RT @stephenfry: RT @david_navigator "Hungarian folk dancers showing how a quick sort algorithm works" http://www.youtube.com/watch... It really doesn't get much odder
RT @stephenfry: RT @david_navigator "Hungarian folk dancers showing how a quick sort algorithm works" http://t.co/AgGHRG1W It really doesn't get much odder
RT @carrozo: This is why people have kids. http://twitter.com/carrozo...
This meeting is so boring I'm checking twitter for time in three weeks. Not sure which one is more relevant to my life.
RT @Mothpete: You can't really blame Noah for not knowing the two unicorns were gay.
RT @wilw: Me: I'll make dinner. Smoke Alarm: Let me sing for you the song of my people. #MarinadeInTheBroiler
RT @michaelneale: Maybe oil companies shouldn't try to crowd source ad campaigns about the arctic http://arcticready.com/social... - is it a troll site? Or for real?
RT @jamesiry: Remember when "Minority Report" seemed like the future? http://leapmotion.com/
RT @wilw: Cat: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Me: I know you just want food. Drop the charade. Cat: Oh. Okay. I'll just be howling next to my dish, then.
RT @CodeWisdom: "The 11 in C++11 refers to the number of legs [..] nailed onto the dog whilst attempting to build a better octopus." - Dylan Beattie
RT @Glinner: “I’d LOVE to download your app instead of going to the webpage I just tried to visit!”— No-one, ever. No-one in the future either.
Seniority in management seems to be partly achieved by the ability to blissfully ignore an email's contents when replying.
RT @HAL9000_: Did anyone else notice the floppy disk disappeared about the same time Viagra was invented?
RT @spidie: The care and feeding of software engineers (or, why engineers are grumpy) http://www.nczonline.net/blog... #yam #in
RT @runarorama: To celebrate independence day, throw away your dependency injection framework.
I'm pretty sure the term 'cost based optimizer' must refer to Oracle's budget.
RT @wilw: I will forever admire my cat's ability to turn anything he can get into or sneak under into THE BEST FORT EVER IN THE WORLD.
RT @asz: My kids are like Java programs; they assume there's an external garbage collector taking care of stuff they leave around.
I was just about to GEDify my old Xoom when I realized that Australia finally got the ICS update 10 days ago. Hacking postponed.
RT @DanaDanger: This is how I feel about the amount of output I get from my build tool: https://t.co/omnbcY1G
RT @davecallantwit: How did the hipster burn his mouth HE DRANK HIS TEA BEFORE IT WAS COOL
'Outside in' is a nice example for the concept of 'dual'.
Any recommendations for small business accountants in Brisbane?
"The only thing you get for cleaning up a mess is a bigger broom." Good thing I like my tools.
RT @bajopants: Cant believe this sort of sexist behaviour actually happens at e3. Appalling http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012...
With swipe keyboards it's much faster to write 'ten past eight' than '8:10'. Does that make me appear more posh?
It seems the only way to watch a copy protected bluray disk on Linux is to copy it first. Well done, movie industry.
RT @sweden: I've got severe body issues. I don't think its ugly or anything. But it can't fly, can't shapeshift, can't shoot laser beems into space.
RT @jfuerth: mvn clean install | say #thingsyoushouldneverdo
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