Paul Buchheit
Vibram Sprints with socks -- much better than last time. No blood :)
Are these shoes really comfortable? What if someone is slightly overweight? - Stray__Cat
Are you wearing toe socks? - LB needs a break.
And then Paul's toes keep coming up! - τorƍue
They seem reasonably comfortable -- April wears hers all over the place. I only wear them when running, but it seems easier than regular shoes. Yup, toe socks. Here's what happened last time though ("classics" with no socks): - Paul Buchheit
Just watch out - they provide no protection in the front. I stubbed my pinky toe and broke it. Still not fully healed, 2+ months later - Paul Haahr from iPhone
Well, I'm often in flip-flops or barefoot much of the time, so it's probably not much worse on the protection front. What did you kick? - Paul Buchheit
A curb. Flip-flops and sandals usually stick out a bit in front of your toes, so I found the vibrams more dangerous. Versus barefoot, I hadn't internalized that they weren't shoes sufficiently. - Paul Haahr from iPhone
Ouch. If I understand "barefoot style" running though (and I probably don't), your feet should be dragged forward, not kicked forward (momentum vs muscle), which should also lower impact if I do accidentally kick something. - Paul Buchheit
Shades of Tellman Knudson at . He's running barefoot 3000+ miles across the US, New York To L.A. You guys have some tough soles man. LOL - j damon brown
I've been running in Five Fingers since the spring. I'm still not up to my previous mileage in them, but I can do 15mi/week very comfortably (and much faster). - Drew Raines
Haahr: I hear you on the toe exposure. I've had good luck with these running sandals, great for collapsed arches: . I've really wanted to try the Vibram Fivefingers though. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)