Is anyone else in South Florida experiencing bad allergies?
RT @CityTwig: User engagement needs to be considered before any content development. #BIMS14
RT @CityTwig: Execute with high user engagement. Have compelling content. #BIMS14
RT @CityTwig: Get out of your comfort zone & meet new people! #BIMS14
RT @CityTwig: Use the sunglasses with a tweet to win the best tweet contest! #BIMS14
Will be attending #BIMS14 today to support CEO Michael Kratzer of @lowerfees1 during the SIIA Previews Let's connect!
The 1st time you wash your hair after cutting it off & freak out. Then remember & just giggle. 😄
And my favorite added accessory!
My new ride, purple (of course) w/ fat tires. :-)
Do you think we look a little alike @WeinbergerSue ? #sisters
The moment you are driving & your ringtone song plays on the radio & you keep looking at your phone with confusion...
How to hire good people instead of nice people via @qz
RT @pbpost: Boca-Delray area under tornado warning until 5 p.m.
RT @PhD_Girl: Sometimes you face difficulties not because you're doing something wrong, but because you're doing something right.
RT @Inc: Every Entrepreneur Needs to Ask These 3 Questions @poshmarkapp @treplife
It's been 8 years & 2 states since living in NJ & when I have to write my address, I still start to write my #NJ address.
RT @Conductor: Speaker lineup for #C3NY announced & it's dazzling! With @Vimeo, @ABC, @Fab, @UnderArmour...
RT @Joshua_Berg: Why You're Missing Data in Google Webmaster Tools
RT @problogger: My #1 tip for building community on a blog is: “Be the community you want to have.” You need to model it! #BlogChat
"@BruceSallan: @PearlyWrites - you win best Twitter name IMO of the chat, so far! #BlogChat" TY :) My name for 7 years.
RT @problogger: Knowing who reads your blog informs much of the strategy that we'll talk about later tonight #BlogChat
What's Really Driving the Boom in Corporate VC Firms:
RT @bhivec2: 3 Qualities Every Remote Manager Needs (Infographic) #entrepreneur
RT @sengineland: "Authorship lives on, and growing your presence on Google+ has just become huge for everyone." -@AaronFriedman
RT @FastCompany: Marijuana startup @Leafly's full-page @nytimes ad runs tomorrow. Here's a peek by @alicetruong
Are social media teams staying small because they can, or because they have to?
How to create a social media marketing plan from scratch:
The plans for the weekend...
Need recommendations of neuro & ortho surgeons in S Florida who have been successful w/ lumbar surgery. Feel free to DM. Ty.
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