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Day 28, Velcro snaps - little girl shoes :), Day 29, more wedges, Day 30, my new ones - yes I cheated and bought some but I waited til almost the end of this to wear them!! :-D And I didn't "have" to. I still have a lot more shoes I could have worn. Last day tomorrow!
2013-05-29 18.48.47.jpg
2013-05-29 18.45.47.jpg
2013-05-30 09.14.26.jpg
Your feet are made for sandals! #jealous - Jenny H. from Android
Aw - thanks Kelli. :) I think they are too small - they are swimming in the white ones I have on today. :( - Paulette
Day 25, 26, and 27
LOOOOOOOVE 27! - Melly
Thanks!! - Paulette
Different Shoes Every Day in May - Day 19 Brown Sandals, Day 20 Gold Coin Sandals, Day 21 Brown/Tan Wedges
2013-05-19 11.04.36.jpg
2013-05-20 07.12.27-2.jpg
2013-05-21 08.04.34.jpg
Thanks for the likes. :) - Paulette
LB needs a hero!
Can you ever run out of tears? I seem to keep making more. :(
Ah, love. Sending you good thoughts and hugs. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
big hugs, LB. so sorry. - t-ra needs this place
Oh, honey... :( *hugs* - Lisa L. Seifert
{{{LB}}} - Anne Bouey
Oh Sweetheart. *so many hugs* - vicster.
Let them come, they'll dry up when they're meant to xxx - Melly
Oh LB, huge hugs!!!!! <3 - Carmen
Oh man, I really know how you feel LB! I thought I would never stop crying when Buddy died. I thought, how can I function like this! It's been months and it's still hard to talk about. Hang in there, Time does make it a little more bearable. - Paulette
Decided to do another photo challenge on Instagram since I had so much fun with NoPantsNovember! Here's Day 1, 2,&3 Different Shoes Everyday in May - Forgot I even had these shoes! Will probably regret not being able to wear the same pair later in the month. :)
and these. - Paulette
Days 4,5, & 6 of Different Shoes Every Day in May. :) follow on Instagram #differentshoeseverydayinMay at pgm35
That's 31 one pairs of shoes! Do you repeat shoes, or are you really wearing different shoes? The ones from the 4th won't show up on the 21st or something, right? - Anika
31 pairs. No repeats. I have that many! - Paulette
Wow! I don't even think all 4 of us combined have that many shoes. That's pretty neat you can do that. - Anika from Android
I will probably end up donating some to Goodwill or give to my mom or sister. Some I forgot I had and some I never even wear. :( Too many shoes! - Paulette
you don't like my patent leather black sandals with wedge heels??? - Paulette
@anika I am keeping the 'used' pairs in a row lined up on my closet floor so I won't inadvertently try and wear a pair twice. :-D - Paulette from iPhone
and these. - Paulette
Days 7, 8, & 9 of Different Shoes Every Day in May. #differentshoeseverydayinMay at pgm35 on Instagram
and these too. - Paulette
Friday 5/10 - Casual Friday - High Top Chuck Taylor Converse WannaBes. Sat 5/11 - Sandals - Pewter, Gold, Silver. Sun 5/12 - Cherrywood Red Cowboy Boots / warm day but it was cooler in Dallas in the morning. #DifferentShoesEveryDayinMay
To move them back up - Paulette
Shannon - GlassMistress
Who has $20? Who wants a bead? It can be anything you want (tree bead, sea bead, animal bead) and I'll give your $20 to Monique to help with her medical expenses (actually you will, I'll give you her Pay Pal addy). I'll even pay your shipping (in the US - we can talk about overseas). Who wants to play?
