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Jawel, de week is weer doormidden! Heb jij nog geen #Zaagmans app op je Microsoft device?
Jammer dat er, hoe goed de reden ook, nu toch weer even media-aandacht voor dat Koningslied is.. #deNvannooitmeer ;-)
Why does a particular virulent head cold always seems to wait for a holiday weekend to rear its demonically laughing head? I'm sick of it...
Cortana is useful in the kitchen, as a multi tasking kitchen timer: "Remind me to continue working on the bread in 90 minutes." ;-)
Seriously: my TV just Rick Rolled me! 😅 (192 TV channel on Ziggo does best of 80s and 90s music videos all night...)
Cortana whipping around temperatures in Fahrenheit (without showing units) without any way to change this default is culturally offensive...
As expected: no BT DUN in WP 8.1 dev preview.. :-/
Sphinx? Niet nodig bij Microsoft Surface tablet: kickstand ingebouwd, plug gewoon USB keyboard en muis via hubje in.
RT @Suanzes: Genialidad absoluta RT @scottdagostino: The greatest sentence ever written was printed in the Times today:
RT @JanNoniem: Wow, Google is chagrijnig.
Wohoo! #TweeCoMinder for #WindowsPhone just told me that I am reaching my custom special tweet count of 45054 right now! #WinPhan
RT @mikebrewer: Ever wondered how we get Easter eggs? Have a great weekend people.
RT @AtheistWorld: .@donavin50 That's why reason, kindness and logic are the right attitudes. @EarleTony @kaysexwale @natkent
RT @benriga: More is good, right? Anticipating More from #Cortana - Microsoft Research via @MSFTResearch #wpdev #windev
Interesting view (as often from this source).. #singularity
Tiny bit one-sided (things that Cortana does, checked against competitors), but it is still a nice comparison:
Tiny bit one-sided (things that Cortana does, checked against competitors), but it is still a nice comparison:
Wonder of she will also warn me to actually get going when expected travel time plus current time nears start of appointment...
Just opened Cortana just now, and without any speaking or searching she showed me map of route to next appointment.
RT @arend78: @AletteBaartmans on @tedxutrecht: "question all rules, like kids do 400 times a day. Don't follow a rule, untill you understand its purpose"
RT @LocalJoost: Rubber Duck on stage 😃 at @mahoekst 's session #techdaysnl
RT @LocalJoost: Rubber Duck on stage 😃 at @mahoekst 's session #techdaysnl
RT @marimouth: Aspergers Syndrome The Hidden Disorder via @marimouth
RT @dreyer_smit: I unlocked the 'Do you like @TheClippy" easter egg on Cortana. :D
Zo, de @vicreatweet fotoshoot zit erop voor mij.
Oh, by the way. What I really really liked about the #Noah movie? The miniature fast forward Cosmos episode while Maximum narrates Genesis!
Hate that Facebook app. I want my social hubs (Me Tile and Group Tiles) back...
RT @tomverhoeff: Microsoft Authenticator, you're doing it wrong #TileColor -
Also some awesome acting. Heavy stuff.. #Noah
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