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RT @clemensv: If you transmit sensor data unprotected (i.e. not at least digitally signed), you must never trust it and neither any derivatives of it #iot
RT @kendallmiller: In the history of Visual Studio, has anyone seen this and thought "yeah, that sounds like a good idea!"
Shifters on my Shimano STX came off my bike; now I'm going to have to figure out how to fix them :( #fb
RT @mjeaton: @peterritchie @darrel_miller @sethjuarez @bradwilson there is no debate. Git is better. ;-)
Blogged: Long Paths and .NET
.@beefarino @mjeaton Just putting finishing touches on a kickstarter to make lasagna...
.@Tinytoot @PeterHenry9999 Wasn't planning on changing ;)
WAT? Extract Interface in VS creates an interface with different accessibility than the class? Vote here:
.@RachelAppel @rachelreese @RachelHawley I assume that means @rroumeliotis too :)
RT @shanselman: This phone makes ZERO sense me. Tilt when I can touch or swipe? O_O RT @calinative: Amazon Fire Phone Review
RT @shanselman: This phone makes ZERO sense me. Tilt when I can touch or swipe? O_O RT @calinative: Amazon Fire Phone Review
RT @aJimHolmes: I don't know why I let myself be continually amazed at organizations' unwillingness to properly fund testing activities, tools, and testers.
RT @getwired: OH: "The cloud is the new Enterprise edition."
RT @jbogard: you think it's bad, you know it's going to be bad, but then you see reality, and it's worse
I think the @chrome browser is just a host for chrome OS, it thinks it owns the whole system.
.@aJimHolmes @brendoneus @jhartikainen @joshin4colours That's how I've come to those opinions :)
RT @joshin4colours: @aJimHolmes @brendoneus @jhartikainen @peterritchie Agreed. DRY is often good, but some repetition is helpful with test code IME
Really @virtualbox, restarting a VM I get a guru error about not enough memory starting up again?
RT @richcampbell: On DotNetRocks today, Carl and I chat with @atleyhunter about monetizing your mobile apps! Listen at
Anyone opinions on good open DNS servers?
Problems with BELL DNS servers today. I really need to find the time to kick Bell to the curb.
Grr, Microsoft.Alm.Shared.Remoting.RemoteContainer.dll taking all my CPU :|
Like "Code Smell", I'm coining "Code Cooties": that Heebie-jeebies feeling you get working with certain code. #fb
Microsoft Open Tech Brings Support For More Open-Source Projects To Azure -
RT @jameslyne: This is probably my favourite slide of last year. You?
.@migueldeicaza @Pilchie I use bookmarks to persist an open tabs because browsers are so lousy at "open last session" or "open last closed".
.@mulka because I try to press the button and miss the link a noticeable % of the time.
I hate things that look like buttons on the web but are really just borders around a link :\
I wish I had a dollar for every one-sheet spreadsheet with a less than 5 rows hanging around on my hard drive.
You know your test coverage is pretty good when it has a higher % coverage than the actual tests.
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