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Free @pluralsight for MSDN subscribers?!
RT @ArielBH: @peterritchie I understand it replaces it.
RT @blaken: @peterritchie I think it's dead.
RT @caffeinatedgeek: @peterritchie Express is dead.
Did they explain how the Express edition fits in?
"@MotoWilliams: Does vs free run resharper?" @hhariri ?
Community Edition of Visual Studio, free and supports add-ins!
Are we still pushing HTML/JS for apps? How many devs are actually *doing* that?
RT @ihackedwhat: @admford hmmm. DefCon talk about the unsung hero's of crypto?
I detect a disturbance in the force
RT @gep13: The @chocolateynuget Kickstarter just got it's 600th backer! Thanks for all the support! Almost there! :-)
Arrg! Patch Tuesday! Almost as much fun as Peg Leg Thursday!
RT @dbelcham: dammit...why did I read the comments? Fucking humanity....
Renee Zellweger's new look should garner as much attention as me buying new trousers... #somethingWrongWithSociety
"I suspect there's something Apple hasn't told the public"
RT @Route_94: Orlando airport is terrible.
RT @craigber: Renaming Lync to Skype for Business will not fix the problems of Lync.
I gotta say, I'm a bit disappointed that testing an API with Postman doesn't beep twice when done.
RT @davidaxelrod: Three weeks ago, it was a media and political frenzy. Today, not one person in U.S. is being treated for Ebola. #panicpeddling
Lync vNext will be Skype for Business, whereas current Lync is Skype for shit...
RT @maryjofoley: Microsoft rebrands Lync as 'Skype for Business'; readies new 2015 releases:
RT @scottgal: Full stack / JS developer avaiable for remote work immediately! Anything considered!
RT @scottgal: BIGGEST sign if there's ANY payment issues with a startup RUN don't walk away!
Growing up Gotti 20 Years Later. Can I just delete the A&E channel? #fb
#scorpion "they're using ASCII". I wonder what else is on?
Captcha, in case you thought it did something more than annoy you: #fb
The character after Scott Hansleman here: kinda looks more like @csharpfritz
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