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Copy-paste :)
Kopi pest bu kadar ilerledi mi? :)) - Ali Oz
child version much more cute =) but i prefer theeeeeseee - siniradam
بلاک شدی ... اخطار داده بودم که با این قیافه مردم رو نترسون...!! - سینــــا
very very nice i likeit is beautiful...greetings from texas - Betty Diaz
What's the source and license? Would like to reuse it. - Daniel Mietchen
good idea :) - Alexander Ivanov
good idea. zabirayu sebe :) - Колпачков
i like ^-^ good idea - gloria
Прикольно))) - Kudesnik
Love your shirts! - Lori Cunningham
nefis.. ben de bunlardan ikiz kızlarım için yaptırayım hemen :) - Ayşegül
:))))))))) - ♂=♀ (MosiMC)
Reckon I should send my ID twins to daycare in T shirts like that! - mummc0
Здорово! - pudra
alf bacanak eskiden dizi falan çekerdin gözükmüyon nerelerdesin - barış
wer würde da nicht gerne die "Tasten" drücken ;-) - My-Fan-Page
Robert Scoble
Cool iPhone app URL shortening service from @AppSto_re: -
Cool iPhone app URL shortening service from @AppSto_re:
Map is a useful service for iPhone developers to use. This is the shirt of co-founder Patrick Buckley. - Robert Scoble
Way better and cooler than itunes app store logo. - Ashish
Remember when it didn't matter what the URL was for your product/site/service/blog, because people would find it via search? - Andy Bakun
nice.. .re domain for Reunion Island - akash
A neat site, if apple doesn't randomly take your app down. - Chris Jones
Robert Scoble
Who said FriendFeed doesn't get you Google juice? Not Murphy Goode winery. Check this out on Google:
I've been noticing more and more FriendFeed items showing up in Google (and higher than Twitter, generally). How about you? - Robert Scoble
but the question is how fast does google capture data form timeline? - Veetrag
Veetrag: in minutes, is my experience. No longer than a day, for sure. - Robert Scoble
@Robert I noticed that too, but I believe its because we write much more than 140 characters. So Google wouldn't have tweaked algorithm for it. - Veetrag
By the way, Murphy Goode really screwed up a good thing. Here's Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3 on the item: - Robert Scoble
That fact that a FF post can be #1 for an arbitrary set of multiple keywords doesn't prove the general fact. - Gary
Veetrag: I think Google is watching the real time engines closer and closer every day. - Robert Scoble
Gary: no, but I can find dozens of examples like this. - Robert Scoble
Do you realize how many clicks it took me to get to that tweet? - Rochelle
Rochelle: what Tweet? - Robert Scoble
Robert: Thanks for the info. Do you have any idea how soon does that information becomes obselete? Does Google have infinite storage/indexing capacity. - Veetrag
Veetrag: I believe so, yes! Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Google has posts of mine from years ago still in its index. - Robert Scoble
Robert: One more question, does Google give more importance to information from people with more followers? If so, they have to tweak algorithm for every service. - Veetrag
I agree Robert. I have even seen friendfeed post's higher than the actual blog post there about. - TheHenry
Veetrag: I don't think so. But they DO give more importance to items that have more inbound links. So I bet getting retweeted helps. - Robert Scoble
True, blog posts can remain forever. but these sites are generating content at much faster rate. And we have many more services. - Veetrag
TheHenry: me too. Veetrag: Twitter generates 10Gigs of new data per day. That's nothing for Google to swallow. Google has many hundreds of thousands of computers and maybe more than a million. Not a problem at all. - Robert Scoble
My FriendFeed posts on Google seem to climb and fall; it's not obvious why. It's also strange that I get Google Alerts on my alert topics when I tweet on it, but not from Friendfeed. - Keith Barrett
Robert and Veetrag: From my experience Google's index crawl sites [like Friendfeed] rapidly. And probably more than twitter because quite a bit of content it generated as opposed to a 140 char. tweet. - wiredgnome from iPod
Dont you think, posts with more 'likes' should get higher priority too? Or they are already doing it. - Veetrag
However the sites appear in Google's index within a couple hours. - wiredgnome from iPod
Dozens of examples doesn't mean much when there are billions of keyword combination. If FF has the only use of a particular set of keywords, then it will rank by default. - Gary
I noticed this a while back. My last big Flickr upload was a Merced roller derby bout. My FF post is number 2 after Flickr. - Russellreno
Cool, I guess. Puts 1 google to rule them all back in an agile search play. - Robert Higgins
Gary: OK, fine, how would you like to demonstrate which site will get you Google juice? Personally it all depends on what gets linked to. Or did you forget my "brrreeeport test" of Google? where I made up a fake word and got people to link to see what would happen? - Robert Scoble
I have said earlier,my friendfeed post appeared within 48 hours in Google search. This was two months ago. - Ashish
Veetrag: I bet more likes get more Google Juice. Why? More pages are linking to the original item. - Robert Scoble
I'm not saying FF has zero juice. I'm sure it is a value greater than zero, but I because anything can be posted by anyone, it would be hard for Google to give it much authority. If it did FF would instantly become a spam magnet. If a trend was started on FF and was later picked up by blogs, I'm sure the FF post wouldn't rank as high as the blogs. - Gary
I don't know: On this SM doesn't matter to me. I only support local : - Melanie Reed
Robert, I clicked on your link above which led me to Google search results. I clicked on the first result which was to a post of your with a link to Leo's FF. I clicked on that link to get to Leo's FF post, which was a link to Digg. I clicked on that and went to Digg which was a link to martinsargent's Twitter account. - Rochelle
Rochelle: even better, it's a full employment act for content producers because you need to click six times to get what should take one. Fair point! :-) - Robert Scoble
Gary: you're wrong. Google knows which FriendFeeder has more inbound links. My pagerank here is seven. What's yours? - Robert Scoble
Gary: you are wrong, twice. I have seen quite a few places where FriendFeed gets higher ranked than the blog. It makes sense, because the FriendFeed item is getting linked to by lots of people and the blog isn't (I often link here, because the conversation is worth linking to). - Robert Scoble
I've noticed. My Friendfeed page shows up in a search for my name at about position 3 or 4 whereas for years the first instance of my actual self would show up around page 4. I'm not a content producer nor a particularly active person, so I figured it was FF picking up steam. - Rob H.
Gary: finally, FriendFeed is going to prove to be very resistant to spam for a whole lot of reasons, most of which I won't go into here because I don't want spammers to figure out ways around the resistance. But for one, if you block someone here it is a COMPLETE block, not half assed like over on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Robert what exactly were the terms of the contest? Did it expressly say something to the effect that interviews were guaranteed by public vote, influenced by public vote or just that they asked the public to vote? - Melanie Reed
Melanie: they asked the public to vote and then, apparently, didn't care what the public said. - Robert Scoble
Robert thanks for clarifying. Well, they're off the hook legally. But they simply didn't understand the implied "rules" of SM, which, let's face it, can be intimidating for the uninitiated. I have no background on how "initiated" the MG SM team were but it is possible, indeed, appears plausible that they didn't even expect that much feedback. Which only goes to show that perhaps many in... more... - Melanie Reed
Melanie: yeah, you really need to read Jim Louderback (Revision 3's CEO) take on it: - Robert Scoble
Robert: Yes. This was about "hearing the message" in the public dialogue that all good advertising campaigns should understand. It just happens faster on the Internet. And it recalls parallels in the "Palace vs. the Death of Princess Diana and the Public Reaction" dilemma. If I was going to teach a SM class to Enterprise SM teams, I would start there with elements they could relate to and then progress to the Murphy-Goode Affair. ;) - Melanie Reed
FriendFeed ranks very well for me and often appears higher than my blog; however, since my blog is relatively new and fast-growing, those results are changing. My blog posts appear here in FriendFeed in near real-time, then get tweeted out with FF URLs re-directing back to my blog, so I am leveraging FriendFeed's Google juice to promote my blog's ranking and it is working! FriendFeed is one of my top inbound link referrers to my blog - Yay! :) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I think Friendfeed posts with more like will definetly get more Google juice. Friendfeed often has a higher page rank than blogs because Friendfeed links back and all the conversation is generally here than at the blog. - wiredgnome from iPod
Not just for Google. also Bing, Yahoo, and some up-and-coming search engines - TransContext Steve
Robert Scoble
Oh, Twitter, is this lame or what?
