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RT @jseakle_ebooks: Look at his face, and then give up again.
oooooohkay, my DMs got wiped again. awesome.
RT @peterkrupa: Can't get more explicit. RT @JimmyPrinceton: These two tweets from @SenatorDurbin are priceless.
The Vehicle Hit The Internet
RT @congressedits: Gender identity disorder Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives
RT @harikunzru: Rich white lady steals $1600 clothes, gets shot 6 times in head. Oh wait, sorry - gets 5 days community service #typo
RT @tha_rami: I will have to explicitly prohibit musicians I work with from selling their music or registering it & ensure they're not on a label.
RT @tha_rami: That's super awful. Music is so important to a game, but working with anybody with reach is dangerous for your game and your marketing.
RT @tha_rami: P.S. Twitch & YouTube muting music basically means that musicians are now a liability to developers, streamers and content creators.
Keywords: speedrun, speedrunning, practice, speed, rules, exploit, gamespace, dromology, narratology
RT @patriciaxh: Well, I'm having a ton of fun with The Road Not Taken. Y'all should play it.
RT @sesmithwrites: Have you filed an abuse report with Twitter that's been ignored? I want to talk to you, especially if you're a woman of colour.
RT @BrutalHouse: Ivor De Wolfe and Kenneth Browne Civilia. Architectural Press London 1971: 83 — via @RNDRD
RT @jseakle_ebooks: Communities are intentional, "something that you do." Find ways to go to a kid who tells me "I finally met my hero, Phil Fish"
RT @HolidayToad: Want to feel old? Occupy Wall Street was 19 years ago
Punch Every Computer
RT @weetabix_ebooks: Well, at least the president kept his promise about the unnecessary use of ORIGINAL COPIES of the person he's looking for.
Hey @Support, my DM history vanished on August 4th, and I've tried to get in touch several times to try and get it back. What's up?
RT @10rdBen: Raw unedited account of what the Missouri police officer did when he gunned down Michael Brown in Ferguson
RT @ClassyRealist: @Felonious_munk I literally just got shot 5+ times w/ a rubber bullet while I had my hands in the air saying "Hands up, don't shoot". WHY?
If you have the patience and bandwidth to follow these instructions to help save the Twitch archives, please do:
RT @Steven_Bonnell: Don't waste money on buying music, just download music from stream VoDs. Here's Eminem - Lose Yourself for you guys:
Hey @internetarchive, do you know about Twitch's plans to delete thousands of hours of vital cultural history in a couple weeks? It would >
RT @Nymo: @Twitch how quick is the appeal turnaround as of now? #twitchweekly
RT @killrtaco: @Twitch what happens with games that use commercial music for their soundtrack Like sports games and music games? #TwitchWeekly
Are VoDs of music games like Rock Band, Osu, and In The Groove simply not allowed? It seems they will always be flagged. #TwitchWeekly
Do you have any plans to save the archives of streamers who are unable to highlight everything in time? #TwitchWeekly
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