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How The Cambodia Daily went HTTPS – guest post -
Podcast: Journalism outside the website, from WhatsApp to Email -
Protecting whistleblowers, anonymity – and Daniel Ellsberg. Day 2 of the Logan Symposium -
Tip: If your blog comments have moved to Twitter, embed tweets at the end of your posts -
New free web journalism book – in Portuguese -
“Don’t be afraid: keep them afraid” and other notes from the Logan Symposium on surveillance’s first day -
Help Me Investigate is on ice (but I’ll still help you investigate) -
How do you find useful Twitter accounts? 5 tips for journalists -
Próximamente “Excel para periodistas” en español -
Spanish version of ‘Excel for Journalists’ on the way -
The Government wants to know where you were online, when. Why journalists should be cautious. -
Video: why every publisher should switch to HTTPS (and you should too) -
Hyperlocal Voices Revisited: Tim Dickens, Brixton Blog and Brixton Bugle -
Is This The Beginning Of The End For The UK Headline? -
Why I have a problem with Google’s crowdfunding tool Contributor – a tweet story -
HOW TO: Find out the ages of people using Excel -
“Pinboard is down!”: 3 ways to make sure your bookmarks are still accessible when the site isn’t -
Birmingham Mail uses social media ‘Thunderclap’ to mark pub bombing anniversary campaign -
“If we don’t move with it then the low-brow side wins”: obstacles to gamification part 2: perceptions, standards and time -
3 reasons why journalists are wary of gamification: an interview with Al Jazeera’s Juliana Ruhfus -
“I haven’t got time” is not acceptable when it comes to basic data techniques -
Did St Albans Council give misleading figures on FOI requests from police – and could other authorities be doing the same? -
HOW TO: Write a ‘Get the data’ article -
The Scarcity Principle: writing online headlines which ‘click’ -
The 35 Most Evil Pieces of Classical Music by Various Artists on Spotify -
RT @davidtpegg: Someone has actually published an album called "The 35 Most Evil Pieces of Classical Music". It's on Spotify. - Paul Bradshaw
Paul Bradshaw on Twitter: "Data journalism books: bundles now available #ddj" -
Data journalism books: bundles now available #ddj - Paul Bradshaw
Mobile kills the 24-hour-linear TV news channel -
"Mobile kills the 24-hour-linear TV news channel" - Paul Bradshaw
Computer-Assisted Reporting: A Practical Guide, 4th Edition (Paperback) - Taylor & Francis -
Book review: Network Graph Analysis and visualization with Gephi by Ken Cherven | ScraperWiki -
Book review: Graph Theory and Complex Networks by Maarten van Steen | ScraperWiki -
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