New Years Eve 2013 Ministry House Canton GA -
New Years Eve 2013 Ministry House Canton GA
Appalachian Mission 2001 Part 2 -
Appalachian Mission 2001 Part 2
Appalachian Mission 2001 Part 1 -
Appalachian Mission 2001 Part 1
This Twitter page is overrun w/ people I don't know. If you want to follow me, follow @pennyshaynes. I'll start over there. Please RT.
Well, I'm back from a year with the Census. Had a great time, but now back to my old routine. Tweet back so I know if anyone's read this.
WILL PAYPAL 10 ENTREPRENEURS $10 each (1 each from a different niche) for quick feedback on my products for market research. DM me for info.
ENTREPRENEURS who have taken an outside job. How are you keeping your business and life afloat? Please comment:
QUESTION: If you could take or create the best features of any blog or podcast creation software, what would they be? Please REPLY & RETWEET
Saw Social Media Summit. Guess I started the Online International Podcasting Expo in 2006 four years too early! Story of my life!
NEED INPUT for new ideas for marketing, design and graphics for one of my software systems. Anyone interested in giving their opinion? DM me
Brain Storm Business Podcast: Lessons Learned from Steve Martin, sponsored by Commercial Creation Center: In today'...
Starting a new Twitter account - please follow @pennyshaynes. Followed some bad advice & put this on auto follow. It's just junky now.
Catching up - finishing an audio book, doing an interview at 1, working on videos, and then going BOWLING! League starts today!
Have videos to edit, affirmations & narration to record, audio book to edit, plus Online Community Magazine work. It all happens at 1 time!
Learn about Second Life TV at starting at 9pm ET. 724-444-7444, Call ID 29763#.
@boltbuzz108 Trying to learn about the needs of community owners, as well as try to get feedback to better my software to meet those needs.
@GillianHood Yes, it would, especially since you know my software and services already. I'll get with you.
@malaikamorris Thanks! I'll check him out.
Need to interview people who own their own online community, either paid or free. Please reply if you know of someone who fits description.
@digitalblogging It's a simple affiliate program tracking 2-tiered purchases. Trust has never been an issue for my affiliates.
Join us! 9pm ET Monday nite:, talking about Outdoors and Hunting Shows. 724-444-7444, Call ID 29763#.
@howard61 takes RSS feeds creates PDF Magazines. It can use OPML as well. We do PDF to Turning Page as well.
Been on the phone most of the day-still trying to finish work. Have felt "behind" all week. Have to paint yet AGAIN, so it won't get better.
Being interviewed by @WritersWay tonite. Join us at 9pm ET. Call (724) 444-7444, 29763#. Giving away LOTS of prizes! :)
@spam JohnnieB839
The link to last night's Marketing With Audio And Video about tv and radio shows on Sales & Marketing is
@WritersWay interviewing Penny Haynes 8/19/09, 6pm PT / 9pm ET. Call (724) 444-7444, 29763#, or go to
Join us at, or 724 444-7444, Call ID 29763# to listen to Barbara Giamanco of Talent Builders Radio/TV.
@TomMcComb Thanks, Tom. But I need you to RT the entire message to get the free book. :)
RETWEET this msg & GET FREE COPY OF MY BOOK, "101 Things To Do With Audio And Video (To Promote Your Business)", $20 value. #101AV
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