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Kiran Patchigolla

Kiran Patchigolla

Senior Development Manager @ Oracle, Developing Enterprise IT Apps
RT @jamesjyu: Secret should have ads that aren't allowed to reveal what the brand is.
this $AAPL $IBM enterprise push has apple to 100 written all over it
RT @ron_miller: TechCrunch is basically a cheerleader. We need to step back from role as cheerleader and have a more critical eye. @alexia #techmedia
RT @YahooSports: #MLB strikes out with no Tony Gwynn tributes or mentions in the #ASG, writes @Kevinkaduk:
yeah i do feel relateIQ sold itself too soon.
RT @html5test: The Android Browser - if somebody tells you they tested their site on Android, laugh evilly and show them this link
RT @dr_morton: Have you done any "BASE Jumping" lately? ;-)
RT @surgethings: Very happy that Jolata ( is a finalist in the Nokia Open Innovation Challenge (
RT @rygorous: PROTIP: Turn data into big data by encoding it as XML.
RT @jordannovet: Databricks adds on $33M and rolls out a Spark cloud service for analyzing data via @jordannovet
Takeaway from the spark summit keynote. @databricks is onto something big with its cloud offering+ highly interactive workspace/dashboards.
RT @WaffleHouse: We don't believe in Belgium waffles
RT @marshallk: The good thing about @twitter: you follow, it delivers. No killing organic reach for $ from brands, no fiddling with your emotions by stream
RT @stewartbryson: The #Aereo decision really has me bummed. The #SupremeCourt is either uninterested by #truth or too stupid to understand it.
I did not expect Aereo to win in the court but it still little sad. That said, I hope @aereo considers open sourcing their tech.
RT @gsharma: You need a dashboard...
RT @christinelu: Damn. The Russians beat us to pizza delivery by drones. Come on America! You had one job.🍕
RT @beccarosen: This is crucial life advice MT @qz: Don’t put your tomatoes in the refrigerator
RT @parislemon: "Lincecum and Koufax: the only 2 with multiple no-hitters, multiple Cy Young Awards and multiple World Series rings."
RT @rstephens: I want to see @Aereo open source it all. Let maker communities offer these boxes so we can all just install on at home & cut the cord.
These Nest @IFTTT recipes are awesome...
RT @gsharma: #iOS8 per email notification.
RT @zack: Containers running on Bare-metal IaaS will Destroy the EC2 Virtualization Model of Cloud Computing
RT @timburks: Point of reference: "building HTML5 apps instead of native... is a blind alley aimed at solving your problems, not users'" @BenedictEvans
Robinhood is a commission-free stock brokerage. Waiting for this via @robinhoodapp
RT @dangillmor: At what point does Google come out and admit it's in the surveillance business? Data, hi-res satellite imaging, home video monitors, etc.
RT @TechCrunch: Google and Nest Acquire Dropcam For $555 Million by @grg
RT @nickbilton: Investors value Uber at $17 billion. @FiveThirtyEight does the math and says $5.9 billion:
Our company website is live , take a look
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