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RT @joyclee: .@pfanderson @C3NProject @activelearning @healthbyus yes with even more; update coming soon!
RT @KKDUB: Dear Garlic: I didn’t know you could look so good. RT @pfanderson: Garlic blossom petals
RT @subatomicdoc: Attitudes Toward Blinding of Peer Review and Efficacy Within Radiation Oncology #radonc #meded #OA cc @pfanderson
Garlic blossom petals
Nutritional values signalled with traffic light code #diet #nutrition #hcsm #healthlit
Love this Flickr blogpost about underwater photography
Influenza Viruses and mRNA Splicing: Doing More with Less |
RT @cskendrick: @pfanderson @KenRoth I did sketch on Johns Hopkins est of Iraq War fatalities back in 2006 using war history data
Do I really want a systematic review? An Overview I Want To Do a Systematic Review #medlibs
RT @cskendrick: @KenRoth @pfanderson The ratio of civilian to combatant fatalities in war has been on steady increase since c.1800. Nor is trend slowing.
RT @rivenhomewood: @pfanderson @IanJohnPereira @CBC To me, a red light says "Stop. Don't go until you see green." Not "Think about whether you should do this."
RT @rivenhomewood: @pfanderson @IanJohnPereira @CBC Reducing complex information to a simple graphic is really hard to do well. People have different needs.
RT @Libroantiguo: "Beachfront Libraries Are Pretty Much The Best Idea Ever"
RT @digiphile: This map of DC from @usedgov has Braille location names. How will digital maps be accessible?
RT @KenRoth: This Washington Post graphic helps us visualize the death toll of the current #Gaza fighting.
RT @FastCoCreate: How much water do you actually consume? It's more than you think. Full Infographic here:
RT @ECONdailycharts: #Dailychart: Parts from some endangered species are worth more than gold [animated chart]
RT @kady: cc: @cuteoverload @StuMillsCBC This fox was found sleeping on the seat of an OC Transpo bus in Ottawa this morning.
Parachute use 2 prevent death & trauma related 2 gravitational challenge: systematic review of RCTs #ebm #humor #hcsm
An Artist Built a Working Microscope Using Only Legos #makehealth @MakeHealthUM @joyclee
RT @subatomicdoc: Army researchers develop pint-sized spy drone via @ScienceBlogTwit cc @DavidBrin @pfanderson
Excellent report on the #Poems in the Waiting Room project @amjutel @JoeBabaian @TomVargheseJr
Breakfast salad: pea shoots in dressing of black currant with cherry ginger sauce, vinegar, EVOO.
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