Paul Buchheit
Eric Schmidt is tweeting about a Google Super Bowl ad? The world no longer makes sense...
NexusOne ad perhaps? Google is no longer a startup! heh :P - Susan Beebe
Especially this sentence; "Hell has indeed frozen over." - Özkan Altuner
Yeah, I saw that and... <scratches head> - Victor Panlilio
Battelle is reporting that Google will be running a search ad, not android/chrome: - Adam Kazwell
It's just a sign of the times... The end times... - Paul Buchheit from iPhone
I blame the iPad - Jesse Stay
Sometimes an ad is just so good that we have a responsibility to show it even to TV viewers. ;-) - Daniel Dulitz
Why wouldn't/shouldn't goog advertise on tv. Can't understand the reaction here. - t toring from iPhone
They'll have to beat Go Daddy ;) - WarLord
There's a long history/tradition of Google not advertising its main search product, but rather making the product good enough that it sells itself via word-of-mouth. - Jim Norris
Are you faulting Google the advertising company for running ads? - Hayes Haugen
Word is that this ad from their "Search Stories" (Parisian Love) will air during the Superbowl: - George S.
excellent ad - t toring
What was the music from? - WarLord
Say what you will about whether Google should be advertising or not, but didn't that ad just make you smile? Maybe it struck me because it somewhat resembled my own experience, but I thought it was beautifully simple. - Joel Webber
I thought that the ad was fantastic. In fact, I'm definitely in the camp of "it's so good that showing it to a large audience outweighs any long-standing policy of not advertising on TV." Yes, that good. Geoff, I'm surprised that you're reading that much into it. Especially since companies have been advertising since there were companies. - Chieze Okoye
Like maybe if you have enough money for a Super Bowl Ad a nice fat shareholder dividend be in order - WarLord
To be fair, if an advertisement costs $X, and produces greater than $X in additional profit (without harming the brand), and assuming a good cash position (which Google has), then it makes sense to run the ad regardless of other possible innovations, dividends, etc. (because there isn't actually a tradeoff -- you can do both) - Paul Buchheit
Yes, thank you Paul. - Chieze Okoye
As long as I will keep reminding friends and colleagues to google before they ask, I consider that Google should be advertised with even more intensity! - philos