Bumping for the lunch crowd. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I'm in. Can you do a runner? - MoTO Boychick Devil from Android
I can try ... but I can def do running shoes. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Oh wow. This is really nice of you, Shannon. Thank you. - Monique the crochet freak from Android
My budget is kinda borked but this I can do! You are very welcome Monique. Feel free to point folks this way or to my FB page (I have the info listed there too) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Whatever works, Shannon. Also, a sunflower for Wife? - MoTO Boychick Devil
Now a sunflower I can do :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Bumpity bump bump - Shannon - GlassMistress
I can do it :-) I'm making a list for the weekend glas to-do and I'll share what i come up with early next week. THANKS! - Shannon - GlassMistress
Can I have a cat/kitten/feline related one, that or tiger? - Steve C, Team Marina
Can do SteVe! Do you have a specific color in mind? - Shannon - GlassMistress
How about a Wine Bottle? - Paulette
Ohh colors if you can do one Black and White kitty related and one Brown/Tan/Calico and White that would be ideal. - Steve C, Team Marina
The bottle shape would be easy, I can do grapes for the label, but not letters. - Shannon - GlassMistress
SteVe, no problem. If you want to send a pic I can try to put a few of the markings in the right places :-) - Shannon - GlassMistress
Sounds great Shannon! - Paulette
Bumping for the dinner crew ... Can you lend a hand? - Shannon - GlassMistress
How about one of this critter? (any pose type would be awesome - I just thought I'd offer options) - Katy S
I can Katy, but probably with the mouth closed ... Which I take may not be a normal state,lol - Shannon - GlassMistress
Mouth closed is great! She talks a lot, so she has her mouth open a lot. :) - Katy S
My MixNMatchMarch challenge photos. Day 1 - Mixing a brown denim jacket, with Cowboy boots and a Summery dress. Day 2 - My 3 year old Birthday shoes, with my Brand new Short in front, Long in back flowy dress. Day 3 - Summery Capri jeans with a Red Sweater and boots, Day 4 - My Green Jeans with a Black T (supposed to be a Mustard long sleeved T)
2013-03-01 08.16.30.jpg
2013-03-02 19.22.09.jpg
2013-03-03 17.11.29.jpg
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still my favs. :) - Paulette
Thank you! - Paulette from iPhone
Katy S
Yay or Nay? (my niece and I are having a disagreement)
naaaaaaaaaaaaay. my eyes hurt. - RepoRat
Yay. Love it. - Mary Carmen
Not for me but yay for spring to wear to church with a plain dress - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Nay - Hedgehog
Nay. - Julian
yay but not my personal style. - holly #ravingfangirl
So very nay. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
nay. - Lnorigb
Interesting, like holly, they aren't my thing, but I thought they'd be a yay for many people. The 16 year old thought nay, but mostly because they "look like they're for old people." - Katy S
Nay - Tamara J. B.
Yay. But a context-dependent Yay. - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Yay - Shevonne from Android
Yay - with white top / black leggings colorful belt or white dress / plain solid color dress. capris or jeans - Paulette
Are they NineWest? I think I just found them. Pretty reasonable too. - Paulette
Paulette - I think they were. - Katy S
not for me, but you could pull them off! I dont like pointy shoes - Marissa
April Russo (FForever!)
You know one of the things I hate about Apple? How they think it's ok to insert ads into the emails you send from their mobile devices. And the ads really suck, too. "Sent from my iPad"? Is that supposed to make me jealous enough to run out and get myself one, too? Fat chance! Not so all my emails can become ads for Apple products!
And if Apple gives you a way to turn that off, please do, unless it was part of your agreement with Apple to get a free device. - April Russo (FForever!)
I thought you could edit that in your email settings under signature? - Mary Carmen
Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature > Clear. That should work. I agree, it's obnoxious. - Victor Ganata
I don't own any Apple devices, but I have to see this crap when opening emails from people that do. - April Russo (FForever!)
It also excuses or explains typos. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
And brevity, since some people take short answers as rude or hostile - MiniMage
Sent from my bittybox. - Big Joe Silenced
Sent from Ed the Slow Ass Jr. - April Russo (FForever!)
I don't think many folks realize they can change that signature line. I'm not a fan either, but it certainly explains typos and seemingly curt responses. - Corinne L
I get that with "Sent from Verizon Droid" as well. It's customizable, but comes that way out of the box. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
I like it on there to show that I'm working from home on my personal device on my personal time. :-D - Paulette
Paulette, changing it to "working from home on my personal device on my personal time" would serve the same purpose, without becoming a free ad for some company's products. ;-) - April Russo (FForever!)
