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Kiran Patchigolla

Kiran Patchigolla

Senior Development Manager @ Oracle, Developing Enterprise IT Apps
RT @hnshah: The difference between experience and knowledge in one image:
RT @johnmaeda: "Once we simplify, then we can amplify." via a friend
RT @joelgascoigne: "How to Get Your Coworkers to Care About User Research"
RT @bokardo: Some people say they talk to customers, but they don't really listen. They just look for confirmation.
RT @rands: Management is not a reward.
RT @ValaAfshar: You are not a team because you work together. You are a team because you trust, respect and care for each other.
RT @alliperson: Chess: an all-powerful queen must protect a weak, defenseless king. THE FEMINIST CONSPIRACY TO RUIN GAMES GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP
RT @jdg: Everyone wants something or someone to believe in. Remember to believe in yourself, too. That's the hard part.
RT @miles_kehoe: "Managers want meetings, and makers want time to think," says @DHinchcliffe at #KMWorld.%0A
RT @joelgascoigne: "Before you launch a product you design for the behavior you expect. After you launch you design for the behavior you get." - @destraynor
RT @StartupLJackson: The definition of ego is hiring two people to do your job, when you did it while spending half your time running a boat race.
Los Gatos Apple Store has 50 people in line. Carzy to see lines when pre-orders are coming in time tomorrow...
I have been on Twitter 6 years now it seems. #Twitterversary
RT @Werner: Congrats @larryellison on your promotion into the CTO role. We all know it is much harder than running a business...
So Larry steps down as CEO, Safra takes over finance, Larry becomes CTO,Hurd takes over rest. Essentially nothing has changed...
Wow Capt. Johnson just said that if you don't carry 50K video camera, they do not think you are media. #Ferguson
These are the same people that tirelessly fought for Obama and they are being ignored.
RT @Awkward_Duck: Let me repeat, THEY ARE GASSING NEIGHBORHOODS not crowds of protestors.There was only a few of us walking. there is no curfew, so why?
Terribly disappointed in how Obama is handling the #Ferguson crisis. Even in the AM address today he referred to this crisis as one of many
RT @cmclymer: 90 year-old Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein was arrested in #Ferguson for speaking out against police brutality.
RT @shaig: .@BarackObama , you there? #Ferguson
RT @chrisyeh: Silicon Valley makes money, but money doesn't make Silicon Valley. At its heart is the desire to bring something new into the world.
RT @sidtalwar: “@YourStoryCo: 7 ordinary Indians who will make you proud |” Wow! Nothing ordinary about them
RT @mattyglesias: It looks like a witness live-tweeted the cop shooting Michael Brown: #Ferguson
RT @sama: i'm confident the future will be energy from atomic reactions (solar and derivative like wind + fission/fusion) and not chemical reactions
RT @The_Doctrinaire: Five days of animosity put to rest, and all it took was a little compassion and understanding. #Ferguson #DontShoot
RT @xeni: Obama's words just now on #Ferguson were the presidential equivalent of a vacation email autoresponse.
RT @sbfeldman: Waiting for Obama to speak feels like a metaphor... #ferguson
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