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RT @LocalJoost: Volgende week donderdag (28) houdt @dvroegop een kick *ss verhaal over Kinect en Leap sensors en er IS nog plek
Interesting Quora question, with some interesting answers too:
RT @larsklint: When you write requirements that has to be estimated, please don't use "etc." as my estimate will then be infinite. #seemsfair
If your sure you want a tatoo, than you'd better ignore all them lie's and just get it now!
RT @shaka_lulu: Love this image by @miekeroth of Comet 67P/CG sitting in the water off Lelystad, Netherlands! Great viz of its size.
Does the iOS map app already do offline map data? Otherwise does not point to more usage, but just more crappiness..
Hooked on "🎶Hooked on a feeling🎶" right now. And that's fine. #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy #earwig
WTF? Een TV-programma waarin je zit te kijken naar mensen die in hun eigen huis op de bank naar de TV zitten te kijken?! #SchietMijMaarLek
Tomatensoep is klaar, zelfgekneed volkorenbrood ligt te rijzen, over 1½ uur hebben we een heerlijke, van A tot Z zelfgemaakte maaltijd.
Oh, one exception: that Nebula was just a whiny bitch. Yuck. Whatever happened to Amy Pond..?
Actually liked Guardians of the Galaxy a lot. "No raccoon or tree creature has been harmed in the making if this film." indeed. ;-)
Apparently this Galaxy needs some Guardians. (@ Pathé Arena - @pathe in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland)
RT @elonmusk: @BillGates @RyanSeacrest @TEDchris Done, uploading shortly
Fu&% you, Ziggo!
Cool (and mostly harmless) swarm of 1024 robots: with YouTube movie at
Cool (and mostly harmless) swarm of 1024 robots: with YouTube movie at
Need some genius advice? Here:
OH (iemand die uit trein stapte): "De NS wil me dood hebben!" Nou, dat is ze dan nog niet gelukt..
RT @chrismessina: I love the internet. I could just go buy a WWII T-34 TIGER KILLER TANK for $44K.
Beste @UOV_Online, wanneer is jullie gratis app ook voor @windowsphone beschikbaar? (En durf niet te zeggen dat die niet gepland is...)
Should be elevation 25° and falling now; missed it... #ISS
It's pretty cloudy. Not sure if ISS will be visible this pass.
RT @Aviodrome: Bij Aviodrome staat dit weekend een compleet militair kampement met oude voertuigen en re-enactors in oude uniformen
Mail (ogenschijnlijk) van de Rabobank - niet mijn bank - met onderwerp "U bent nog niet over op IBAN!". Vuile fishing-ratten... *delete*
Wow: scale said 107.6 kg just now. My "low of the decades" from 23-3-2013 is 107.3 kg. Those 105 and 100 rules on IFTTT might kick in soon..
Finally (for now): get your act (=exception handling) together, as @swarmapp just vanished (=crashed) shortly after starting it. :-( #beta
Also, dear @swarmapp, why don't you integrate as a social app into the @windowsphone People Hub like Facebook and Skype do? /cc @4sqsupport
Dear @swarmapp: on @windowsphone your notifications have no icon, a strange technical app name, and they don't react to tapping them.. :-\
Installing @swarmapp for @windowsphone now.
RT @wpcentral: Swarm for Windows Phone 8.1 is now available for download #wp81 #Swarm
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