to the maximum extent and return our relationship with Israel to one between individual nations, with different interests and common ideals, not some divine compact between two Zions. We do need a lighter, more focused, more lethal war against Jihadism - but this cannot ever again mean occupying countries we do not understand and cannot control. I suspect every other Republican would launch a war against Iran. Paul wouldn't. That alone makes a vote for him worthwhile." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Sounds good. I hope the big media companies choose him. - Bruce Lewis
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. He sponsored a "life begins at conception" bill (making miscarriage illegal), wants to end birthright citizenship (you have to earn your citizenship?), and wants to eliminate federal environmental regulations (after you die from pollution you can simply sue the polluter). - Gabe
And his opponents are offering a probable Iran War, an American economic collapse (as the result of that war), the creation of a full-throttle neocon total surveillance police state, and the eradication of much of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Trade-offs, trade-offs.... It all depends on how you prioritize your issues. - Sean McBride
none of the above. - Mark Essel from iPhone
The more I learn about Ron Paul, the more wacko he turns out to be. Apparently he didn't actually know that his newsletter was be used as a fount of bigotry and racism: - Gabe
If you learned anything about the current administration, you should know this, even if someone becomes president of the USA, they won't be able to do squat unless the rest of the government will back them. RP is so outside the GOP norm that they might treat him like Obama. - Me
Ron Paul would be the Ross Perot of 2012. Interesting, possibly 10 or 12 points interesting, but ultimately not electable. - Eric - Final Countdown
CW said it well. - Anika
What could be more wacko than making preparations to attack Iran after the multi-trillion dollar failures of the Iraq and Afghan Wars and the overall neocon policies that helped cause the financial collapse of 2008? THAT's wacko. Even former Mossad heads are warning that an Iran War could collapse the American and global economies. Hacking away at the US Constitution, Bill of Rights and basic civil liberties is also wacko. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is on the sane side of these important issues. The neocons acquired control of Barack Obama from the moment he became president. - Sean McBride