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3D printer + Raspberry Pi = Gameboy #3DThursday
The latest image size cheat sheet for the major socnets
Call with pediatrician this morning, "It appears we inadvertently put your son's blood samples in the freezer."
Introducing: the screaming goat piano -
Kids love the screaming goat piano. Their mom? Not so much.
Cabela's fall catalog came today. Perusing the insulated hunting boots and a toasty balaclava.
RT @VictorDJimenez: The doctor will see you now — through Google Glass.
Checking out @ahoyhq, which is basically Yo + Foursquare. Simple friend-to-friend location sharing!
RT @mjkeliher: @gregswan I think that website is like the Space Jam site. It hasn't been touched since launch.
Government websites are the worst. I feel really comfortable giving this website my financial info to renew my plates
Chilhulililililililiy gorgeousness @ Mayo Clinic
Google signs deal with Novartis to put sensors directly on your eye (!!!)
Newsle joining LinkedIn. Pretty great move by both networks.
RT @WhereIsGregsCar: Greg's car completed a 70.35 mile trip. At 40.19 miles per gallon, fuel cost $6.30 via @Automatic.
They are blaring Marvin Gaye and somehow it just feels right. (at @KwikTripInc)
So many toads in our back yard while mowing this afternoon. Frog legs flying everywhere.
The part where @corinnelo gets a song dedicated to her featuring Commodore 64 samples @ Bedlam Lowertown
RT @tbrunelle: Matt Hodnick @kindohm makes music one line of code at a time. #algorave
Live coded audio beauty with kindohm @ Bedlam Lowertown
Live coded audio! Truly awesome. -
Live coded audio! Truly awesome.
Live coded audio! Truly awesome. @ Bedlam Lowertown
Oh buddy. Time to throw away the mouse! @ Weber Shandwick
Famous Dave's BBQ is like crack for PR people, apparently. In a good way.
Mysterious Art: An Installation Inspired by the Bermuda Triangle
Sweet track --> Glass Ghost – “Triangle” (Stereogum Premiere)
How Two Triangles And A Circle Exhibit Your Compassionate Brain #trianglebullies
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