I wish they'd fix their technology instead of doing lame manuals. Search is broken. The MONEY IS IN SEARCH! Fix that and businesses will show up. Oh, and why not just feature cool apps like ? That's what will drag in new businesses to Twitter. - Robert Scoble
Apparently he doesn't care what we think. :D - iTad
robert i understand @jack is doing a payment system now, sure that would be tied into twitter as well. - sean percival
Twitter for Dummies? - Dylan Richardson
Sean: Jack better hurry it up, cause TwitPay is there. - Robert Scoble
Dylan: yeah, sigh. Why is a platform vendor doing that? And I thought Twitter was so simple that anyone could "get it." - Robert Scoble
Well they want to try and get the millions of peopel who sign up and do sod all to get more involved. - Mark
Mark: you don't do that with text. You do that with VIDEO and a CLASSROOM and EVENTS. The text on this page has ME bored to tears and I'm paid to read it. - Robert Scoble
Not sure that a "Twitter 101" wouldn't be a bad idea for some segments of the population other than business, like educators looking to integrate it into their courses. - Michael Ritter
Luckily I bet they had someone like a Community Manager or someone else write this manual, while the engineers can work on making Search better and in general the service better :) - Sam Houston
Robert, yeah - the leaked docs suggest they passed on anything with as a business model. I love what is doing (and I believe I was one of the first to feature them on - Jesse Stay
How can you charge for that? Its all over just Google it .. Maybe it should be Google 101 Hey Google my Idea. Lets see if some suckers buy it. - Dylan Richardson
Sam: if there really was a Community Manager why don't they fix the Suggested User List to become something more like or and get out of the business of trying to tell businesses how to use the platform. Does Google have a doc like this? Lame. - Robert Scoble
I'm actually a little jealous of - it's exactly what me and a couple other friends were going to launch when I went off on my own into entrepreneurship. Our product was going to be called Pokket. - Jesse Stay
robert, shot you a quick DM! - Tristan Walker
Scoble ...maybe it's too simple. In a way, this may be a good thing for Twitter: by defining what constitutes "best practices" on their system, they'll help everyone understand how their platform can be useful. Sort of like setting boundaries for your small children in order to help them grow. - .LAG liked that
Tristan: DM me here on FriendFeed. Twitter's DMs suck compared to those here on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
LAG: the thing about a platform is that you build it and you let the market decide how to use it. Twitter keeps trying to control their community. Go and fix the spam problem. Go and fix the search problems. Go and fix the DM problem. Go and fix the group problem. Go and fix the communication problem with developers. THEN come back and tell us how to use Twitter for business. Geesh. - Robert Scoble
i agree btw, im assuming they pushed this out before search upgrade due to pressure from investors/press - sean percival
Robert: I'm with you on this one. One of the things about Twitter is that you don't need a guide. You just dive right in. Doesn't this defeat the purpose? - wiredgnome from iPod
Scoble ...touche. you're right, maybe they should fix the glaring problems first. <sigh /> - .LAG liked that
Don't even understand how that's making money. - Daniel Brusilovsky
Sean: did Google ever publish something like this? Did Apple? What a lame idea. Focus on making the technology rock and roll. Leave the hype to the professionals. :-) - Robert Scoble
Twitter is still mostly as it was two years ago. Third parties are doing all the innovative stuff with services like FuelFrog and apps like Seesmic and UberTwitter. Fix search, add groups, and offer Twitter for domains. - Jeff Harbert
Daniel: more and more I'm convinced that Twitter doesn't have a clue how to make money. - Robert Scoble
Daniel: I'm more and more convinced that Mark Zuckerberg is the genius here and that Ev and Biz aren't. - Robert Scoble
Of course, you've heard my complaints on this. :-) I feel the same about Google Reader though - I wish Google Reader would fix their issues before launching new stuff as well. - Jesse Stay
Robert: I agree. 1 billion dollars in revenue? Where did they pull that number out of? - Daniel Brusilovsky
And, exactly what Daniel said. :-) They don't have a clue at writing software, either, btw. - Jesse Stay
Twitter the company stinks. Twitter as ecosystem rocks. - Meryn Stol
I kinda agree that Twitter101 is lame. Using Twitter is pretty straight-forward. Now, for some reason I feel that I am missing something in my use of FriendFeed and wish I could find a FriendFeed 101 or a blog post or something to just flip the switch and make me see what I am really missing. - RAD Moose
Good idea. - Eric Rice
Should have just licensed O'Reilly's Twitter book and put it up instead! - Gregg Morris
Gregg: exactly. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Would have been prettier too! - Gregg Morris
Robert, if it were up to you, how would you handle the spam problem? - Jeff Harbert
Who the hell is advising those guys anyway? Doesn't Facebook have Andreessen and a few other heavy hitters? Who do Ev and Biz have? - Gregg Morris
Jeff: first, make "block" systemwide. That will let me clean my own search out. Second, let me whitelist my searches, show me search results from ONLY my friends. Oh, wait, I have that on FriendFeed already. Third, let me filter by metadata (location, time, who retweets, etc). Fourth: let the crowd "verify" accounts. I'd love to go through my 100,000 people and mark accounts that I know are accurate and I'd love to let other people do that too. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I won't go with you on the "lame" part but I was just discussing search and spam with Shel over lunch today and certainly agree that this needs to be enhanced significantly for Twitter to remain relevant ***edit*** scratch remain, I mean enhance relevancy. Right now we're turning to partner tools (ok, maybe that's good enough, provided those partners deliver the goods). Twitter... more... - Nick Wade
Nick: I keep waiting for Twitter to fix its technology. They have consistently taken the low road through architectural decisions. It's why I push FriendFeed so hard to my friends. The technology here is so much better. - Robert Scoble
scoble - something to consider (i dont know the right answer) - maybe what twitter has is fine for kim kardashian, oprah and the other celebs and regular users? - Allen Stern
Allen: that is something to consider, yes. But based on the celebrity Tweets I'm following most aren't getting that much out of it. Trent Resnor, of Nine Inch Nails, even deleted his account this week. See the geeks were just two years ahead of the celebrities. They are going to realize they are screwed by Twitter too (especially the ones who aren't on the Suggested User List -- if you... more... - Robert Scoble
Robert: I'm in the camp of Friendfeed offering different and in some cases better technology - but it too has it's downsides. As that (overhyped IMO) discussion about Matt Ruiz's penis-post showed capably. BTW - Shel's still using the naked conversations business card, in an unrelated but cool word-play segueway. I thought it was rather cool. - Nick Wade
Nick: interesting you brought that up. I hid that post and it went away and if I really was offended I could block that person, which would penalize them by keeping them from showing me more of that kind of stuff and they would disappear from my search. Personally I'm more offended by #tcot than I am by a naked man, but maybe that's just me. - Robert Scoble
good point robert about ego-numbers - - Allen Stern
Robert: I'll have to check what #tcot is, but I've some other ideas for Friendfeed I hope they'll implement - us having to tag to each other in "comments" drives me bonkers for example. We should be able to reply and see a threaded conversation here. Newest replies float up (or down, your preference) along with their preceding string. I suspect the current Ajax implementation can't handle this scenario, but good chat - dinner is on the table - until next time :) - Nick Wade
Robert, manuals in general r pretty useless 4 me! They do a disservice 4 me! Go & explore or go and search 4 an interactive videos done by others about the Twitter service! - polou/indigo_bow
Hmm, I like 2 see Twitter fix problems first be4 acquiring anything! - polou/indigo_bow
Twitter hating is lame. - Chris Spizzirri
Robert: I think that you are right with spam, search, etc.. but it seems that twitter has also a big engagement/retention problem: people hear about twitter on TV, radio etc... They come to the homepage and a lot of them fall of the cliff. This is a harder problem them google and apple because twitter requires a behavior is a new concept and they have 30s-2min to try to grab... more... - Edwin Khodabakchian
I just bumped into this video interesting interview - Edwin Khodabakchian
Twitter should make use of their time and aquire and - wiredgnome from iPod
We don't NEED the guide. Twitter WANTS to give us they guide. The community is too controlled. - wiredgnome from iPod
The spam is the problem. Why do they get users to do all the leg work and manually work out who gets blocked and who gets in the search feed? Friendfeed has it better. - wiredgnome from iPod
Just because you understand Twitter and know how to us it, doesn't mean everyone does. I talk to people every day who have absolutely no idea how it works or how to use it. If they decided to give it a try, most of them would gravitate to Twitter to find out how, so this does makes some sense. - Gilbert Harding
Gilbert: But there really isn't much to learn about Twitter. It is what it says in big letters on the homepage. But I understand exactly what you are saying. There are still many who don't know twitter. - wiredgnome from iPod
That is soooo lame. How to use Twitter. i've heard it all. Plus all of the marketers can help you learn to use Twitter. - Ben Hanten
Thomas Hawk
The tipping point: iPhone users turn against AT&T | Wireless News - Betanews -
The tipping point: iPhone users turn against AT&T | Wireless News - Betanews
"The iPhone crowd has turned into an anti-AT&T mob. Spend 30 seconds on Twitter or perform even the most basic search for iPhone and AT&T information and you're sure to run into some serious rancor from disgusted iPhone users across the country. While the exclusive partnership between Cupertino and the Dallas teleco has never been perfect, user hostility has lately been at a fevered pitch. In February of this year, prominent blogger Om Malik announced he was "breaking up" with his iPhone. "I love my iPhone -- but AT&T's network has failed me. Apparently I'm not alone. If you follow me on Twitter, then you know how often I complain about it; my complaints always result in me receiving similar messages of frustration from other iPhone users. A status update on my Facebook page on the topic unleashed a flood of messages from people expressing abhorrence of AT&T's service."" - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
How is it that there are places in San Francisco where I can literally get no iternet service on my iPhone from AT&T? No 3G, No Edge, No nothing. Or why is it that when driving over the Bay Bridge my wife's 3G phone shows a 3G signal but my newer fancier 3GS phone defaults to Edge in the exact same vehicle? AT&T's service sucks. Having to reboot your phone just to get it to try and get a better signal is frustrating as hell as much as I love my iPhone. - Thomas Hawk
Because as I've said several times before, AT&T doesn't have the infrastructure in place in most areas. They are still working on upgrading their own and Cingular's old infrastructure. Last year when talking to AT&T engineers, most of them said that they use T-Mobile or Sprint at their main phone. One client tends to switch to whatever carrier he's working for at the time. He's been a contractor for AT&T for a year and is very disappointed. He has no coverage within 30 miles of his house. - Anika
One of the biggest WTF moments in telecom was when Apple announced the partnership with AT&T. It wasn't just that the infrastructure wasn't there, it was who won the contract nationwide. Trade magazines predicted users would be upset within the first year because of this, while touting the phone at the same time. Even at the beginning of this year, RCR (now defunct) had articles urging... more... - Anika
