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Animals and humans, the right way (I think): (Also: please eat a bit less meat than you do.)
RT @msonenote: Sure, @LMFAO might be sexy and they know it, but we click it and we #NoteIt with OneNote and the @Surface Pro 3.
Brilliant question, Fermi method, assumptions, logarithms, and squids. With cartoon illustrations.
RT @4thandmayor: Swarm, Foursquare, and 4th & Mayor - It’s been an exciting summer for the folks at Foursquare I am sure:...
Ik heb eerder ook die column van Youp gepost; het gebral van GeenStijl had ik (gelukkig!) nog gemist. Lees dit ajb:
RT @joebelfiore: Lockscreen is close! Tying up loose ends, getting it submitted to store.. not sure exactly how long this will take but not too far off!
"Always be prepared" indeed...
I suspect @foursquare and @swarmapp blog post to be lying with "for you(r phone)" promises; I use a Windows Phone. Please prove me wrong...
RT @bdsams: uh, guys… Microsoft sold more phones than Apple did last quarter: Microsoft 36.1m, Apple: 35.2m
Watched the minute of silence for #MH17 at work. Too bad it is necessary at all...
Silence... #MH17
RT @LocalJoost: Here they come... Almost home #MH17. Earlier then they would have thought themselves, and yet so very much too late
I stand united in grief with the world for the victims of flight #MH17. Will you join us - add a #Twibbon
Tijdens lunch actieve wandeling door zonnig Amersfoort; geocache gelogd. #endoor
But it seems, Comic Sans does have its uses. Really?! Yes..
After a little office discussion this morning: worst (best?) example of Comic Sans misuse ever.. :-/
Jawel, de week is weer doormidden! Heb jij nog geen #Zaagmans app op je Microsoft device?
RT @wolthuizen: Prachtige rouwadvertentie van Van der Laan in de ochtendkranten. #MH17
RT @brechtjedeleij: Dag van Nationale Rouw. De vlaggen halfstok. Het harde blauw van de lucht lijkt zachter door je neergeslagen ogen. Stilte.
This sounds like the perfect kind of route planner for a next city trip. Please get me that app...
Haha, the ice shell of the ball is disintegrating now; I have a "Hoth Death Star" in my glass. #grin
Wow. That Zoku IceBall mold? Awesome stuff... There's a 4 to 5 cm diameter marble of ice in my glass!
RT @kellabyte: "Oh yeah, that problem in production makes total sense after looking at the logs" - Nobody, ever.
I so love my Surface 2 RT. Hope to use it as coffee table browser and Netflix viewer only, while Surface 3 becomes main everything else box.
RT @wmpoweruser: Microsoft Announces New Compiler For TypeScript That Is 5x Faster Than The Current Compiler
Oh, before I forget: happy π approximation day!
Little heat related science experiment in progress: just filled for first time. #ice
Weer een cache gevonden. (@ Prins Clausbrug)
Lang leve en de paraplu. ;-)
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