Thanks to all my great friends for the birthday wishes. You are all the best!
Fire alarm went off in the building at 11:00 last night and ended up outside until after 2:00 AM. Ugh!
Had lots of fun at Stafford yesterday. The racing could have been better but not every race can be like the 100 lapper at Mahoning a couple weeks ago. Thanks for coming along Rick!
Crash involving Blewett on lap 199. Race ends under caution. TC, Santos, Stefanik, Pennink. No outside groove at all.
Caution lap196. No change in order. Looks like green/white/checker finish.
Caution lap 183 with Coby on wall. He drives away. TC, Blewett, Santos, Stefanik, Pennink. Blewett and Stefanik blocking hard.
37 to go at Stafford. TC leading over Blewett, Santos, Stefanik, Civali. Not a very good race.
Stafford tomorrow for the Spring Sizzler. Have to leave at 5:00 in the morning.
Added three more pictures to my Riverhead 1989 - 1991 Album. The first two are modifieds on the track and the third is chargers. Enjoy.
Added the 34 of Don Howe, the 49 of Chris Young and the x86 of someone named Moon (don't remember his first name) to my Riverhead 1989 - 1991 Album. The youngster in the pictures is my son Kenny who now has three kids (soon to be four) of his own.
Added an action shot of the chargers, one of the late models and the 74 late model of Dave Kruk.
Added the #27 modified of Tom Tillotson, the 23 Charger of Santo Gore and on track modified action with the 69 of Johnny Bush, the 10 of Dan Marcello, the 7NY of Tom Baldwin and the 36 of Mike Ewanitsko to my Riverhead album. These are from April and May of 1989.
Heading over to The Tobacco Company to hang out for a few hours.
Safely at hotel in DC glad the drive is over.
Laundry is definitely one of the downsides of being single!
Happy Easter to all my Christian friends.
Going to check out the Harrisburg Stampede indoor football game tonight. Should be fun.
Good morning! Off to help the grandkids find the Easter Eggs. Didn't have anywhere near enough sleep!
Home from Big Diamond. Had a great time. It's always nice to see Joe and Mike. Taking the grandkids to an Easter Egg hunt in the morning.
Looks like we will finally get some racing in this weekend. Big Diamond, here I come!
Time for my cigar for the day. I think it will be a Davidoff Millenium Blend Toro today.
Let's see who is paying attention .... Every single one of you are on my Friend list as a result of a conscious decision. I am not only glad to count you as friends but also as family! Let's see who in my Friends list actually pays attention. Copy and paste this in your status. On your mark...get set...GO....
Well I had been gone from here for over six months and came back to hundreds of requests. I just deleted them all because they don't have dates and I couldn't figure out which ones were old and if any were new. I love you all and will be here and will look at all requests that come starting today.
Time for the after work smoke. Today I think it will be an Ashton Double Magnum. Life is good after all!
Made my hotel reservations for Thompson's Ice Breaker. Can't wait to hear the roar of the mighty modifieds again!
Time for a fine cigar. Opening my humidor. What to smoke? I think maybe an A. Fuente Rosado. Yes, that will be it.
Enjoying a Kristoff Lancero. Great smoke.
Wishing the weather was better because I was planning on going to Big Diamond Raceway today.
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