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RT @collopy: A dozen unknown digital Andy Warhol works were found on Amiga disks from 1985:
I should tweet more about random shit so that someday I can have an entertaining ebooks account
RT @LifeInNeon: @mcclure111 Gainax antigravity, erotimagnetism, strong intercourse, weak intercourse.
If 1000 of these is ever not enough for you, let me know — it is very easy for me to make more.
> —@mcclure111 being right about JavaScript
"I very much like what is in this toolbox, but the individual tools all feel as if they will fall apart in my hands." >
.@ellaguro I almost see it as a direct response to what you wrote — ignoring the built, guided path through the world and forging his own.
.@ellaguro An interesting juxtaposition was that I was already watching @cosmowright testing out new OoT strats when I clicked your article.
This @ellaguro piece beautifully exposes the nuances of the relationship between Games & Games Culture. Go read it:
RT @zip: ATTENTION Transhumanist futurists are now to be known as the CYBORGEOISIE
RT @legobutts: I love you. I want you to feel good about you, and that will include growing as a person, and it will suck. it's gonna suck let's do this.
More Paranatural. It is so silly, but so very /enjoyable/!
RT @critical_dril: someone has filled the Wall St bull with... BLood?? my god. such a powerful statement. how could we have been so blind. Money is cancelled
I started working on a game at 3am but then I got distracted and made a League of Legends name generator instead:
RT @mcclure111: Everything is bullshit with a confidence p > 0.05
RT @jwoodham: Eminem always looks like he told a joke but nobody heard it and then someone repeated it louder and everyone laughed.
Apple is bad at writing secure code, and they have published a guide on how you can be bad at it too:
RT @christinelove: It would be totally Not Okay to promote Ladykiller in a Bind under the tagline "CHRISTINE LOVE IS GOING TO MAKE HERSELF YOUR BITCH", right
RT @smestorp: exciting progress on helix today
These charts are .. maybe more interesting for the idiosyncrasy of their construction than their content:
RT @crylenol: Been stuck on this puzzle for hours
RT @smashboards: Hungrybox joins Curse pro gaming team -...
A surprisingly amusing video of some guy getting made fun of for his last name by a judge:
RT @EffiMai: "My friend really changed once she became a vegetarian, its like Ive never seen herbivore." I laughed so hard my flatmate asked if I was ok
I have a phantom unread notification :/
RT @circuitlions: How much gold does it cost to disable HearthStone's voice actors and fire Blizzard's 'writers'?
A small paragraph of truth by M. John Harrison:
RT @Togglebear: BREAKING: Google acquires for $12.8 billion
RT @ivynoelle: Does this guy just love planks? NO. He's also the lord of a mad mansion. He likes to mix it up.
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