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Heard this already? This really is some scary shit. Ebola, you say? Ahuh, ebola... :-/
Breaking News: afgelopen week is iedere dag de zon opgekomen. Verwachting: morgen gebeurt dat vast ook weer. #duh
RT @Meijerink_D: Join leading Dutch firms like @Schiphol , during 30h #hackathon,as they open API & data. Interested @appsterdam ??
*Everybody* expected the Spanish Inquisition... ;-)
Eerste keer eerst; alarmcode in mijn hoofd was correct. #zucht ;-) (@ ifunds)
RT @RvanTriet: @NokiaInnovation don't want preview anymore....I want Cyan and a stable 1020 😒
Iedereen kent de "Useless Box" (met de schakelaar erop) wel, toch? Deze variant vind ik ook erg leuk:
Roker op perron zei na aanspreken op Rookzone 25m verderop alleen "Sigaret?". "Ja, daar, in je rechterhand." #zucht
RT @taalmissers: [Hadden ze nou echt geen andere advertentieruimte meer beschikbaar?] Dank @peterperscpnb
RT @Grumpydev: If you're using DateTime in .net without tests, your code is almost certainly broken. If you do have tests, it's probably still broken.
And now for some completely different beer... #OMG #want
These days, everyone's a developer - according to this quiz, I'm "The Visionary". What's your #APPtitude?
RT @merlijnhoek: :-D. "@simonpalomares: What if ..."
RT @KuraFire: Startup idea: a service that combines both @foursquare and Swarm, together, like, in one app.
RT @tomwarren: So here’s what Live Folders look like in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1
RT @Queen_UK: Tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour oneself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life #reigning9to5
Quick check of my space related RSS feeds makes me wonder if perhaps ESA has launched their final ATV cargo truck to the ISS.. ;-)
Seems like a daily occurrance now... :-/
How have I missed @stephenfry series "Kingdom" until now? Thank you, @Netflix, for supplying me with access to this. #lovely
"If [...] there is some moral you can take away from this, you are free to extract it for yourself."
Wow. Dawn of the planet of the apes is a very impressive movie..
RT @aral: Technology does not make us smart; it is simply a multiplier. If empirical evidence is anything to go by, it currently amplifies stupidity.
Ah, never mind @FitbitSupport. The @Fitbit app looks through you contacts for Fitbit users when you try to add a friend. Makes sense...
That @Fitbit app looks nice! Waiting for Cyan update even more now. But @FitbitSupport: why does app ask for access to my contacts...? :-/
Awesome @fitbit news; hope the download link not working is just CDN synching, and publication to US store but not NL (like Windows 8 app).
RT @wpcentral: Fitbit for Windows Phone 8.1 is here. This is our review #wp81
In case anyone had any doubt, Tesla/Musk is smart, really smart. Very glad with that.
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