But, I will say that I'm kind of shocked that service in the Bay Area is lacking. One person I tried to get work from a couple of years ago said they were doing a huge build-out up there and that SF would be the first major city with full AT&T 3G service. - Anika
I lose all AT&T service at my office at least twice a day. That's the main reason I'm not upgrading my first generation iPhone right now. I'm holding out as long as I can in the hope that Apple will open up the phone to other providers. - Half Pint
If Verizon can get the iPhone under their roof, I'll switch back over in a second. - Justin Korn
I haven't had any trouble with my ATT service since switching, but once my contract is up, I very well may go back to T-Mobile. I didn't have any problems with them, and their plans were cheaper, with better customer service. - Jennifer Dittrich
Verizon will never get the iPhone until Apple decides to change the chip in the phones. Verizon's network runs on the CDMA system rather than the GSM system that AT&T is currently using. So for all of you out there hoping and praying for Verizon to get the iPhone, you might as well wake up from the dream, because I don't see apple changing the chips any time soon or Verizon going to the... more... - Wizetux
Changing the chip in the phone would not be a big deal in my opinion. Many phones on the verizon network are world phones. Which means they will run on GSM or CDMA why could apple not adopt such a chip and then just make one phone for everyone. - Zach Scott
I just wonder if AT&T could do anything to improve reception in SF. Why doesn't Apple exert more pressure on AT&T to create a better experience for their customers? It's particularly bad along the waterfront. - Thomas Hawk
@Zach: many of those phones have dual band chips in them. It has been told that it would only cost Apple an extra 5 cents per phone to have a dual band chip put into the phones, but that would also require Apple to change the production method that they have add in place for the last 3 years. And if I had to guess, it is part of the AT&T / Apple agreement that the phones would not be... more... - Wizetux
@Thomas: it would probably mean that AT&T would have to put in more towers in the SF area. But if I had to guess, no one want's those towers in their backyard or they would take away from the beauty of the waterfront area so the city won't allow them to put them in. - Wizetux
More towers sound good to me. I love photographing Towers. The Sutro Tower is one of my favorite things to shoot in SF. - Thomas Hawk
You have to keep in mind that it's also a long process that includes approval form the the landlord & city. A long process from finding a city to actually building it. We work on a small part of that process and sites are often finally built 6 - 12 mos. *after* we've done our part. One AT&T site (upgrading Cingular stuff) we worked on at the beginning of April first started in July '06. we just got it back because the structure changed. If it's upgraded by the end of the year, it will be a surprise. - Anika
Yes, AT&T is in trouble, even though Apple just reported that iPhone sales were up 600+% in Q3 2009. Clearly, the iPhone mob—made up of a small subset of Twitter's estimated tiny userbase of 10-15 million users—has taken to the streets with pithforks and fires. - David Chartier from iPhone
Ugh I'm so tired of hearing how much the AT&T network stinks when the only people I hear complaining is the SF metro area people. :P - Nate Pilling
Nate it stinks in LA and NYC too. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Just seems like the big metro areas are echo chambers. :P I'm surprised AT&T doesn't have indestructable networks in place in those areas simply because of that fact. - Nate Pilling
Nate, it does seem repetitive, but it just boggles my mind that I can be in San Francisco, a large tech heavy city and literally get no service. That really sucks. Maybe AT&T needs to think about blanket wifing small highly concentrated urban areas if they can't keep up with the usage and need to take some pressure off their 3G network in heavy use locations. - Thomas Hawk
I guess it doesn't help that the tech podcasts I listen to are all out of the SF area. I agree, it is very strange, but there are a proportionally large number of iPhone users there, it makes sense. Still, it gets a little old. Plus I'm feeling really grumpy right now, so hey. ;) - Nate Pilling
I've honestly never had any problems in Orlando. The case for my iPhone (incase power slider) seems to cause some reception issues because of the extra battery, but it's always been snappy, even on edge. - Ryan Massie
It's sucks in Seattle too. - wiredgnome
I love my iphone. There were a couple of things that we were disappointed with in the beginning such as downloading pictures I think from another phone or something and they said the app would not be available until August. We did get the 16G and at the time Wal-mart did not have them out on display because they said there were some things that were not ready but we wanted the 16g so it... more... - Tricia Edwards
Nate - In PA most of the time (all over). Stayed with Verizon and the so-called 'non-smart' (this cracks me up) LG Env Touch because AT&T doesn't come close to the coverage in the areas where I am. Not an iPhone but very cool and social apps built-in with a growing Verizon app store in the offing. AT&T was clearly not ready for this. LG makes a solid product in this space. - Charlie Anzman
I've been whining about this for well over a year... (and Anika has been offering some great insight into what's really going on - lord knows, AT&T won't admit they have a problem or give any honest info). Here in coastal LA (Venice) I get 3G about 20% of the time; EDGE about 60%; GPRS about 20%. That'd be bad enough even without the crappy call quality/dropped calls, terrible... more... - Anthony Citrano
Maybe someone needs to map the "no service" areas... at least in the SF area... if there were an iPhone app, this could easily be done by all the users. Save the GPS data, then upload to the map when internet service is restored... - Paula W
We had a lot of trouble in our old apartment fairly close in Chicago, but it was a solid brick building built around or before the turn of the 20th century. The building itself is practically a dead zone. In our new place in the Jefferson Park neighborhood, AT&T and 3G are stellar. Sometimes it's less about sheer network performance and more about the building materials you're buried under. - David Chartier
I wonder if there is an issue with the newer IPhones and the network. I rarely have an issue with my 1st generation IPhone. AT&T does need to do something to get people happy with our service again. - ChiliMac
@ChiliMac Anika can probably answer that better, but it's not that complicated: AT&T simply does not have a national 3G network. They are far behind their competitors. Think of it in terms of supply vs. demand. Their core "supply" of 3G bandwidth is lower than probably any of their competitors (especially in big markets). Yet the demand is skyrocketing for several obvious reasons, not the least of which is market penetration of 3G devices such as the iPhone 3G and 3GS. - Anthony Citrano
AT&T is pretty much the way to go in the middle of America. Verison is so-so and Sprint is about useless. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
@Zach, except that we have to pay thru the nose just to get a data plan at all. Ugh. We need another carrier (not just another rebadge like Koodo or a reseller like Virgin) up here to force Telus, Rogers and Bell to fight to the bottom. - Matt M (inactive)
If AT&T was able to support half of the phone that they have on their network it would be different, but I drive 52 miles on the interstate one way every day... and I drop calls at least 4 times on the road... Maybe one day AT&T will have some competition for the iPhone and will have to do something to the network to keep people happy. But if Verizon was to get any type of iPhone I would cancel my AT&T and pay my cancellation fee before the press release from Verizon could get cold. - Thomas
Robert Scoble
I've opened up my "secret" Twitter account: @notsecretscoble Why? Because who it is following is interesting, not who is following it.
you don't need to open it up for us to see that... - Mike White
Why not do that with your normal Twitter? I don't understand the philosophy of courtesy re-follows at all. - Trent Hamm
Trent: you can't DM me if I don't follow you. - Robert Scoble
Zachary: no. I will only follow people I know and can tell a story about (that I've met face-to-face). - Robert Scoble
And even then I'm not going to follow everyone. I want to keep the numbers of people I'm following with that account way down. - Robert Scoble
@notsecretscoble's bio says "...but he's not going to be very picky...". I think thats a typo, should be "...but he's going to be very picky..." - DGentry
DGentry: yeah, what you said! :-) - Robert Scoble
I think that is interesting about any account and how I end up following a lot of the time. - David Gross
Courtesy refollows allows someone who follows you to DM you if they need to - Its just courtious - Nicholas Paul Gordon from iPhone
Robert: Yeah, you should keep the numbers low our else you will be getting a lot of the junky tweets. Keep it to a minimum so you can get all the good stuff. - wiredgnome
I'm sure Robert will follow as many as he wants or doesn't want.. I do similar, but for me it is facebook where I have the few friends I know better. - David Gross
Why not just follow the people you want on FF? the twitter integration works very well, now, IMO - adam garrett
now Scoble its no longer a secret lol - polou/indigo_bow
Adam: because not everyone I want to follow is on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Hey, aren't you that guy who follows the whole internet? =) - Jered Hofker
Glad @SecretScoble is following me, I made the "interesting" cut - Yay! - Susan Beebe
Jered - Scoble does NOT follow trolls, jerks or assholes, just to be clear ;P - Susan Beebe
Jorge: there are a few exceptions to that rule. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: So are you saying that tools like TweetDeck and Seesmic Desktop are not good enough filters? - Mike Bracco
Mike: right. Who you follow decides your inbound. If you follow 100,000 you still can't filter it down enough. There is value to following 100,000, though. Serendipity, for instance. - Robert Scoble
Scoble: Gotcha. I wrote a blog post a little while back calling for a group twitter framework to be developed ( which could solve some of the filtering issues. - Mike Bracco
Mike: groups are going to be invaluable in the future for searching. - Robert Scoble
Groups is EVERYTHING for listening, engaging and building your network - Susan Beebe
There are lots of startups working on mass follow/unfollow frameworks and spam blocking. Filters, indeed. - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Yes - groups are really valuable to if easily created and then disposed of after they are needed. (IE a conference for example). Imagine if when you signed up for a conference your twitter handle was added to the conference group (which you could subscribe to and then unsubscribe after the conference was over). That would be cool. - Mike Bracco
Your own suggested users list. Cool. - Jason Nunnelley
Hey -- what Twitter grouping/filtering services do people find most interesting? - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Steve: none. I'm waiting for Twitter to do it. Jason: yeah, imagine that those 500 people were at a conference together. What a conference! - Robert Scoble
robert would you add notsecretscoble to your FF account so we don't have to create YAIF - Steve Gillmor
Steve: sure! - Robert Scoble
This is the real scoble graph. - Christian Burns from iPhone
Bah! like Groucho Marx said: "I'd never follow anyone who'd be willing to follow me". Or something like that. - BryanSchuetz
Christian: I don't think even this is the real Scoble graph. The real Scoble graph, the people whose judgements he trusts and is willing to depend upon, has to be even smaller than @notsecretscoble. The human brain just doesn't work that way, 500 people is an entire village not a circle of close friends. @notsecretscoble is a certainly a group of people to whom he feels a closer... more... - DGentry
So are you going to follow anyone you have met and hung out with? And is if I ask to be followed by you does that mean that I am disqualified :) - Christian Burns from iPhone
