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What Will Highways Be Like in the Future? Disney’s take on flying cars and more from 1958 -
White Stripes. Vinyl.
Should you buy Google Glass today?
Interviewed about Google Glass today, on the day ANYONE can buy Glass -
This is a thing now — selfies via drone -
RT @getnarrative: 3D-printed bears make adorable stop-motion stars | The Verge #stopmotion #inspiration
Kitestring is a fantastic personal safety app concept that actually solves a problem and adds value
BuzzFeed’s Music Snob Quiz is Fantastic – 100 sure signs you have a problem
Pew Research Center: The Next America -
RT @BlakeKARE11: Thanks for showing me Google Glass! @JLBraaten @gregswan. Story airs at 5 on @kare11.
Why Twitter's new profile view doesn't matter - via @mrdolson
Monday night rock climbing!
I'm at Base Camp, Northern Star Council (Fort Snelling, MN)
Kids react to Walkmans -
Kids react to Walkmans:
Kids react to Walkmans:
People who make a difference never wait for just the right time. They know that it will never arrive.
People who make a difference never wait for just the right time. They know that it will never arrive. -
Facebook's organic reach updates further illustrate that when you build your house on rented land, the landlord holds your keys.
Sorry tulips in my front yard. Freezing temps tonight. You should have know better than to try to grow in Minnesota. #FlowersAreDumbIGuess
RT @remund: 'People who make a difference never wait for the perfect time' MT @CoachingLeaders: The right moment #leadchange
"When you stand outside in the sun, that's 10 million year-old light on your face." @neiltyson #cosmos
Loving "The Next America" from Pew:
If you've ever wanted to control a giant eyeball that is focusing in and out, here you go:
IBM Watson: The inside story of how the Jeopardy-winning supercomputer was born, and what it wants to do next
RT @TechCrunch: How Oculus And 8 Fake Ears Could Morph Concerts Into Video Games by @joshconstine
Today = dog-proofed the backyard, cleaned out back porch, raked yard, sorted storage. #tangibleachievement
My daughter's nice little Saturday
Just posted a photo @ City Square Park
Loving Reebok's #whatthepump cultural milestone and meme experience:
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