Mine is ... "Please excuse misspellings and short message. Typed on small keyboard with big fingers" - Me
Pretty much every device maker does this with their embedded mail program. It's not just Apple. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Good point, I'll change it! ;-) - Paulette
Heather Piwowar
My dad died yesterday. He had terminal cancer, but his death was sudden: he had a major stroke on Saturday. I'm my father's daughter in so many ways, and I will miss him terribly.
I'm so very sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you and your family - maʀtha
I'm sorry for your loss. - Marie
Can you take some time off work? - Joe
oh Heather, much love to you. do let us know if we can do anything - even if that is just bad knock-knock jokes to take your mind off things. - jambina
our condolences - Pete's Got To Go
thinking of you, here, too. take care. - Marianne
*hugs* I'm so sorry for your loss. - LB needs a hero! from Android
I'm very sorry. *hugs* - bentley
Condolences. And hugs - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I'm so sorry, Heather. - Katy S
I'm so sorry. As another father's daughter left without hers, my thoughts are with you. - Jenica from iPhone
I'm so sorry to hear this. I'll be thinking of you and your family. - Catherine Pellegrino
Love and light to you, Heather. - Derrick
*hugs* and thoughts with you heather - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm really sorry to hear that. Thinking of you and your family. - Stephen Francoeur
so sorry Heather - weelibrarian
Condolences! We'll be thinking of you. - Rebecca Hedreen
I'm so sorry for your loss. - Jenny H. from Android
I'm very sorry, Heather. - RepoRat
So sorry for your loss. Got the email auto-reply and was afraid that was what had happened. Best wishes for all your family. - Cameron Neylon
So very sorry to hear this. Many hugs to you. - Hedgehog
my deepest sympathies. that's a difficult loss. - t-ra needs this place
I'm so very sorry, Heather. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I'm sorry for your family's and the worlds loss. Take care of yourself and those around you as best as you can and let others help take care of you. - Steve C, Team Marina
So very sorry. Do take time for yourself. - Mary B: #TeamMonique from iPhone
very sorry to hear :( let us know if we can help with anything - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
I'm so sorry, Heather. I echo Jenica's thoughts from another fatherless daughter. I miss mine every day, and it's been almost 20 years. *hugs* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
My condolences, Heather. My thoughts are with you and your family. - Bill Hooker
I'm so sorry, Heather. He must have been so proud of you! Thinking of you and yours. - Meg VMeg
My condolences. It's an awful passage watching your parents die. - Heather
So sorry. Take your time with it. - Björn Brembs
I am so sorry. My thoughts are with you and yours. - Regular Amanda from Android
Very sorry for your loss! I am like you in that I am so much my father's daughter. I don't know how or what I'll do when mine passes which I know is inevitable. Take care. - Paulette
thanks so much for all of these kind thoughts. they mean more than you know. hugs to those who have been or are in a similar spot, and thank you for sharing that with me, it helps. We had a lovely service on Saturday... he would have cried the whole time :) Here's his obituary: Thanks again, everybody, for caring. - Heather Piwowar
that's a lovely obituary, Heather. Thank you for sharing it. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Sarah G.
Susan: "Is this a bowl of bacon fat?" Me: "Yeah. Mom left it. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with it."