You should probably still grab @secretscoble given that it was linked from a few blogs and sites before someone else abuses it. - Tony Ruscoe
Christian: nope. But people I've met face-to-face definitely are in a different group than people I haven't met yet. - Robert Scoble
But just because I've met you doesn't mean I'll follow you on this Twitter account. - Robert Scoble
Robert: one twitter question please. Best twitter application for the Jesus Phone ? - Mark
Mark: Safari. - Robert Scoble
thank you my dear - Mark
So, if I ever get to buy Robert a beer, he'll follow me? It's good to know the rules, lol. (And I will buy you one Robert, if you're ever in my neighborhood.) - Kathy Fitch
Kathy: maybe. :-) - Robert Scoble
I was Following Secretscoble, what ever happened to him? - paul mooney
I changed Secretscoble to notscretscoble - Robert Scoble
Oh, so it has to be something *better* than beer. Picky, picky. Still, I'd think about it. My husband is about the world's best party bartender. He knows how to put some wrist into the thing. A few of those, and I'd be in, fer shure . . .<grin> (Also, I'm a fabulously engaging and enlightening conversationalist, plus just self-effacing enough to be charming. Just ask me . . .) - Kathy Fitch
Thank you for this, more signal to the noise - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Wow, It would be nice to meet more people from here face to face, but so far I‘ve only met a dozen in person.. It would be nice to meet you in person some time as well. I followed your new account by mistake, so don't take it the wrong way if I unfollow you now. I didn't understand what you were doing with the account initially. It's a great idea for you though and I hope you enjoy it.. I'll have to check the comments and see if there's a feed I can follow here. - Michael Fidler
Michael: it's not important who follows you. It's important who you are following. You should only follow me if I'm providing value to you, no other reason. If you're following me because you think I'll be nice to you, or follow you back, or include you in some sort of list or group, you're following for the wrong reason. - Robert Scoble
On the other side, I will follow people for lots of different reasons and I have lots of different ways of following people. On some accounts I follow everyone. On others I have stupid, lame, reasons for following who I am following. The best account to follow me on, though, is my Likes Feed here on FriendFeed. -- it shows ONLY OTHER PEOPLE that I like. - Robert Scoble
Robert, if I could "like" that last comment, I would. Wish folks would get that. - Karoli
Yeah, Karoli, too many people follow for stupid reasons and try to make it into a contest. It's interesting that following fewer people is actually far better than following more. But you have to pick the right people for that to be the case. - Robert Scoble
I agree with your last comment Robert but of course if there were folders in Twitter, I could follow people in a much more organized way like in FF. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Manielse: yeah, I agree. I just run two different Twitter accounts on two different computers. - Robert Scoble
I was just hoping to be able to do it from here. I follow a ton of people who don't follow back; because I find their feeds valuable. Honestly, I could care less who follows me back. I didn't see a feed here, so it will stay as is. - Michael Fidler
It's just a shame you need to do that. Live multiple lives in Twitter for a simple feature missing... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Michael: if you hang out here for even 20 seconds you'll know I spend most of my time here, so following me here is far better than following my Twitter accounts. Anyway, I see you're following me, and I'm following you, so no worries! - Robert Scoble
Exactly! - Michael Fidler
I'm happy you've done this, I've long thought your main Twitter account must be impossible to read because of how many people you've followed on it. - Colin
I find it so interesting that this now means you have a 'stance' on DMs or other SM phenomena. I see this as a human trying to navigate the insanity that technology is affording us. How can you NOT experiment. Scoble does it in front of us, but I feel as if everyone should be trying to make this stuff more useful and rewarding. - Derek Shanahan
Good point Derek, for example I use PowerTwitter in Firefox "Top Friends" feature to do the same thing without needing multiple accounts. We all tackle the "make stuff more useful" in different ways... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Great point. I've always found Scoble's dedication to FriendFeed a bit mysterious, although I also see him using it for more personal interaction than he could ever use the main twitter account for. A second twitter account, to me, isn't a statement of fact as to "How To Use Twitter"; it's a representation of the drive to figure out how these tools actually make all of our unique lives better. Plenty...PLENTY...of people only need one tool. Many of us are building our perfect buffets. - Derek Shanahan
I think it's only a matter of time before Twitter has to add server side support for 'groups' as a feature. - Alex Knight
@alex - I kind of thought the hacked twitter docs would reveal more in the way of group functionality, but it seems they have more pressing issues. - Derek Shanahan
I'm wary of notions like "the right people." That can become quite the echo chamber. It's very fun and edifying to discover a new voice with a unique angle. Of course, it's a matter of taste. One person's "right people" list is another person's poison. - Kathy Fitch
@kathy I agree...and I don't think Scoble finding a way to make a 'wanted list' makes it anyone's wanted list other than his own. - Derek Shanahan
Kathy: echo chambers can be quite good. Why? There's a reason you're listening to those people: they have something to say that's interesting to you. - Robert Scoble
Possibly, Derek. Of course, his sharing it makes it public, and gives it weight in the public domain. - Kathy Fitch
If you're only following people you've met face to face, Scoble, then I will have to arrange a beer the next time you are in the New York/New Jersey/Philadelphia area. Bring that brother of yours along, too. - Mike Nayyar
@kathy but that's only when you choose to decide that RS's list means more than your own! And I'll admit that I think at time RS thinks his list means more than anyone elses, but I also think he's mostly interested in making all this stuff useful. Making the best list isn't useful. Making a tool make more sense is useful. - Derek Shanahan
Robert, I don't agree, or at least not entirely. Anyone's "wanted" list is of course valuable to them personally, but when I say "echo chamber" I mean that the ultimate effect is often like the RT phenomenon writ even larger. It's the same weakness that the old "blog roll" notion brought into play. If I'm seeing the same darned roll everywhere, after awhile it gets to be a bit inbred, and that's not useful. Nothing fresh there. See what I mean? Echo, echo, echo. - Kathy Fitch
Derek: actually that's not true. I've discovered that some people are 100x times more able to get you tech news than others. Some are even 10,000x more able (like Mashable or GigaOm or TechCrunch). So, if you have a list of the right people who have proven expertise in a certain area that list itself will have huge value. At least to me. - Robert Scoble
I was just checking out your likes feed, and there’s a lot of great stuff there. It’s amazing how you’ve been able to find all that great content from this: Although I’m following many of the same people, I just noticed how much I’ve been missing here. Thanks for sharing it. I realize now that it’s time for me to start separating my feed into... more... - Michael Fidler
Derek--oh, please. As far as reach and weight go, his *does* mean more than mine, and way more. I don't feel at all bad about that, but it does seem inescapably so. Just a fact of life, and one he's worked hard on making a fact. That doesn't make my little collection of favorites less valuable to me, it just makes it something quite entirely different. - Kathy Fitch
michael, i bet robert uses lists more than anyone else - and for good reason too! i have a few lists, but spend most of my time in the home feed - Chris Heath
Kathy: after looking through 100,000 people I've learned there's a reason that certain people get paid attention to. Most are not providing value. - Robert Scoble
Michael, yeah, my likes feed at is fun to compare to my inbound feed, which you posted. That's a good example of how few people provide what I'm looking for. I need to do the Kyte video over again because the UI has changed so much on FriendFeed. - Robert Scoble
Can't disagree with you there, Robert. There's a whole lotta fluff going on. Then again, there's a great deal of insight that goes untapped. I will always follow some of the a-list folks that I find truly valuable, but some part of me (big slice) will forever be in "go west" mode, too--looking for the new twist, the fresh insight, the uncharted territory, the bold disagreement with the in crowd. It's the academic in me, I suppose. - Kathy Fitch
Chris, I have varied interest, and I think I might benefit from creating a few of them. For example; I would like to have one for the people I like to check in on daily. It would be more organized then trying to remember them every day. Robert, it was a great video. I think It would help a lot of people out if you did it again. - Michael Fidler
@kathy I don't mean to underweight the value of the insight that someone like RS can afford us. @RS, you are right in pushing the idea that certain 'likes' matter than others...I've seen your position that further evolution of these mediums will place more value on the attention of the people who actually have authority or value in a space. I don't dispute that, and I guess I've... more... - Derek Shanahan
re: friendfeed lists - I have one for reading blogs, one for locals to me (carolinas counts), one for devs, one for my ego, one for the ff-team, one for ff centric groups (spam, feedback), one for funny pics and videos type groups, one for netcasts, one for 'back home' people, one for all the groups i've sub'd to, one for all the people subd to me, one for my twitter imports, and one... more... - Chris Heath
those are all lists btw, if that's not clear (i've edited to make sure it is) - Chris Heath
Chris you are incredibly organized! Wow! - Kathy Fitch
Thrill the world, make it a better place, for you and for me & the entire Twitterverse... - Majento
Kathy: that's why I still follow 100,000 too, just to make sure I'm seeing a broad range of people, not just the ones who did something cool yesterday. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you think the tool (Twitter) requires both tactics to be optimally useful? How does FriendFeed equate to your desire to follow the conversation in the way you want to follow it? - Derek Shanahan
Derek: yes. FriendFeed lets you choose a variety of models due to lists built in (and you can use lists to filter your searches!!!) - Robert Scoble
Yes, it's the constant push-me, pull-you thing. I want to reach, explore, fly high, discover new things, but not make things so dilute that they're worthless, or so vast that they're impossible to absorb in any meaningful way. - Kathy Fitch
And I think RS feels that FriendFeed gives you the ability to segregate your stream so that a vast reach is possible and dilution isn't necessary. I won't argue with that. - Derek Shanahan
Robert; I found, "20 things". It wasn't easy with the ambiguous title. If the update turns out as good as the original, (but hopefully it will be better), it should be posted on the sign up page for all new users to see. But, that's just my opinion:) - Michael Fidler
When did you meet Tom Hanks? What was he like? - Shari Weiss
Michael, I think I'm biased in favor of beginnings. In those moments, most of those we are keeping company with are still unknown quantities, drawn together only by a shared interest in beginnings. "Beta-fishers" is how I think of them, but not in the anxious, over-the-top, I-must-win-the-race twitterville way--just a genuine and shared love of exploration. I've met some of the people I love best that way, and have yet to meet most of them in person. Harder to do, now? Hmm. - Kathy Fitch
I met you face-to-face last Christmas, did you go back to that restaurant with the Travelling Geeks? - Joe Dawson
