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Caron Lyon

Caron Lyon

Internet explorer and adventurer.
Equity council agrees to a more streamlined structure -
Equity has agreed to reduce the number of its committees by almost a third, under radical proposals designed to streamline and modernise the union. - Caron Lyon
Sneinton | Domesday Book -
Sneinton in that Domesday Book 11 households, value £3. Yes "only one of those numbers has gone up" very funny. - Caron Lyon
Why is so much theatre so dull? | Stage | -
Uhm, ouch? Or warranted? "Why is so much theatre so dull?" - Caron Lyon
thepistreet - socialscreens for the high street independent by Philip Campbell -
I have donated 2 support Lacemarket small business digital proj in Nottm. U r #nottinghampeople - please RT - Caron Lyon
Team No Kid Hungry Recruitment Day | -
For every name added today $1 donated to #NoKidHungry. Add your name? - Caron Lyon
A social boost to independent shops - Sneinton Alchemy -
A social boost to independent shops - a great idea from Sneinton trio @pcmcreative @philcampbell @danielroseart - Caron Lyon
AC Podcast: Selective Ignorance of Feedback | Accidental Creative -
Listening to The Accidental Creative (AC Podcast: Selective Ignorance of Feedback) - Caron Lyon
The tragic irony of feminists trashing each other | Jill Filipovic | Comment is free | -
This is a GREAT piece about feminism. And sums up Twitter for me. Yeah, I said it. via @cathredfern - Caron Lyon
What the numbers say about women in IT -
What the numbers say about women in IT by @comptia on @slideshare We're making progress. Help kids grow into Tech! - Caron Lyon
If you're a teacher that uses tech in the classroom and wants kids to think, use, and enjoy: #edtech - Caron Lyon
How Are Businesses Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] - AllTwitter -
How Are Businesses Using Social Media? [INFOGRAPHIC] #SocialMedia #bizitalk - Caron Lyon
This, at last, is naked: the Conservatives see culture as commodity. - artsfunding -
Sam West points out what lurks between the lines of the new Culture Secretary's speech on the arts - Caron Lyon
Grass roots vs professionalisation - Sneinton Alchemy -
Grass roots vs professionalisation - community groups treading the line to keep their legitimacy - Caron Lyon
BBC News - Brewhouse Theatre ticket holders -
"Brewhouse Theatre ticket holders 'will not be refunded'" leaving artists due to perform £130,000 out of pocket - Caron Lyon
A Day in the Life (Quantified Self) -
A Day in the Life (Quantified Self)
UK hyperlocal media: It's time we all worked together - Nesta -
@philcampbell Phil did you see this? - Caron Lyon
nearly 1.4k of readers to the gravity flipboard now -- -- #awesome #thanks - Caron Lyon
Suspects on Boston Marathon Explosions -
speculation - Caron Lyon
30 7 Student-Tested Digital Storytelling Tools | d1Getting Smart -
"7 Student-Tested Digital Storytelling Tools | Getting Smart" - Caron Lyon
Human megaphone - Occupy Movement Wiki -
Nonprofits: Master "Medium Data" Before Tackling Big Data - Jacob Harold - Harvard Business Review -
"Big Data is the search for meaning in the haystacks of massive databases of transactions, sensor readings, and records. For nonprofits, medium data is a humbler but essential prerequisite: structured information about who you are, what you're trying to do, and what's happening." - Caron Lyon
Why Living in the Present Is a Disorder | Wired Opinion | -
Great find. Why Living in the Present Is a Disorder. @rushkoff at his best! - Caron Lyon
Technology and Propping Survey -
Got 2 minutes? Please consider filling in this short survey about propping / technology for a student's dissertation - Caron Lyon
Creative Quarter | The Academy of Urbanism -
"The Creative Quarter is an ambitious, culture-led project focussed on the regeneration of the historic core of Folkestone Old Town and part of Roger de Haan Charitable Trust’s commitment to the regeneration of his home town, which suffered a huge economic blow when the ferry terminal closed and the links to the Channel Tunnel bypassed it." - Caron Lyon
NCBI ROFL: Study proves masturbation leads to weight loss. : Discoblog -
Discover's #AprilFools joke highlights local architecture in unfortunate context #ypsilanti #annarbor #science - Caron Lyon
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