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Here's @ozfarman giving the 101 on Beacon tech in Napa today. @ The Westin Verasa - Napa
"These grapes will feel my wrath." -Batman @ Napa Valley CA
RT @CraigDPage: eBay is Betting On Bringing Commerce To Wearables And Other Connected Devices
Just posted a photo @ In-N-Out Burger - Mill Valley
Just posted a photo @ Union Square, San Francisco
Pangolin: The Most Trafficked Mammal You've Never Heard Of #longreads
Grandma called upset because Mom installed "the Google" on her computer.
On the trail of international rhino horn thieves, Irish Travellers: The Dead Zoo Gang, by @chashomans #longreads
Google’s new privacy change affects 85% of iPhone users—knits together apps/browsing/data.
Teaching the kids about Nirvana's Sliver tonight.
Love = your daughter interrupting your conference call singing "Let It Go" at the top of her lungs when you can't hit mute fast enough.
Amazing storytelling through WhatsApp: (albeit I'm a bit creeped out right now)
I like living down the street from this. Even if the clock is always off. @ Guardian Angels Church
Stop what you're doing and watch this: What If The Moon Was A Disco Ball?
RT @acourtney2325: I can honestly say that I've never said "cottage cheese" during a presentation...until today. Thanks @gregswan #sxswrecap
Introducing our #SXSW debrief with an interactive social/video display aggregating our team's content…
Things spotted around @wsmpls today: green screen video project, PEEPS diorama-making, paper collating, two big cases of Shiner Bock.
RT @webjournalist: YIKES! I just saw the Fast Company piece on the laptop… I'd like to apologize for my face being so big. :-/
Sweet! Turn A 3D Printer Into A Tattoo Machine
My friend is regaling me with stories of the launch party of the Pentium 2 in Minneapolis in 1997.
LinkedIn Maps Visualized. Love this graph of networks and determining where they overlap and where they are distinct.
I forgot how much I enjoyed this book and used to refer to it. 30 years later Postman's analysis of culture + tech evolution still applies.
Unlike watching TV, "to engage the written word requires considerable powers of classifying, inference-making and reasoning." -Postman, 1985
"People of a television culture need 'plain language' both aurally and visually, and will even go so far as to require law" -Postman
"In every tool we create, an idea is embedded that goes beyond the function of the thing itself." Clocks, writing, eyeglasses... Twitter.
"The news of the day is a figment of our technological imagination. It is, quite precisely, a media event." -Postman
I'm re-reading Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves to Death" on TV and entertainment's impact on culture in 1985. It's amazing.
Arrived home to a giant box of vinyl test pressings from a Warner Bros Records publicist. All unlabeled. I'm so excited to mystery spin!
1980s pager commercial: “Your kids carry beepers?” -
1980s pager commercial: “Your kids carry beepers?”
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