I thought there was an embargo on this ?? - Charlie Anzman
Scoble has a secret account, huh? You know you want to follow me. C'mon, you can't deny it, I'm geektastic too. You know you love crazy redheads who can't behave like civilized Tweeple. You're an outlier too. MMMMWAH! - Sheree Motiska
Robert Scoble
Here is why I have two Twitter accounts and what I'm learning:
1. Because my main account needs to follow everyone who is following me for DM reasons. - Robert Scoble
2. But that means I can't closely follow my friends and people I've met face-to-face. - Robert Scoble
3. Following 100,000 means you'll only randomly see Tweets, and you'll miss too much good stuff. - Robert Scoble
4. There's no way you can completely follow more than a few hundred people. So, if you've followed more than 1,000 you need two accounts. - Robert Scoble
5. I've been using this technique here on FriendFeed for more than a year and it really rocks (FriendFeed lets you split your friends up into lists, while Twitter forces you to get more than one account). - Robert Scoble
or use TweetDeck, right? I haven't used it, but I understand it lets you group/prioritize the people you follow - Joshua Maurice
Scoble, this solution doesn't seem to scale. In another year does this mean you'll have a supersecret account that only follows select people from the secret account? - Ryan Jones
so one account for people you really want to follow and one for everyone that you follow back at both FF and Twitter? - bev
Robert: makes sense...but what is the advantage of 2 accounts compared to Groups - Edwin Khodabakchian
I use TweetDeck to organize my close friends into a list. That way, it's really easy for me to just follow those who are close to me, but still get DMs from everyone. - Eric Pender
Is there a client aka Tweetdeck that allows you to pull in your Friendfeed friend's lists? - Stephen Kennedy
... or any other BETTER filtering service than Tweetdeck, like PeopleBrowsr. - Alan Veeck
Edwin: none, except that Twitter does not support groups and I'm not going to invest the time to build them in, say, TweetDeck when there's so much innovation going on in Twitter clients. - Robert Scoble
There are more than a few Twitter usability issues that I'd like to see changed in addition to the required multiple accounts, deleting of DM's being easier and organizing of people as well....Tweetdeck allows this but Twitter should have thought of this internally... - Walter Schwabe
This seems like a lot of effort to deal with the problem of courtesy refollows. Why not just follow those 500 people or so on your main Twitter account? If you don't care what people say publicly and they're just noise, why deal with the acres of spammers sending you DMs to shill for some crappy product? - Trent Hamm
bev: right, I think. Ryan: yeah, this probably doesn't scale. But for now it does. - Robert Scoble
I see. the 2 account approach makes it portable across twitter client. smart - Edwin Khodabakchian
With Seesmic Desktop I created groups like "China, Hong Kong, France, Ogilvy, etc etc" and it works fine - Jean-François Amadei
Alan: for instance, if I had spent the time doing that on TweetDeck, now I'm using Seesmic Web. So I'd have to recreate the groups. - Robert Scoble
Robert: What is you 2nd FF account? - wiredgnome
Tweetdeck became a necessity after 100 follows. I have groups and I rarely add to them- which means that me following you on twitter means virtually nothing as I rarely read the main feed. I can see this really corrupting your % followers to followed, which I do care about. Anyways, FF does make this a more feasible situation, to follow lots of people and still interact with them. Whereas with Twitter I'd have to resort to 2 accoutns. - anna sauce
Amir: I only have one, but I have several lists of friends. - Robert Scoble
Robert: Do you recommend that technique to everyone? - wiredgnome
I jus noticed, you don't follow me on twitter for DMs. heart breaking, that must be why you never answer me on twitter :P - Özgür D. Cyric
Has anyone tried I like its features, makes it easy to have private groups on twitter. - Nagesh C
I do the same, and it greatly improved my twitter experience. now i never miss what my close buds are saying. - sean percival
Looking through the list, I noticed you follow lots of people, but not a lot of feed type accounts. No newspapers, rss crossposts, etc... It's all people, maybe discuss why? - Jim Graham
Seesmic is a good little program, not as "weird feeling" as Tweetdeck. - Gus
will they add tags/filters on twitter? would be nice, but one thing which makes twitter great is its simplicity - diegovanegas
Amir: either that technique or join FriendFeed. :-) - Robert Scoble
I follow millions at a time with my one Twitter account. :-) - - Jesse Stay
Jim: because I want to view my news through the filter of people I know. - Robert Scoble
To me the conflict between DM and tweets proves a weakness in the twitter concept, so why not pushing them to address that. You can set up a massive vote for something like this. - Jcm Manuel
Jcm: if Twitter listened to me they would get rid of the Suggested User List. I'd rather not beat my head against a brick wall. - Robert Scoble
So this new one is basically Scoble using Twitter the way everyone else does? - Jan Dawson
There must be a proper way to combine things. Twitter is all about limitations, but if they force people to have 2 accounts, there's clearly something that sux. - Jcm Manuel
Jan: most of the people I'm following have thousands of friends. This one is more picky. - Robert Scoble
I don't see how you keep up with them both. - Kevin Montgomery
Kevin you can keep up by using tweedteck or seesmic (allow for multiple accounts) - Jcm Manuel
Kevin: multiple screens. And I don't look at 100,000 people very often. The noise there is extraordinary. - Robert Scoble
With your 2nd twitter account, you pretty much can ignore the first one, but use second one to broadcast to a much bigger group. One for socializing, one for broadcasting? - Nagesh C
I know.....I use tweetdeck, but between email, myspace, facebook,'s ALOT of noise. I'm struggling to actually engage on twitter they way I would like. Robert, do you remember me from the Himmelman/Skin tour? - Kevin Montgomery
I bet that your DMs will diminish on the first account pretty soon, if not already - Nagesh C
That's a great idea, especially for someone like you. How can you even keep up with all of these comments on your posts? FF is definitely much more logical and organized than Twitter. I only use Twitter for those who don't have FF, and then I just have imaginary friends. I hardly ever go to Twitter (in any form). - Californian
Nagesh: the smart people DM me on FriendFeed already, yes. - Robert Scoble
I don't have the problem of thousands of people I follow, but I do know that before I follow someone, I look to the posting behavior. If he/she's posting just a few good messages per day I follow, it it's a spammer like Scoble I don't follow - unless he's called Scoble of course LOL. But my approach is to choose very carefully. - Jcm Manuel
By the way, the whole LINKING between services sux too. For instance, I follow Scoble on another twitter account. But when it linked to friendfeed, it logged in with my other account (I have 2 accounts there as well) - because in the browser you always log in with the account you last logged in (unless the session has expired). I didn't even notice that I didn't "friendfeed" with the account that sent me here. There's very little control over all these things - I make errors like this very often. - Jcm Manuel
Aren't most of the people you've met face to face on Friendfeed with feeds from Twitter/blogs/facebook/etc..? In terms of broadcasting, feed the main Twitter account and use FF to filter, as you mentioned. Seems simple enough, am I missing something? - Benjamin Taylor
Some 2 hours ago I was looking on the Seesmic site if they had some public planning of developments, but I couldn't find it. I would love to know what they plan - e.g. if they plan to add friendfeed to Seesmic desktop. And myspace feed of course. - Jcm Manuel
Loic says they were waiting for FriendFeed's new API to work on FriendFeed support. I'd expect that's coming soon now. - Robert Scoble
ok that's great anyway. I find it strange though that myspace is so often ignored - that's 250 million people as well. Seesmic, Flock... etc. they don't seem to care a lot. - Jcm Manuel
This is the exact reason why the number one new feature Twitter needs is user groups. With user groups you can manage the information and pay attention to what is important. I find it surprising and actually ridiculous that they haven't been able to implement this feature yet. Scoble is right about not investing time in Twitter clients to create user groups; the innovation in this field... more... - Angus Burton
I do the same thing. My second account I call the "PIMP" group, People I've Met Personally. Two accounts is better than Tweetdeck groups because I don't like to be stuck in tweetdeck. - Scott Jangro
for me, Twitter is biz, Friendfeed can serve as both personal and biz. Originally, my 1 twitter account was meant 2 be personal, but now its more than that, its 4 advocacy and social purpose. Therefore I find if I want anything personal, friendfeed and would be better serve 4 me! - polou/indigo_bow
I've said it several times in several places, and again here just to hear myself ramble. Tweetdeck misses tweets very often. I've created columns/groups/whatever you wanna call it to follow family and friends. It misses their stuff more than it catches it. So, for me, and several other people I know, it's unreliable... and therefore unusable. I'm not too keen on using Peoplebrowsr or... more... - John
I have 3 twitter accounts and manage a friendfeed & twitter account for someone else, so that makes 4 twitters and 2 friendfeeds I have to keep my eyes on. - April Russo
@April u r one busy person! - polou/indigo_bow
I have opened a second twitter account to stream there most of my links I feel like to (re)share w/o comments, and reserve the "main" account for more "conversation-like" stuff. Not sure yet if it will work, I am still experimenting. I also realized that I can use that second account to filter my twitter feed when I am mobile (follow real people on one account and news sources on another, for example...) - Ashalynd
I usually find that interesting things I find on Twitter already has been filtered through to Friendfeed, so I have to say I care less and less about checking Twitter - Asgeir
Just suspending my experimental automated one. Apparently A LOT of people don't dig that :) The TOP SECRET address is ..... - Charlie Anzman
All of this just so you can get DMs on Twitter? Your email address (and your cell phone number) are right on your blog. Do you have so little faith in email? Or do you want to force people into 140 character messages, so you get less lengthy emails? By creating convoluted systems, you haven't solved anything. You're not addressing an obsessive need to be in touch with everyone through... more... - Joost Schuur
Mike Fruchter
A Scientific Approach to... Gaining Twitter Followers? -
Oh gawd. Sort of interesting analysis, but what use are followers you have to BUY? Give me a freaking break! And, anyway, the only way to get more than 100,000 followers is to either be Leo Laporte, or to get onto the suggested user list. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAS DONE IT!!! I love people who suggest that doing the impossible is possible. - Robert Scoble
I agree, the mentioned strategy will likely lead to a suspended account, and one with no user engagement at all. - Mike Fruchter
twitter followers ARE NOT mailing lists users that copywriters have. Even those mailing lists are better when YOU make them with your own content. i.e. by making people so *interested* in what you have to say that they'll beg you to be in your list. True copywriters and direct response marketers know this. The tricky ideas, or paying for random people not interested in your "niche" is a waste of time and money. - directeur
Robert I agree. And if they all have the correct system how come they are not over 100,000 them selves hmm I wonder - Rob Cairns
Loic Le Meur
Seesmic's demo got the highest number of views on #crunchup YouTube's @techcrunch channel @erickschonfeld @arrington
I know I am kind of showing off but that made me happy! - Loic Le Meur
Bret Taylor
When you edit your comments on FriendFeed, those edits are now reflected in real-time in everyone's feeds. No need to refresh the page to see the edited comments.
