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10-yr-old Karissa destroying dudes at a Gamestop Sm4sh event: (skip to when she switches to Diddy if 20m is too much)
10-yr-old Karissa destroying dudes at a Gamestop Sm4sh event: (skip to when she switches to Diddy if 20m is too much)
RT @robinsloan: This is gorgeous. For #NaNoGenMo, @liza made a procedurally-generated Voynich manuscript 💕🐌👽👍
RT @nobodybutyours: But back to games, does anyone have any 868-HACK advice for me? I've been sitting on this position for months now:
RT @jseakle_ebooks: twitch VoDs are now 100% fucked, thanks to the clever trick of there not being one.
RT @bonerman_inc: .@gamestop just want to let you know u guys have done a very bad job of stopping the games so far. you've done like, the opposite
A "Harsh Noise Graphic Novel". @mcclure111, I think you might want to see this:
Just had the impulse to click the un-RT button on someone else's RT.
.@Draknek brings a whole new meaning to 'AAA games'
RT @amanda_grigg: Taking museum selfies to the next level
RT @jseakle_ebooks: Look at his face, and then give up again.
oooooohkay, my DMs got wiped again. awesome.
RT @peterkrupa: Can't get more explicit. RT @JimmyPrinceton: These two tweets from @SenatorDurbin are priceless.
The Vehicle Hit The Internet
RT @congressedits: Gender identity disorder Wikipedia article edited anonymously from US House of Representatives
RT @harikunzru: Rich white lady steals $1600 clothes, gets shot 6 times in head. Oh wait, sorry - gets 5 days community service #typo
RT @tha_rami: I will have to explicitly prohibit musicians I work with from selling their music or registering it & ensure they're not on a label.
RT @tha_rami: That's super awful. Music is so important to a game, but working with anybody with reach is dangerous for your game and your marketing.
RT @tha_rami: P.S. Twitch & YouTube muting music basically means that musicians are now a liability to developers, streamers and content creators.
Keywords: speedrun, speedrunning, practice, speed, rules, exploit, gamespace, dromology, narratology
RT @patriciaxh: Well, I'm having a ton of fun with The Road Not Taken. Y'all should play it.
RT @sesmithwrites: Have you filed an abuse report with Twitter that's been ignored? I want to talk to you, especially if you're a woman of colour.
RT @BrutalHouse: Ivor De Wolfe and Kenneth Browne Civilia. Architectural Press London 1971: 83 — via @RNDRD
RT @jseakle_ebooks: Communities are intentional, "something that you do." Find ways to go to a kid who tells me "I finally met my hero, Phil Fish"
RT @HolidayToad: Want to feel old? Occupy Wall Street was 19 years ago
Punch Every Computer
RT @weetabix_ebooks: Well, at least the president kept his promise about the unnecessary use of ORIGINAL COPIES of the person he's looking for.
Hey @Support, my DM history vanished on August 4th, and I've tried to get in touch several times to try and get it back. What's up?
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