This Cisco DVR will never harm anyone else again... -
This Cisco DVR will never harm anyone else again...
RT @gcaughey: The real world: 10% of NEWLY created Visual Studio 2013 projects during last 60 days were WPF. #WPFLives #vsconnect
RT @LyalinDotCom: The WPF roadmap blog post is now available, yes I said #WPF. #vsconnect
Stop... Moving... The Hands... #vsconnect
.NET Framework runtime open source, and released for Linux and iOS. #vsconnect
Info from #vsconnect on if you're interested.
Jawel, de week is weer doormidden! Heb jij nog geen #Zaagmans app op je Microsoft device?
RT @paulcoxon: XKCD has live coverage of #CometLanding with a cartoon that auto-refreshes!
See a live countdown of descend of @Philae2014 from @ESA_Rosetta down to the comet at now. Six hours until landing..
Drats! Left my Fitbit at home. Was comparing it to MS Band (they do not count same number of steps, it seems). But not today.
Today: "seven hours of terror" as humanity lands something on a comet today for the first time! Let's it works out fine.
The real reason all those people are taking so many selfies. Or are they...? *grin*
Dear @microsoftband. Why do your web links (like Help page from app, and end up in an HTTP redirect loop?
OH: "Daar moet nog een Fabergé over gelegd worden.."
Goed om nieuwe view van geannuleerde trein te zien werken in Treintijden app. Jammer dat al direct vandaag actueel is.. /cc @michielpostnl
Have been using Band quite a lot out of box without much charging and now (about 22h) it mentions battery low. Not bad, compare to specs..
Nog een voorbeeld: "Welcome to Band" mail nu net pas, bijna 22 uur na eerste gebruik. Verwacht ik ook niet van cloud service..
Still need to check out Microsoft Band app on Windows 8+ tablet later. See of that's better or not.
Come on, Microsoft... Trying to open Help from the Band app opens unending URL redirect cycle in my browser? Not helpful...
RT @benriga: Dear Senator Ted Cruz, I'm going to explain to you how Net Neutrality ACTUALLY works - The Oatmeal via @Oatmeal
Come on Microsoft, make the software surrounding Microsoft Band as good as can (and must!) be. This will get you too many negatives...
Band app: it crashes (on sleep data), UI looks like iOS or mobile web app, no Health web access, no HealthVault, no device battery status...
Impressed by Microsoft Band hardware, but not so by the app. Looks "nice", but lots of problem in my eyes.
Alright, Fitbit,,alright Microsoft Band: I'm going to sleep now. Let's see if you agree on my sleep timing in the morning. 💤 ;-)
The continued questions are cool, like "Who is the president of the United States?" followed by "How old is he?", both showing the answers.
Been spending quite some time tonight speaking Cortana queries into my wrist, seeing various answers appear that. That's just sort of magic.
Hold action button, speak question into wrist (while near phone), wait for Cortana to supply answer. ;-)
Back home on the train my new Microsoft Band showed this.
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