This should improve the experience for some of the more "colorful" discussions on FriendFeed :) Thanks to Gary and Casey for implementing this change. - Bret Taylor
Ace!! - Kol Tregaskes
Who the hell needs Google Wave when we have FF! - travispuk
lets test again and again :)- - Peter Dawson
I'm watching Peter. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Well I just saw Brett's change... right before my eyes! - travispuk
Nathan, cool, works well. - Kol Tregaskes
More real-time FTW :) - Ivan Zuzak
cool :) - Nathan Chase
actaully I had two browser windows opened ..but the other one did not get refreshed - Peter Dawson
This is's kind of addicting to just watch people changing their comments in this thread :) - Tamara, #TeamMarina
Nice! If only we could the timestamps now also have realtime. Remember the jQuery proposal ( - David Schmidt
David, agree. - Kol Tregaskes
Wow, excellent improvement!! Thanks FriendFeed :) - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Sitting here, watching Nathan going editing mad ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
I love this god damned website - Mark
seems ok as long as you slow down ;) - Nathan Chase
Great work!! - Edwin Khodabakchian
Ok here's a question - what will BackType pick up as my final comment here? if i can continue to edit it? probably just whatever it is when it happens to hit the comment - Nathan Chase
That's the kind of attention to detail that makes FriendFeed so good - thanks!!!!!! - Jim Connolly
OK. can't seem to break it now :) - Nathan Chase
Huzzah! - Nathan Chase
@Nathan, FF devs do everything in Real-Time! - travispuk
hah i bet - Nathan Chase
Will the desktop notifier show edited comments or continue to post the initial comment only? - Kol Tregaskes
good question, Kol - Nathan Chase
Will edits on the title update in real-time too or just comments? - Kol Tregaskes
Nathan, that seemed fast. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
And will deleted comments/entries update in real-time? - Kol Tregaskes
I hope not. How else can we keep up with Cristo™? - Akiva
David Schmidt, Jammy wrote a user script to make timestamps live update: - Micah
Thx Micah, but unfortunately I use Chrome. So, no extensions yet. At least not with the stable version. - David Schmidt from email
@Nathan: Unfortunately, we capture every edit of your comment (can look at that as a + or -, but we'll likely address it in the future) - CG
which makes it pretty much like google wave. - Rohit
Tis true, David. I'm as eager as anyone for Chrome to catch up. - Micah
Thank goodness because I'm always hitting Post before proofreading, THEN finding errors. :P - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
For (optional) training, there should be a wait-to-publish penalty if corrections occur too frequently. - τorƍue
@David: this link could help: in Chrome use it along with Jammy's script here: I'm a fan ;D - Franc, a rememberer
Indeed, who needs Google Wave now? ;) Great addition. I do hope that comment field changes become versioned (at least optionally) with history of changes. I do like the ability to clarify my wording, but I also like the permanence of immutable comments (like with regular blog commenting, for example). - Meryn Stol
Nice fix #FriendFeedTeam - Mitch
Woot! I'm surprised this wasn't done at the introduction of real-time. - Tanath
Somebody edit something. Edit: More, I missed it :P. - Tanath
Nice one... - AJ Batac
There we go! :D Cool. - Tanath
much appreciated - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Thanks FF team it's Great - Nimaa
I have a problem with FF comments. Why are they not nested. I can not coment on a comment. I need it very much. - ThinkEzy
nested comments +1 - 0M0M from email
Very cool. You're spoiling us Bret :) - Charlie Anzman
Please Please Please, can you do the groups listing updates also so you don't have to refresh the screen to see the last time one of the groups was updated? - travispuk
Yay - Tyson Key
VERY NICE UPDATE! We also need this for deleted comments. - Alp
Re: BackType - I've noticed that they'll recrawl your comment if you modify it, within a few hours, after some testing. Not sure if it always happens though, but I've seen at least 4 reappear after I've modified them. - Tyson Key
Mrinal Desai
iPhone 3.0 software has some new playlist and syncing tricks: As per standard operating procedure, Apple ..
Amiroo ™
Am I wrong or Philip Seymour Hoffman look exactly like Robert Scoble? Robert you didn't say you've got an oscar.
haha pretty close ;) - Saad Kamal
see also: (from one of the results of that search) - Chris Heath
OMG, Robert, you do look like Philip. *lol* - Molly Song ;)
Does that mean an Oscar is a shiny new toy? - John E. Bredehoft
or maybe he's got a double life, daytime geek nighttime the big oscar winner LOL. That would be interesting if we have Apple WWDC and Oscar at the same time. - Amiroo ™
I get this all the time! He's my stunt double! - Robert Scoble
FriendFeed the Movie - Christopher Harris
twins - Morgan
I always thought that Seymour Hoffman was Scoble's alter ego. I bet they have never been photographed together. Coincidence? I don't think so! - Keith James Designs
Pretty close. :) Seymour Hoffman maybe underrated but he's a superb actor. - jan geronimo
not that you don't get star treatment already ;) but you could walk into anywhere channeling PSH - best tables and autographs baby! - BEX
Huh? I thought "Robert Scoble" was just PSH's on-line alter-ego... - Adrian
I have thought that for a long time. Nice. - Ben Hanten
It's Philip Seymour Hoffman's biggest role to date! - Joshua M
Ok, to disprove the conspiracy... I propose that this *Robert Scoble* shave his head and appear in public. Although, I suppose PSH could just wear a wig. - Adrian
I heard they're really twins separated at birth. - imabonehead
I was just watching State and Main yesterday that "the big secret" had been revealed to me - Amiroo ™
I am certain @scobleizer was used as a double in Doubt. - Bernie Goldbach
They are brothers I guess! - Frankie Gray
You are right they look alike. - alfred westerveld
Friendfeed activity #1 - Scoble baiting: Interestingly he hasn't taken it yet. Proof that the man does actually sleep. - John Hardy
I had really noticed this when watching "Synecdoche, New York" ;) - Jacque
anyone else wondering if philip seymour hoffman ever gets 'you look exactly like robert scoble'? - siggimus
Yup. i wonder if he does....... - Roberto Bonini
Yes he does.....I have almost mistaken him a couple of times. - Kevin J Hatton
Hey I know that photo: :) - Thomas Hawk
Hehe... I've mentioned that to my wife several times. If they ever make a movie about Scoble, Phillip Seymour Hoffman it is (or vice versa). - LionelatDell
Richard MacManus
Downloading (for free) Chris Anderson's new audio book 'Free'. I haven't tried audio books before, should be interesting
Lisa Shara Hall
Had all American 4th! Ribs corn,coleslaw,pot salad.Drank Cadaretta (Wa) Sauv/Sem+Storybook Mtn Zin. All tasty;Fireworks looked like Beirut!
drank my last Storybook Zins (I think they were 91s) a year ago - great stuff! - Paul Tudor
Tim O'Reilly
Recipe for a force field. Fun speculation on how something resembling that sci fi invention might be built.
