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Spelunky has been TASed:
RT @webbedspace: – This character has a strong Cave Story/FEZ vibe despite no apparent connection. (source:
RT @jseakle_ebooks: This is why I like him as a place where they can never take it easy.
RT @MammonMachine: "What do you think about future ppl? You think their concepts of race and gender will be utterly unlike ours?" "I think some will be blue."
If you care about the history of video games or computers, read this amazing, rambling interview with Jerry Lawson:
i have received an Accidental Butt
RT @numberless: Oh, did I say “good news?” What I meant was “fuck zynga”
RT @numberless: Good news! I’m still pretty darn fucked up and traumatized from the z lawsuit, despite it having settled nearly four years ago!
RT @Archaemic: @jseakle A friend of mine is working on making SheepShaver TAS-able, and it's really cool:
lol, azubu is so broken
RT @xMattieBrice: It's hard for all of us to admit, but we have probably violated someone's consent in life! We need to get used to this idea
Pibonacci's got a pretty fun #spelunky score run going:
RT @rachelbinx: I put the :/ in http://
This is sickening, but hey, at least now I have something concrete to point to when I try to explain why CaH makes me uncomfortable! :/
RT @HandfootSC: @cosmowright CHECK THIS OUT IMMEDAITELY! Quick Draw Stick + Fire to kill / burn distant objects / enemies!
Nooooooo Snake Eyeeezzzzzzx :( That was such an absurdly close set
I think this Snake Eyez guy is now my favorite non-Smash fighting game player
Go watch this right now, whether or not you know wtf is a Spelunky:
RT @v21: “Well… yeah. Naming things is one of the fundamental things computer scientists do.”
Exciting spelunky races:
Making a bunch of new internet friends from Australia was definitely not the right way to fix my sleep schedule.
i have an ebooks bot now i guess: @jseakle_ebooks
I read this post about 3 translations from Funes the Memorious & amused myself by attempting my own in the comments:
(don't spoil plz, just musing)
It always feels so doable, just like, pretty hard, and I mess up a lot, but I still always wonder if there's something I'm missing...
Every month or so I remember it exists and play for a while, *maybe* getting one more triple-lock, usually failing, and then give up again.
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