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Storm approaching from the northwest (@ Blake Transit Center - AATA in Ann Arbor, MI)
Just reported a strangely behaving squirrel ambling thru hospital parking ramp
FDA Targets Companies for Facebook 'Likes.' Is Twitter Next? #medlibs #fdasm
RT @mehlibrarian: #medlibs RT @SkepticsGuide: Translational Findings: How fruit fly research has already contributed to human health
RT @nealulrich: The latest iteration for my children's #hospital #architecture project #redesignHealthcare This is how I #makehealth
Thanks to everyone who showed up, especially @healthblawg who is especially expert in this area! #medlibs #fdasm
RT @healthblawg: @pfanderson I think that a website that explains that concept could be set up (like CC) & then folks could ref link #fdasm #medlibs
RT @mehlibrarian: @pfanderson @healthblawg @fdasm IMHO already exists and would apply #medlibs
RT @ElinSilveous: The word on YOYOW via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia #HCSM #FDAsm #Medlibs
RT @healthblawg: @pfanderson Individuals shouldn't be "practicing nedicine" on SoMe - rec off-abel use of Rx or otherwise. "Discussions" OK tho #medlibs
RT @eagledawg: Thanks @pfanderson for leading special #FDAsm #medlibs chat! Transcript continues til 3:15 Eastern @
RT @healthblawg: The "correcting misinformation" guidance should be seen as an opportunity by #pharma #medlibs
RT @healthblawg: @pfanderson I think a lot may be done to dispel concerns abt perceived impact. Actual coverage (in terms of who's covered) is clear #medlibs
RT @healthblawg: Key takeaway re #fdasm for me is pharma shouldn't bother trying to get social in a branded way, but should try to correct misinfo #medlibs
RT @healthblawg: Sorry to join #medlibs #fdasm chat way late. My stab at plain English take on the draft guidance:
RT @mehlibrarian: @pfanderson Advise people to check with a medical librarian. #medlibs
My closing thoughts: Think about how to shift #FDAsm to encourage support for public, patients, professionals. Consider commenting #medlibs
Winding down to the final minutes of the #medlibs hosted chat on #FDAsm Any closing thoughts?
Interesting issue brought up by @krafty earlier today #hcsm shd be inclusion. Will #FDAsm exclude? #medlibs
RT @ElinSilveous: Here's a #TBT for folks: (1996) FDA and the Internet: Advertising & Promotion of Medical Products #medlibs #FDAsm
RT @mehlibrarian: Has somebody mentioned this blog on engaging #medlibs
RT @nursefriendly: @pfanderson @ElinSilveous @TonyNguyen411 There is no way for them to track it, verify it as fast as dummy accounts can be set up. #medlibs
I know CDC is doing a lot with Twitter chats like #CDCchat And all of Symplur. Lots of education to be done around this. Role for #medlibs?
RT @nursefriendly: @ElinSilveous @pfanderson @TonyNguyen411 If someone's profile says they are a #doctor,#nurse, can you trust them to be real? #Medlibs #FDAsm
Here is a link to the FDA Warning Letter that mentioned FB likes #medlibs
RT @TonyNguyen411: Regulating in general will hinder innovation, but I can see the need to reel in "bad" messages too. #medlibs
RT @mehlibrarian: #medlibs @LeeAase: We trust physicians with sharp instruments and narcotics;with proper training, they can handle Facebook and Twitter too.
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