Robert Scoble
Real-time systems hurting long-term knowledge? -
Might be. Real-time systems hurt "time" and "energy", but when the way to gain information and knowledge has changed from "one-way" to "interact", we do need a realtime platform; real-time makes us consume information too fast, information becomes "history" when it's been consumed; being "too fast", we become less sensitive to information and it might cause we are "sensitiveless" to taking action, and "taking actions" change the world:) - K.D.
paving the way for LT knowledge - iTbay
naw, not for me. Distributed knowledge is emerging from the tacit and explicit. Nonaka talked about it in his book the knowledge creating company 1995. he called it middle out or something like that, as opposed to top down or bottom up - Robert Higgins
Twitter search is broken. FF search isn't great, but it's better than Twitter. I agree this is time for Facebook or Google to step up. Facebook already has almost the same abilities as Friendfeed (since they copied), while lacking some other services and features that FriendFeed has. I was actually kinda disappointed with what Google has not done with jaiku and Orkut. They could still... more... - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
However, Twitter / FF Search was and is invaluable when the Iran protests (or any other major breaking news) is happening, with no one else even close in terms of the coverage. Sure, it needs to be filtered and better organized, but that'll happen. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Bob, completely agree. For "real-time" searching, Twitter and FF are amazing. But after a while it gets lost. The first service to allow searching "archives" will win - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Ok then Scoble, as an experiment. Does your repost here get more comments than the original on your blog? I'm guessing it does. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
twitter is not meant to deliver knowlege,on the contrary ,she delivers situation,points - boockit
IMHO, conversations happen in real-time and analysis over the long-term. It is disappointing that search/archiving capability sucks on the real-time sites and I agree, there's a huge opportunity for Google to own this space, but the question is whether it's listening. - MiaD
@Bob, the question shouldn't be "does it get more comments?" but "does it get better-quality comments?". It seems to me like a lot of the comments here aren't really addressing the substantive points Robert is making. - Ian Betteridge
Apart from the search problems, do you think long-term knowledge benefits from a 140 character container? - Yousef
We will build AI systems that will encompass and integrate ultra-real time microscopic data gathering and analysis with ultra-long term macroscopic knowledge systems. They will advise us to the best of our abilities to understand them. - Sean McBride
"best of our ability to understand" the AIs? you mean they're all gonna talk like The Architect in "The Matrix?" ergo, some of their answers we will understand and some we will not? concordantly, while we remain irrevocably human, and our queries may be pertinent, we may or may not realize that they are also irrelevant? ;-) - Karim
I think that at least the client you use should store your searches and cache the results, providing you with a local archive so you have a journal of your actions. Given the massive volume of tweets every day, do you think it's even do-able to store everything. Everything? - Marlin Forbes
Storing everything on the Internet permanently (not just Twitter tweets) wouldn't be too difficult for some large corporations and government agencies. It's probably being done already. Data mining that collection with automated knowledge discovery systems that are capable of learning and self-improvement is the more interesting question. - Sean McBride
Tim O'Reilly
Whatever you think of climate change, this piece by Shai Agassi is really worth seeing: Energy & Morality 2 minutes only
Nat Torkington
Birdfeed - A very nice Twitter client for your iPhone -
direct messages as conversations; local caching - Nat Torkington
Nat Torkington
Loyal ‘Simpsons’ Fans Fetch Higher Ad Rates on Web (Update1) - -
Marketers typically pay $20 to $40 per thousand viewers for a prime-time ad. On Hulu, which began offering shows to the public in March 2008, an ad on the animated series “The Simpsons” costs $60 per thousand viewers - Nat Torkington
Robert Scoble
Crowd sourcing works, here’s some examples -
Any existing business, startup or entrepeneur that isn't using the wisdom of crowds to some level to build the future of their brand is absolutely missing a huge opportunity (and the boat). Great list. - Erik Boles
Sounds right to me. I'm confused though. You say you're going off FF but here you are. Were you just teasing us? - RobinDotNet
Thanks for sharing these great examples of content and ideas derived from wisdom of crowds. - MiaD
this can cause some real damage to existing blog frameworks - when u got Twitter + FF integration with FF links on blog like Scoble has, the structure of these links as such with crowdsourcing is very innovative. - iTbay
crowd sourcing would work in photography if photographers r willing 2 think as a family of photographers. I do see far and between that a group of photographers would work together as a team, expect in when i saw one in Toronto Film Festival, but its more like semi-professional. Can get into it long blurb... - polou/indigo_bow (a marketing product - a crowd sourced comedy for Ford) which informed our recently announced venture with Ridley Scott Associates - which will use FriendFeed extensively. - zeroinfluencer
I think the principle is great, but are you not in a unique situation - you can reach many thousands more people instantly than I can... Therefore you can get a broader sense of opinion than if I asked a similar question. - Paul Kinlan
Great post. I just posted an example of how small businesses can use crowdsourcing to generate lists of any kind. The example I gave was generating a list of Twitter aliases of the small biz / tech reporters at the top 50 major metro daily papers. Granted, I paid for the work via Smartsourcing (Smartsheet + Mechanical Turk) but I got a ton of information for $68! - Maria Colacurcio
I don't think the question is whether crowdsourcing works or not, but rather WHEN does it work. How do you make sure you are reaching the right "crowd" of knowledgeable experts who can help you? And how large of a "crowd" do you have to reach to get good help? Not everyone is like Robert Scoble, with 97,000+ people who chose to follow because they are interested in technology. - David Rondeau
Isn't crowdsourcing more or less an amped up version of asking friends and family "hey, whaddaya think about x?" The key differences are that (a) if you're Scoble, hundreds of people clamour to be heard, but if you're new and not that interesting yet, you're whispering in the wind and I suppose (b) it's a bit quicker if Scoble's (a) obtains. Of course, there's mining the data for the... more... - Rob Kramer
Leo Laporte
You're on my list Murphy-Goode (and it ain't a shopping list). "Murphy says Martin Sargent's #1 spot isn't good enough"
It's mind-boggling that he isn't the clear winner. - Eric Geller
I think going out of our way to not buy their product is in order... - Thomas
I support their decision. There are lots of good quality candidates with more credentials than Martin. I'm sorry, I like the guy, but just because he has a powerful internet posse at Revision 3 does not mean he deserves the job. There are lots of great candidates out there--some without a job--that don't have the extra pull of a podcast community to support them. I know I'm in the minority, but I had to say it. - Fleagle
Unfortunately Fleagle, they don't specify that they're looking for a candidate without "the extra pull of a podcast community to support them." On the contrary, they WANT someone as connected as Martin to prop up their activities in the Web 2.0 community. - Eric Geller
I wonder if the nature of his past works and the image that it portrayed onto him had anything to do with their choice. Would you, as a business owner, really want the host of such shows as infected, Web drifter, and Internet Superstar to be the spokes internet person for your company? - Wizetux
And I'm not upset that he didn't get the job, but to not even be in the top 50? - Thomas
Can we get a "Screw you!" at Murphy-Goode, Leo? - Mike Nayyar
Eric, if all they want is someone with 'connections', then I guess they did miss the mark here. It's not my company, so I can only assume they have an idea what they want. - Fleagle
Yes, i would have thought atleast martin would get in the top 50... - Bryce Campbell
If the goal of this was to connect to users in the new media, I would've thought having a built in base would have been a plus for him... - Thomas
Never mind the fact that he actually knows a bit about wine and can speak knowledgeably on the subject. Or the fact he has previous experience not only producing content but the technical side of it. - Johnny
Fleagle: That *is* all they want. They have said that before. That's why we're both angry AND confused. - Eric Geller
Pretty simple then I guess. If that's really all they wanted, then they dropped the ball here. - Fleagle
Let the Bad PR spread across the wires, then who ever gets the job will really have their work cut out for them. - Wizetux
They didn't just drop the ball, they let go of it while holding it over a cliff. - Eric Geller
Looking at their rules for applying, the only thing I can think of at this point is that maybe they thought there would be an issue with the "irrevocable and perpetual right to use your name, likeness, appearance, voice, biographical information and video anywhere in the world, without your further consent" part. - Thomas
I think they already failed at the Social meida - Fee501st
Thomas: If you're saying that Murphy Goode had that thought, then I'm confused. It's their rule, why would they disqualify someone if that person applied knowing the rule? - Eric Geller
Because he's well know (relatively), maybe they thought that clause would be an issue with him. Not saying it's really what caused it, though... - Thomas
Thomas: I agree with you that Martin could have had that thought, but that's for him to decide. Murphy Goode shouldn't disqualify someone because they assume that their own rule will be a problem. They should let Martin take that into his own hands. (Which he did by applying anyway.) - Eric Geller
True - Thomas
Kevin Rose just tweeted about this - even more bad press for the winery... - Thomas
I think maybe the biggest blunder on their part was of course posting the top 50. It would be different if they just announced the winner I think. That way, even though most probably would've disagreed, you'd have to respect a little bit that it was their decision to make. But not even having Martin in the top 50 is probably going to bite them in the arse in the coming days. - Fleagle
I definitely agree on that point. If you put something to a vote and then have a top 50, make sure the top vote getters are on the list - even if you don't intend on picking them. - Thomas
Absolutely right. - Eric Geller
hmm. Anyone else see a comparison between the Iranian election and this selection process? - Wizetux
Getting to be the #1 most popular video on the topic should have earned Martin a spot on the top 50 list. I'm not saying it should have gotten Martin the final job, either. - Robert Scoble
Wizetux: I think they must have the same person who decided on Twitter's Suggested User List doing the judging. Really lame. Yes, it's the same thing as an Iranian Election. Exactly. - Robert Scoble
LOL Scoble. - Chris Heath
Agreed Fleagle, - Kim Landwehr
Murphy-Goode are getting great exposure and all they have to do is give a valid point of view as to why he wasn't chosen. So...? - Michael Turro
If you look at the digg comments, I'm not sure that's the exposure they were looking for... :) - Thomas
I wonder if anybody at Murphy-Goode knows they screwed this up - they could spin this as the very reason they NEED a social media consultant. - Michael Turro
murphy goode = murphy badde - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Need to correct myself, actually they did have to name the top 50 since the top 10 will be pick from the top 50, still doesn't explain why Martin wasn't on it, guess he wasn't what they were looking for. - Kim Landwehr
this reminds me of that election in iran - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Michael: that would be a great spin, but that would require having someone who understood what was going on and the time for that kind of spin is when a story is just getting going. I would just apologize and say "I don't know how we missed Martin." But then I would have made sure the guy with the #1 YouTube video would be on the list in the first place. - Robert Scoble
True enough... number one is hard to "miss" - Michael Turro
if their objective was to find someone best fit for the job, they didn't present the voting facilities in a representatively clear fashion. why bother creating a voting system? it implies that number one would be in the list. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
They should have given the top 50 vote getters an automatic bid and then augmented with 10 or so of their own choices that might not have made the top 50 - Michael Turro
apparently @areallygoodjob uses twitter to broadcast their thoughts. there's no interaction or @ replies. i have a feeling they may be elite-ist snobs. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
Elitist snobs? In the wine industry? - Michael Turro
kinda contrary for them to use social media in the first place, huh? freermor, their twitter says they use the web as their twitter client. - sɹǝɥʇɐǝɟʞɔɐןq
LOL Leo (purple) - Kim Landwehr
Check out all the results: - Robert Scoble
There was a small mistake there wasn't there? did you spot it? - Mark
what does Vay Ner Chuk have to say about this? - Chris Pugh
Their fine print states "Murphy-Good retains the right to exclude candidates from the hiring process or terminate the successful candidate for any lawful reason", but if they were going to exclude him after the voting then they should have not even posted or accepted his video in the first place. - Alan Hoskins
Alan: they should have explained their thinking. Personally I wouldn't have had a final 50. I would have only posted a final three. Then if he didn't make that list it would seem better. But that's after the play quarterbacking. Now they have a bit of a mess on their hands and they have saddled their new social media expert with a mess that won't go away. - Robert Scoble
I think we're probably seeing a classic case of a traditional business mired in traditional processes trying to leap into the interwebs without actually being willing to embrace the change in attitudes, content, image, and style of outreach that may accompany it. It reminds me of people who want to optimize Web pages, but are unwilling to use the language that searchers use. They want... more... - Brad
I want to learn python. Is there a way I can write a script to query the Purphy-Goode site (e.g., for a site that explains why the #1 vote getter isn't good enough for them?) once a day for something? Twice a day? - Jason Miller
+2 Matthew. - guruvan (Rob Nelson) .. Report in there will remind folks that included in the terms of the offer, Murphy-Goode is NOT required to hire ANYBODY - Hello? Perfectly reasonable, on their part? Perfectly reasonable to understand that and take advantage for oneself? WHAT WILL THE REACTION BE ... IF THEY DON'T HIRE ANYONE? - Bob Kennedy
As Tara Hunt will put it: They've just lost a great deal of whuffie. - Jorge
Where's my vote? Note to PR: It is 2009- If you want participation (key word) in your brand, then deliver and reciprocate (key word #2). We all know this. - E-Advocate Network
Jim Louderback did a great analysis/whatever of this whole situation yesterday - Chris Heath
Robert Scoble
I am at 21st Amendment in San Francisco. Come here by 5:15 pm and I will buy you a beer.
