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Hmmm, my expectation of the food at @dogfoodcon might be low...
recursive dir on directory m on root: " dir \m/r " #rockandroll #fb
Wow, Joan Rivers, gone.
Hmm, tests that *were* running before are now crashing Visual Studio. How is it possible unit tests can crash visual studio? O_O
RT @gregyoung: for those who missed it last night MightyMoose was just open sourced under the GPL license and pushed to github
Is it me, or did the @CSIS comment exactly validate @amnesty 's comment? :\
"X can't comment on Y commenting on Z about being better at human rights because X doesn't do it better than the Y."
RT @CSIS: Our sincerest apologies to @Amnesty & our followers. Our last tweet was sent in error. We're reviewing internal policies for social media.
oh oh, @maryjofoley and @thurrott challenged to ALS Challenge by @RicksterCDN and @simonster
.@scottgal I wouldn't know anything about dealing with baldness ;)
.@mletterle @jennschiffer @kodeswitching Actually, that's Bob Marley that did that ;)
There's a saying "bringing a knife to a gunfight". But then there's "bringing a humvee to a demonstration"... :\
RT @andrewbrust: As Azure Summits Competitive Mountain, Will .NET Devs Take a Longer Look? My latest Redmond Review:
RT @carlfranklin: After 21 days my #kickstarter project, Music to Code By, is at $6535! 9 days to hit $7500
I wonder if the German government switching "back" to Windows means Windows XP, or Windows 8.1?
USB cables go into your computer with the same orientation every time. If you're often aggravated plugging in, maybe don't blame USB :)
RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver on the militarization of our local law enforcement...
RT @wilw: If this is how the police in #Ferguson behave when they know the world is watching, what do they do the rest of the time?
If you have a Android phone, log into this site to see where Google is tracking you #fb
Woot, winnings notification from MICROSOFT CORPORATIONS. :/
Is a government out of control that acts tyrannically in every way except the despot be considered "tyrannical"? Hmmm
RT @garyshort: Well thank goodness we and the Americans went to war in Iraq otherwise Islamic fundamentalists would be really powerful now, oh wait...
Hey, @foursquare, if you have a Windows phone app, don't ask me to install it when I go to peoples Swarm checkins when it's installed
if you don't eat your pudding how can you have any meat! #fb
$50 off $100 at Hmm, maybe I need some new "going south" shoes...
When bullies grow up, their only career choice is military/law enforcement.
Literally, my biggest gripe with Windows is the lack of complete support for long paths :( It's 2014!
.@gcaughey @dotMorten @DerikWhittaker I can't find much about 80073cf6, other than one app dev updated his app which fixed it.
New swarm app on WP circumvents swiping on Word Flow keyboard. Not very useful.
extension methods and LINQ are great, until you have to make a .NET 2.0 version of your assembly :\
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