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RT @MeredithGould: Must read again & again poem by @pfanderson: Black and White
Nut-free lunch? Parents speak out
Paved With Good Intentions: Mao Tse-Tung’s “Four Pests” Disaster #publichealth
Fascinating piece about a methylation map of early humans explains Neanderthal appearance |
A Bearded Woman Presents a Hormonal Head-Scratcher
Yes, really. > Eco-Friendly Diapers Made From Jellyfish
"I am still at their mercy if they do not ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers." #hcsm #meded
RT @PracticalWisdom: 30 Simple Tools For Data Visualization Gavin McLeod …@pfanderson have you used any of these before. Recommendations?
RT @joyclee: love this! Your Neighborday Toolkit Is Here @HealthDzineByUs cc @pfanderson #healthdesign
Bob Dylan: I Dreamed I saw St Augustine
RT @ElaineMartin2: So pleased that we have received a second informationist award. Congrats @mandosally @UMMSLibrary #medlibs
RT @TonyNguyen411: Thanks everyone for joining in tonight's #medlibs chat. Transcript is saved: and will be on the blog soon.
RT @robveronese: DNA test with counseling by a medical doctor. Great job @gentlelabs!
RT @CitizenCohn: This @sarahkliff piece nails it -- people signed up for Obamacare because being uninsured is horrible
RT @bethbeck: Kepler-186f, my SPACE-cation choice. 1st Earth-size planet in "habitable zone." Artist image
RT @wroush: The UBR-1 robot from @unboundedrobotx is now available for purchase; ships in August. Congrats to Melonee Wise & team
“@ThoughtCatalog: 20 Incredible Gabriel García Márquez Quotes That Will Leave You In Tears”
RT @mrlibrarydude: BBC News - Obituary: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
RT @brainpicker: Leonard Cohen on what a saint is – so beautiful, so true
RT @Mediabistro: ‘To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter’ Poem Goes Viral (via @GalleyCat)
RT @sciencemagazine: Looking back 150 yrs, species turnover is above expected but there's little evidence of systematic #biodiversity loss
RT @gfriese: Additional FAQs for Pre-hospital Pediatric Resuscitation Webinar via @CentreLearn
Two Big Steps Toward the Quantum Computer
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