see you there...glad you are buying :) - lew
oh really... - anna sauce
come and hang out in PA and I'll buy you a beer! - Jim #teamFFrank
this is rather tempting. the MJ news has thrown me off. - anna sauce
doubt I can get there by then. DAMN. - anna sauce
I'm out of town next week but after that, if you're in the valley I'll buy YOU one. Dad duty calls tonight - Rick Bucich
If you ever find yourself in Orlando let me know and I'll buy YOU a beer! - Keith Barrett
I wish I could have been in San Fran for this opportunity - Bryan Kress
Allen Stern
i guess its time to close ff and twattah - everyone saying the same thing - sure seems like thats what social media is today - one person says it and eveyrone repeats the same thing... he's dead... let's move on - what about the other 3963056350 people who died today? the teacher who helped students, the fireman who died inside a building, the...
Do you think mainstream media will be any better? You are going to see 4 hours of tributes tonight on every major network. - Rob Diana
Michael Jackson did quite a bit of good for society as well - he used his music to try and help others - Jesse Stay
I grew up with MJ, don't know much about that fireman or that teacher, such things are not always that senseless... - Dobromir Hadzhiev
This is also the same stuff everyone would be chatting about around the water cooler, with family, and it would be all over the news for days. I don't see Twitter being any different from that. - Jesse Stay
All I can say is... "Wow." - Jason Hansen
To echo the other comments... seriously... it's SOCIAL media and MJ impacted BILLIONS of people around the world without a doubt. Even if some of the parts of his life took a turn for the worst his music made humanity happy and made people get together and move as one. Death is a sad thing and the people who knew about the fireman or the school teacher would probably talk about them but the global society knew who MJ was so the society needs to talk about him for a while. - Bryan Zirkel
its fine to talk about how mj impacted you, songs you liked, whatever - but to retweet 100x that he is gone is too much - Allen Stern
One more reason Twitter needs a "like" button - Jesse Stay
It's only been an hour or so. He is a legendary music icon. Of course this is the reaction of social media. Don't be a door knob. - Steve Wilson
Allen - why not write at length about one of the other 3963056350 people who died today instead of complaining about other people writing about one they cared about? - Andy Connell
Because I don't have any connection to the 3963056350 people that died today. I have distinct memories of playing Thriller in my Sony Walkman and trying to Moonwalk. - Hutch Carpenter
Wait a minute. Over half the world's population died today? I think that's bigger news than MJs passing. ;-) - Chris Heath
I hear you Allen. It's annoying. Same goes for blogging. It isn't really fair that some of the folks that died this week get so much attention vs. people that also did less famous but equally (or more) noble things. Still, we didn't start the fire with social media - people have been obsessed with celebs for some time now. - Brian Wallace
Chomsky has no patience for externalism whatsoever -
Robert Scoble
Multiple pictures from iPhone 3GS rocks. Great day in Half Moon Bay. Photos here: -
Multiple pictures from iPhone 3GS rocks. Great day in Half Moon Bay. Photos here:
Multiple pictures from iPhone 3GS rocks. Great day in Half Moon Bay. Photos here:
Multiple pictures from iPhone 3GS rocks. Great day in Half Moon Bay. Photos here:
Show all
I finally figured out how to upload up to five photos via email from my Iphone to you use the album view and hit the share icon at the bottom of the screen. Then you can select five images and email them to your Ourdoing account which puts them on FriendFeed. Very cool. - Robert Scoble
Great photos... remember, unless Apple changed this in the new 3GS, Emailing photos will shrink the images down so what the receiver gets is not the original resolution. I would recommend using a Photo Uploading App such as "Mobile Photos" (I use that for Flickr). - Kevin Darty
Multiple pictures from an iPhone 3G via 3.0 also rocks. - Christian Burns
So does everyone recommend Mobile Fotos as the best Flickr uploading app for the iPhone? Any other recommendations? - Curt Mercadante
My wife and I use email to Posterous for flickr / facebook photos - Christian Burns
Ah, posterous. Great idea. That works well for you, obviously? - Curt Mercadante
Curt, I've tried several Photo Uploading Apps on the iPhone and Mobile Fotos is the best I've found. It's definitely the most full featured one. - Kevin Darty from BuddyFeed
What a really want is an app that allows me to tag photos already on my phone, check a box to sync a photo to flickr or facebook, and let me show a slideshow of a certain tag from my pictures on the phone. - Christian Burns
Kevin, thoughts on pixelpipe, and hellotxt? Those 3 work with OurDoings. - Bruce Lewis
I'm using Flickit for photo uploading. Haven't tried any others. Posterous works well with video on the 3GS. - Dominic Jones
The people in the photo are my son, Patrick, my wife, Maryam, my dad, William, and my step-mom, Sharon. - Robert Scoble
Or, you can e-mail multiple images straight to FriendFeed via mail2ff and skip Ourdoings altogether ;-) - Jesse Stay
Will ourdoings handle emailing voice memos from the new voice recording app in 3.0? - Christian Burns
One of my favorite new features too. I was never able to take a single picture that captured an event. 5 does the trick. - Andrew Warner
Jesse, yes, that or share@friendfeed will work fine if you don't want maps, a staging area, etc. - Bruce Lewis
Christian, it won't handle audio yet. New features depend on what people ask for who use it for photos ask for. - Bruce Lewis
Bruce, has a bug right now where it's not taking attached images, so won't work. - Jesse Stay
.. a little too dark? - Giuliastro
That is quite impressive, I would say the picture quality is almost as good as on my current phone - Nokia N95 with 5mb pixel camera - Asgeir
Asgeir: I agree. I have kept my old n95 purely because the pictures / video is so good. - Jim Connolly
If you copy and paste the photos, you can send as many as you like. - Brandon Titus
Hmmmm...looks suspiciously like my neighorhood. You didn't by any chance run into any unruly golden retrievers, did you? - Francine Hardaway
I ordered a new iPhone 3GS and can hardly wait until it arrives, especially so I can use the camera, video, audio, and some of the music apps! Great photos, Robert.:-) - Cathryn Hrudicka
Is ShoZu any good on the iPhone, out of interest? I use it on Symbian OS/S60v2 sometimes, and don't have many problems with it, other than it sometimes getting stuck when uploading stuff, and not refreshing feeds very quickly. - Tyson Key
How are the pictures in less than ideal light? I know this is tough on "real" cameras...but the 3G takes such crap pictures under low light that this alone would be reason for me to upgrade, any improvement? - Jamie Ginsberg
Scott Beale
Ze Frank Warns That If You Don’t Send This Video To Five People You Will Have Hard Times -
Ze Frank Warns That If You Don’t Send This Video To Five People You Will Have Hard Times
I love it! I just sent it to 42,000 people. Do you think that's enough to be safe? - Robert Scoble
Liza + = ?
Harvard Twitter study: Men Follow Men, unlike other social networks -
Nat Torkington
Half of All Friends Replaced Every 7 Years | LiveScience -
Nat Torkington
Intellectual Property Watch » Blog Archive » Proposed WIPO Treaty On Visually Impaired Access Gets Deeper Look -
95 percent of books never become available to blind and partially sighted readers, who use alternative formats such as audio, braille or large print, - Nat Torkington
Stardust - Sheryl & Ken on USTREAM: at 7 PDT (20 minutes from now) -
Join us for a discussion on Clay Shirky's how cell phones, twitter and facebook can make history - Sheryl from Bookmarklet
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