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South Park Mocks Music Producers – and Their Fake DAW Is Surprisingly Realistic -
Cool Tricks Wireless MIDI Can Do Now, on Mac, iPad, and iPhone -
Techno Sounds Like It Could Kill You: Neil Landstrumm, Syntax Error Interview, Music -
Can someone tell me why #Weihnachten is trending?! What did 4chan do this time?
Watch Music Made from Clicky Keyboards -
Meet A Glitchy Nightmare Marshall Pedal, Then Play Rusty Bent MegaDrive DESTROYING EVERYTHING
Meet A Glitchy Nightmare Marshall Pedal, Then Play Rusty Bent MegaDrive DESTROYING EVERYTHING -
Vinyl’s Resurgence Thanks to Indie Stores, DJs – And It’s Growing -
Norman Nodge – Kernel -
In 20 Minutes, with 20 Cables, Learn to Get Started with Modular Synths [Video] -
Don’t Miss Five of the Most Futuristic Music and Audio Hacks: Pictures from SF -
USB is the new CV: monome meadowphysics as Modular, in New Video -
Reaktor Users Can Starting Playing with Komplete Kontrol Now – Even Without Hardware -
Dystopian Bearded Techno: Watch, Listen to Rødhåd Play and Talk Music [Listening] -
Meet Bazille, the Obscenely-Massive Monster Modular Synth Plug-in from u-he -
Spatial Audio, Explained: How the 4DSOUND System Could Change How You Hear [Videos] -
Watch Adriano Make Surprising Objects, Laser Beams into Triggers for Wild Music -
Hands on with Dave Smith Pro 2: “The Most Useful Synth I’ve Ever Played” -
Listen to Gerhard Behles (CEO, Ableton) and Matt Black (Ninja Tune, Coldcut) on Music and Democratization -
Music That’s All Human Body and Objects, No Instruments: Biotronica with Ain TheMachine [Interview] -
Crazy Video: Giant Robot Cassette Kills Giant Robot iPod Classic -
Live Stream: Ableton’s Gerhard Behles and Ninja Tune’s Matt Black Talk to CDM -
Watch These Amazing Suzanne Ciani Videos – then Let Neotantrik Launch You Into Dreamland -
Komplete Kontrol Integration Will Work with Your Own Reaktor, Kontakt Creations, Too; Details -
This Prototype Imagines DJ Controllers with Touch, Today – No iPad in Sight -
Yamaha DX100 Synths Used to Make Thunderstorms Happen Inside Your Motorcycle Helmet -
Watch this Space, Because Something’s Coming -
Mia Grobelny – Arcane (A Guy Called Gerald Remix) -
Joyce Dunn – A New Change Of Address -
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