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Duruflé Ubi Caritas sung at the Vatican #music #choral #church
"the stamen hairs of the spiderwort are highly sensitive to nuclear radiation, mutating from blue to pink!"
RT @PracticalWisdom: Talk about how libraries have changed their lives.@pfanderson Love this @CatchTheBaby @JoeBabaian
Belated, for #medlibs - my favorite quote about what are the most important leadership traits #hcldr
RT @gemmas1980: “the understanding of what makes a good leader starts with searching for truth in works of fiction":
RT @krafty: #medlibs Leadership, Management or Dictatorship?
RT @KR_Barker: #medlibs I'm a huge believer in servant leadership, which some unfortunate souls have taken to mean "doormat". Um, no, not the same.
RT @deanhendrix: One last time. RT @deanhendrix: Unofficial #mlanet14 event list: #medlibs Elsevier/CK, Ovid, McGraw, JAMA, Armadillo
RT @giustini: Exploring New Roles for Librarians: The Research Informationist / Lisa Federer #medlibs
RT @CarolinaFan1982: Colin Powell -The Essence of Leadership - Thought this may be of interest considering the #medlibs topic tonight
RT @eagledawg: Good evening #medlibs! Who's joining in for leadership & mgmt chat tonight?
"Helsinki’s Trashlab offers a repair event ea month in collab w/ city #library " | #makers
E-Cigarette Liquid Nicotine: Toxic, Unregulated and Overhyped #ecig
Google+ Chief Vic Gundotra Is Leaving the Company #google
RT @drsteventucker: WBC somatic mutations + telomeres findings in #Supercentenarian reveal ageing clues #genomics #indivmed @erictopol
RT @EricTopol: Who benefits from taking aspirin to prevent colon #cancer? And how? Some new insights #indivmed
RT @CGALLEGO: RT @EricTopol: What consumers want for their medical care @PwC_LLP new report and survey--well done! #indivmed
RT @willfalk: CDN Press: People with chronic conditions want to use e-tools to manage their care: study #cdom #indivmed
RT @EricTopol: Bionics To Track Your Health nice roundup by @leHotz Big #mHealth are ahead #indivmed #CDoM
RT @epilkington: @MC10 Stretchable Electronic Patch Senses Tremors and Delivers Drugs #mHealth #DigitalHealth #QuantifiedSelf #CDoM
RT @mocost: Where will a biology PhD take you? Probably not academia: <8% of new PhDs will get tenure. via @jameswilsdon
RT @MeredithGould: Larning #ASL just might improve communication: 9 Apps and Resources to Learn American Sign Language #mccsm #MedX
RT @medskep: The Limited Potential of Personalized Medicine (or why genomics is difficult): File under "reality is messy"
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