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Kiran Patchigolla

Kiran Patchigolla

Senior Development Manager @ Oracle, Developing Enterprise IT Apps
RT @evankirstel: “@bryanrbeal: "That Time Cleveland Released 1.5 Million Balloons and Chaos Ensued"”
RT @nbariver: ESPN caused shot clock malfunction in Raptors-Nets
RT @newsycombinator: Postman: a powerful HTTP client (for Chrome) to test web services
RT @DanielEran: Samsung email targeted Steve Jobs' death as "our best opportunity to attack iPhone" $AAPL
RT @francoisz: Truth Facts: A good dataviz can open your eyes
RT @adamnash: The Heartbleed / OpenSSL vulnerability, explained in a cartoon.
RT @johnmaeda: "A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves." —Lao Tzu
RT @davewiner: Annotator is an open-source JavaScript library to easily add annotation functionality to any web page
RT @silvexis: “@siavash: Reading other people's code! #True #Programming” < this happens to me when I read my own code
RT @cdixon: The decline of the mobile web
RT @loggly: What @Loggly learned about scaling with #ApacheStorm and why we pulled it from production
RT @rsarver: Rented my first @Getaround Instant today & had a great experience. Everything is done with the app now. No having to grab keys from owners.
RT @surajsingh_97: A simple retweet could get him home 😞😞
RT @scott4arrows: Dentist "Do you floss regularly?" Me "Do you back up your computer data regularly?"
RT @wennmachers: Fantastic bitcoin 101 from @freakonomics Why Everybody Who Doesn’t Hate Bitcoin Loves It on @swellapp, @pmarca
RT @joelgascoigne: "Ways to bootstrap a startup: on the side" —
RT @levie: Too little process and you can't get good work done. Too much process and you can't get any work done. Most companies never find the middle.
RT @danny_thorpe: "Bitcoin is too complex for mass market. Need an abstraction so it can be used by people who don't care how it works" @chamath #coinsummit
RT @rolandal: Cool dad! Goes into garage and re-invents ball so his kids can play 5 sports. Last days of @aryaball on @kickstarter
RT @DanielleMorrill: Excited to share our work with @roybahat and the Bloomberg Beta team - @Mattermark's first paying customer!
RT @polemitis: .@mdudas lawyers have told me number 1 merchant question is: "Is Bitcoin legal?" - IRS tax guidance of any type clears that right up. :)
RT @Kena_BRIKA: There is so much focus on being productive with our time. What about being productive with our thoughts? #iwonder
RT @schwentker: 242 #Bitcoin @angellist Startups 29 exchanges; 17: wallets & platforms; 4: identity mining gaming & atm; 2 security.
RT @Ellen_Friedman: Super news Mahout: new support for in-memory computation via projects like Spark & h20 Hear more meetup Apr 17 RSVP
RT @briankrebs: Why do the huge breach stories always come to me on Fridays?? Stay tuned. This one is a biggie.
RT @markgongloff: Terrible advice is still out there so here's a flowchart to help your financial planning
RT @caretpi: I love how lean startup conferences always seem to cost upwards of a thousand bucks to attend.
RT @antonarhipov: Very legit question! “@java: A legit question! #eclipsecon”
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