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Jesus Lover, Wife, Mommy to be, SAHM, WAHM and Friend.
DAFT PUNK MEDLEY - Jason Yang x John Schroeder -
DAFT PUNK MEDLEY - Jason Yang x John Schroeder
8fdf49ac-1235-4f86-b180-f7939fea87a8 -
Philippa Lorne Channer's viddy -
Philippa Lorne Channer's viddy
Philippa Lorne Channer's viddy -
Philippa Lorne Channer's viddy
Zelda Symphony Preview - CG reach Orlando FL -
Zelda Symphony Preview - CG reach Orlando FL
Need your support. Have less than 2 months to lose 10#s. Ordered some #herbalife & will be walking. Totally doable but I LOVE food right now
While Fe's party was awesome I developed a migraine that is out of this world. Forgot how bad these were. GO AWAY!
So proud of the cast and crew at @church_redeemer. Great opening night of The Thorn. God Bless!!! Many lives being changed.
Mass Effect Indoctrination Parody (Confident Gamers) -
Mass Effect Indoctrination Parody (Confident Gamers)
What to do what to do. A whole night without the kids. They are having a slumber party with the grandparents. What to do.
Why is it some days are harder than others to manage these precious children. Surely it must be me because they are perfect.
I love my AWESOME children.
Am I the only who when I see a bug and automatically assumes its a boy? Is that considered sexist? Are lady bugs the only female bug?
Just made my first batch of home made laundry detergent. Can't wait to use it. Smells great.
Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the ones you miss. Rise to the challenges of life, or you'll miss out on Gods many blessings
Thank you Jesus for blessing @church_redeemer with @israelnewbreed once again. Amazing worship filled with EXPECTATION!!!!
So hard to clean, cook, and even think with a screaming teething baby. If only Ty could stop trying to join the mess I may find some peace.
Finally at a little over 8 months Fé finally has a tooth popping through.
A person is said to be walking in integrity when their words, actions and behaviour are consistent with their inner morals and principles.
Alright facebook/twitter ... Lead me to the best tips on #cooking #gardening #couponing and #fitness. My resolutions are depending on you
Happy New Years everyone. May your eyes be open to the blessings God gives to you and your family. And good luck on those resolutions.
Need to back to waking up early and "maximizing my mornings" I was much more productive, organized and relaxed when I did. @inspired2action
From living room: BANG! Ty: ouch! MOMMY! Crying & running TV: Dora commercial Ty: stops in tracks and watches tv FAKER!!!
Lord, please help me to appreciate these precious moments w/Fé and not complain about how clingy she is right now. She just loves her mommy.
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