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"Everybody is so obsessed with mobile...It's time to stop that." Umm that means mobile *isn't* dead O_o
Anyone else notice you can now swipe right and left to go back and forward on #wp8.1 IE?
RT @getpost: .@neiltyson on "chicks in science" and race HT @BhasChat
RT @getpost: .@neiltyson on "chicks in science" and race HT @BhasChat
#askie why does a 404 result in a "Fix connection problems" button in Metro IE? What could be fixed about 404?
I don't know what "facce" means, but it comes up with some interesting images in Bing o_O
Okay, seriously. Drift Mania trying to autoinstall on my phone for the 3rd time after two aborts of *never* installing it. Who to talk to?
"My camera is hung" is not as impressive as you might think.
.@jbogard That's like putting instant coffee in the microwave, not surprised there's failing test ;) Condolences on making the attempt.
Not having much luck with "JPEG (5 MP) + DNG (34 MP)" on #wp81 and Nokia 1020... hung the camera several times
Familiarizing myself with a wonderful thing called "Appassimento"
Blogged: Heartbleed: Caveat Emptor
.@rbazinet They happened to be the latest email and the trend was worrying me...
,@leanpub @aJimHolmes We certainly don't want to change password before we know it's safe; so good on you for that.
Hey @leanpub, with your recent email about changing passwords, how do we know you've patched heartbleed on your end?
RT @cortanaquotes: Are you better than Siri?
I guess there's some level of recognition from code that appears 15 mins after yours on SO that is almost identical...
Still think "Best Practice" is a thing? Learn about why it might not be with and get 50% off ebook with code BIGW50
Hmm, why is "Windows Phone 8" and "Windows Phone 8.1" listed under Platforms for ServicePointManager? o_O
There's nothing like a dozens of replies to a message with an 800k attachment to mess up your quota...
Hey, websites, before you tell me to change my password, tell me you've patched your site first. Changing passwords is pointless until then!
Now that's hoppy! - Drinking a Rhyme & Reason by @CollectiveBrew -
Lol, just saw Steven Yeun on an old episode of big bang theory.
Blogged: SSL is not the basis of mission critical security
Really, only 99 votes to support multiple .net languages in one Visual Studio project?
Bing Vision (QR scan) faster with #wp81 and QR for Cortana app:
I wonder if CBSA would confiscate this at the border:
"I see you've purchased Tassimo discs, I think you'd be interested in a 1kg of ground coffee" umm, no, not if I have a Tassimo, I don't :\
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