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.@pprovost it depends on how long you take and where your scale is ;)
.@jbogard "corrupted"
Xamarin "Indie license: month-to-month for $25/month. Nice!
.@BenGalluzzo More room for external monitors :)
Every time I goto a line # like 1969, I image I'm going back in time. To before this huge buggy file was written :\
Analyst: Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 ranked among the best tablet displays -
RT @CTVNews: Twitter accounts shame bad parkers across Canada
Azure sales could surpass Amazon by end of fiscal 2014.
I forgot to pay for my credit score, now my credit score is screwed. #irony
RT @randomoracle: . @peterritchie @ericlaw Headline: "MSFT Research sends danah boyd to help Visual Studio team use lowercase letters"
.@ShawnWildermuth better than suplexing them!
Windows Phone 8.1 Update List: Cortana gets her official release in the UK and China -
In case you thought the Visual Studio team wasn't listening and weren't flexible on the ALL CAPS menus:
Say "gno" to gnomes.
"The windows showing the progress of the restart is stopping Windows from restarting" :|
.@randompunter @SimonCropp But, System.IO.Abstractions should *just work* with Pri.LongPath after setting up aliases ;)
Dear #LinkedIn members, if you send me a connection request, and I've never met you, that just shows name & title (no Co.) I'll ignore you.
"Heisensoft, our software only runs when you're watching"
.@jwynia @mjeaton Distrust is earned, not trust. :)
.@energizedtech @hmemcpy @dbelcham @hhariri @bsimser I thought Johnny Cash was singing about a lawyer o_O
.@hmemcpy @dbelcham @hhariri ask @bsimser about naming children ;)
.@hmemcpy @dbelcham @hhariri Break free of name sexism! ;)
.@ShawnWildermuth Sounds wicked though!
RT @c0deporn: drop-in library to support long paths in .NET by @peterritchie
RT @randompunter: New library to work with long path names in .NET (by @peterritchie)
.@SimonCropp @randompunter Unfortunately, the standard libraries can likely never change--software depends on them working that way.
When someone becomes a pastor are they considered "pastorized"? #badjokeoftheday #fb
.@Twitter, can you either "Remember me" or not! This whole "Refresh page" crap is really annoying and the worst UX!
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