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RT @christinelove: It would be totally Not Okay to promote Ladykiller in a Bind under the tagline "CHRISTINE LOVE IS GOING TO MAKE HERSELF YOUR BITCH", right
RT @smestorp: exciting progress on helix today
These charts are .. maybe more interesting for the idiosyncrasy of their construction than their content:
RT @crylenol: Been stuck on this puzzle for hours
RT @smashboards: Hungrybox joins Curse pro gaming team -...
RT @zip: ATTENTION Transhumanist futurists are now to be known as the CYBORGEOISIE
A surprisingly amusing video of some guy getting made fun of for his last name by a judge:
RT @EffiMai: "My friend really changed once she became a vegetarian, its like Ive never seen herbivore." I laughed so hard my flatmate asked if I was ok
I have a phantom unread notification :/
RT @circuitlions: How much gold does it cost to disable HearthStone's voice actors and fire Blizzard's 'writers'?
A small paragraph of truth by M. John Harrison:
RT @Togglebear: BREAKING: Google acquires for $12.8 billion
RT @ivynoelle: Does this guy just love planks? NO. He's also the lord of a mad mansion. He likes to mix it up.
.@rauscha @ostroffj Looks like ~50 should be possible:
.@rauscha @ostroffj Alright, now I'm actually motivated. I could have gotten a 68 with a lucky 4 spawn:
Thanks @ostroffj for motivating to improve my 2048 low score:
Pretty blissed at The Knife with @rmsteven. They are very nice colors & making very nice sounds.
RT @bcrypt: dropbox spends more on alcohol during its yearly ski trip than OpenSSL has received in donations ever
RT @jetta_rae: Hey, so my new e-zine, A TOUGHER WORLD, is up on gumroad for FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD @Doc_Destructo @alysoncmcmanus
RT @mcclure111: This thread gets more and more interesting as it progresses
RT @MammonMachine: Gender and sexuality tropes in anime etc. appear progressive by being totally fucked up in a way that is new and original to western culture
RT @webbedspace: "Inspired by Wheel of Fortune, they chose to make a game based on one card. Their first draw…" *cut to Bejeweled* "…was the 3 of Diamonds."
Holy crap this is awesome: C++ API for controlling Spelunky Classic! cc @tinysubversions
Speedrunning Coop URF-mode with friends at Current record 3:51
RT @critical_dril: im little jesica. im dying because of obamas help care bill. im on my death bed & the doctor is ignoring me b/c capital fosters alienation
wow i think i'm the only person in my house, i'm not sure that's ever happened before
RT @mcclure111: No country for old men No techno for young women No metal for tweens No zydeco. For anybody.
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