Paul Buchheit
Ma.gnolia Using FriendFeed to Restore Users' Data | Epicenter from -
Ma.gnolia Using FriendFeed to Restore Users' Data | Epicenter from
"Tuesday morning, a new automated tool popped up that shows Ma.gnolia is using FriendFeed to help repopulate its database. If you're a user of both services and you previously connected your accounts so your Ma.gnolia bookmarks show up in your FriendFeed stream, Ma.gnolia can gather up everything you saved by querying FriendFeed. The automated tool at asks for your FriendFeed nickname and your FriendFeeed remote key. Every user has a unique key, and you don't need to find it or have it memorized. Just make sure you're logged in to FriendFeed and click on the access link provided by Ma.gnolia. You'll be able to copy your key." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Very cool Paul. - Hutch Carpenter
It found 36 bookmarks if I remember correctly, when I tried it - Tyson Key
Ah, redundancy in the cloud partly saves the day. Cloud redundancy is going to become a very important concept. - Sean McBride
Awesome sauce! - Gavin
wow, interesting way to gleen data :) grab it from a reliable, stable source like FF! - Susan Beebe
Susan -- Murphy's Law applies to everyone equally. - Dave Winer
Replicate and find is the new backup and restore - Alan Cheslow
This is a very innovative way of restoring the data (even though it may not be a full recovery), but kudos to the one who thought of this idea, and to FF for helping Ma.gnolia in times of crisis. - Winston Teo
Dave - sooo true! - Susan Beebe
Of course, it works only if you been importing Magnolia into FriendFeed (before the server crash and data loss). - John Lam
That's great! I wondered if something like were possible. - Jandy