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RT @torvos: @archiecoder LOL you too? So it’s not just me :)
"During the last El Niño in 2010, winter was effectively canceled across Canada"
Price of gas in Manhattan: ~$1.15/l average for NYC: ~$1.01. Local price: $1.37. O_O
RT @hammett: embedding software like adobe does with mcaffe should be unlawful.
I think I may be allergic to this code--it's giving me a splitting headache.
Wow, it's like 2007 again... "TDD", "pragmatic",... it's freaking me out.
RT @dbelcham: 20C yesterday. Possibility of snow tonight. Mother Nature is going through menopause #yegwx
RT @UberFacts: Tobacco kills about six million people each year -- Almost one casualty every eight seconds.
Rehashing of TDD purity--I thought we were done with that? o_O
Bad hair day. Thanks OBAMA!
RT @ShawnWildermuth: Hey web developers...asking me to confirm the email means i am going to copy/paste it. It doesn't make it more accurate
.@craigber RabbitMQ or Azure
.@jeremydmiller You've seen HipChat reconnect after disconnection?
.@FransBouma Let's hope the true will finally come out on all sides.
.@FransBouma There's something about "Jane Doe" that adds less credence to the account :(
.@jaredpar If it was just science, we'd never create anything new. If it were just art, nothing would word very well ;)
.@MrKevHunter Either you approach it scientifically or you don't. I'm sure you could have many terms for non-scientific; do they matter?
.@jbogard @jeremydmiller @ICooper NH could not have gotten "better" without more tooling--no one was interested making that tooling.
If you don't view programming as a science then you view it as a faith. I'm scared for your code.
.@kellabyte That's because the Sun revolves around the Earth...
RT @tedneward: “@digitalBush: This is your periodic reminder: using the database as the point of integration is a path to pain and heartache.” // +1000
"If a service asks you to change your password, do so." Yeah, cuz admin pwd couldn't be compromised via heartbleed
RT @coridrew: Twitter is making me sad today. Going to go to code now, where gender, race & age don't matter #HappyPlace
.@jessitron @TimBarcz @nrrrdcore Women have my endorsement already for equality in the tech community... :)
RT @TimBarcz: Women out there - is the news from GitHub today a step towards gender progress or no? @nrrrdcore
"...Connection terminated by Peer." Is that really something one peer would do to another? :(
Multiple complaints about gender-based harassment, internal investigation found "no gender-based harassment". #disappointed.
"It's a fucking startup". Good luck getting good people when you want to get past that...
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