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Duke Nukem Forever review: Fail to the King, Baby -
Motorola Milestone achieves Android 2.2 milestone at last, Froyo update ready for download -
ESRB releases first erotic novella: The Duke Nukem Forever Rating Summary -
Motorola Atrix: another look (video) -
Toshiba's Regza GL1 3DTVs going on sale in Japan tomorrow, no glasses required -
Google Street View: Eierwurf gegen verpixelte Häuser -
CHIP-8 emulation comes to Half-Life 2, you can finally retire your Telmac 1800 (video) -
Soundfreaq's SFQ-01 Bluetooth audio system exemplifies gorgeous -
Turn Old PC Fans into Battery-Recharging Wind Turbines [Video] -
Switched On: A Looxcie into lifecasting's future -
Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones sound and are expensive: $2,749 for one of only 2010 made -
Leistungsschutzrecht und die sozialdemokratische Ideologie des Neoliberalismus -
Roboter: Windoro putzt mit Getöse Fenster -
Roboter: Windoro putzt mit Getöse Fenster
5 minute review: USB soldering iron -
Vuvuzela Filter Strips Droning Horns from World Cup Broadcasts [Downloads] -
Google's homepage goes amazing to celebrate Pac-Man's 30th anniversary -
Team Fortress 2 + Portal gun = Team Portress -
unvermeidlich, wenn man einmal drauf gekommen ist.. - perler
Knot an Earbud for Quick Left/Right Identification [Headphones] -
Motorola Droid solves Lego-encased Rubik's Cube in 24 mind-melting seconds (video) -
Winscape virtual window features Wiimote headtracking, absolutely made of win -
'The Vampire Diaries' and Microsoft team up, try to add 'Binged' to the lexicon -
SweetSpotter keeps your music coming at the right angle, regardless of flailing -
Supercap: Unterbrechungsfreie Stromversorgung ohne Akku -
Logitech app turns your iPhone into wireless trackpad or keyboard -
GNILLEY: the game where you scream to survive -
EVGA's W555 motherboard gets a once over, can hold seven GPUs -
Quix is an Extendable Bookmarklet to Rule Them All [Bookmarklets] -
Steorn livestream to settle the case for overunity once and for all... or something like that -
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