My mom kept a jar of bacon fat for a while. I'm not sure what she was going to do with it, either. - bentley
Clearly none of you are southerners. It's for cooking. (and also because you can't pour it down the drain because letting it harden makes it easier to toss out. But my mother usually used an empty tin can for that) - ellbeecee
Also known as "seasoning." My mom used it for "wilted lettuce." Fancy people might call it spinach salad with hot bacon dressing. If I fry up potatoes, sometimes I'll throw a tablespoon of bacon fat in with the canola oil for flavor, or use a small bit of it for scrambled eggs. It's greasy GOLD, Sarah. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I remember scrambled eggs with a little bacon grease. I never kept it but made them right after the bacon after pouring most of it out. Wow - haven't had that or done that in YEARS! :) - Paulette
Yorkshire puddings made with bacon fat are scrummy! - Heleninstitches #teamff
my grandmother used to use it when cooking green beans... yum. - Christina Pikas
We used to rub it on potatoes before baking them. As well as throwing some in whenever seemed suitable. - laura x
Enriched bubble bath? - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I used it in this week's deviled eggs experiment. Yum. - Katie
Shannon - GlassMistress
I stopped at the grocery store on the way home last night and while checking out noticed that the gentleman who bagged by groceries was Karl ... Karl with a K. Having never known a Karl with a K I pondered what ethinic background might have affected the spelling when and ubidden lyric popped into my head "Karla with a K" followed by
"The Hooters"! But try as I might I could not dig the actual song out of my brain ... or ... my iPad. What? A Hooters album I dont own? How could this be? When I got home I checked YouTube for the song and sure enough once I had a little music my brain coughed up the lyrics. Further online searching gave me the album name and the other songs on it. I recognized them all ... now an actual search of the house is in order because I know that CD is there somewhere. So, thanks Karl with a K .. new old music is always fun to dig up! - Shannon - GlassMistress
One of my dearest friends growing up was a Karl with a K. He passed away several years ago. - LB needs a hero!
One of my best friends is also Karl with a K. He prefers Karlos, though. - Jenny H. from Android
'Karl' means ' (real) man' in Swedish. It's a common name spelled with a 'K' around Scandinavia (and Germany?). - Eivind
Yeah, we have both kinds, too, but more K's, it seems. - Eivind
One of my closest friends is Karl with a K. He likes to be called Karlos. :) He's Australian but I believe he said it's from his father's German heritage. - Hookuh Tinypants
LOL. That's what Kelli said. Almost exactly that :D - Eivind
I have a couple of Carls in my family and one among friends ... but had not encountered a Karl. Must be a midwest thing :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
I knew one growing up in school (south Texas) but he was a transplant from the midwest I think. :) - Paulette
I wish I could do the laundry without getting in the car. Hate hate hate it's like three chores in one :-(
Yeah, that's a lot of extra effort :( Do you have the setup in your house for a washing machine? - Eivind
Nope. I would sacrifice whatever to buy machines if it were possible here :-( - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Only outlet in kitchen is across the room from the water source. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I would love to load my laundry in a car. Sounds like a lot less work than loading it in a cart and pushing it halfway across town. - April Russo (FForever!)
I feel you April. The only reason I even have a car is when this property was foreclosed, I had two months before the bank started charging me rent, and I took that money & bought the van. I still have my pushcart, just in case. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Long extension cord? for the machine at Target. The other one is hand powered so that would give you a workout! - Paulette
Shannon - GlassMistress
The color in the first photo is more true...dark cocoa brown. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Thanks Aden, they get a little better all the time. I pretty darn happy with this one..particularly his feet :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
Poor pup, I discovered a teeny crack along the bottom ... sad Shan is sad. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Aw - he's adorable! Love it! - Paulette
He's got a little crack Paulette...I'll have to try again :-( - Shannon - GlassMistress
Soooo cute!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Carmen, he has a tiny, invisible crack that could be nothing or someday cause him to split in two :-( But there will be more like him in the future :D - Shannon - GlassMistress
Subscription request sent Carmen (Paulette might not answer right away, poor thing has bronchitus - heading for pneumonia!) - Shannon - GlassMistress
We are passionate Carmen! I love, love, love my boxers! Shannon - you have me confused with someone else. I had a sinus headache yesterday but didn't mention it on FF. :-D - Paulette
Paulette, you are correct, its Trish R thats down with the crud. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I'll have to send you a picture of my White Shepherd. Now there's one I bet you haven't done?! - Jenny
Shannon - have you thought of making these as ornaments for Christmas time? - Paulette
I offer 'custom dogs' on my Etsy site, and ornaments is one of the suggestions I make, but no, I've not made them as ornaments. I'm a little spoiled ... I really just want to make beads and let others make things out of them. That said, I will ultimatly have to change that 'want' or I wont sell anything. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Mary Carmen
Help me hive mind: my parents' 40th wedding anniversary is next week. I have no idea what to get them. They don't really drink or wear jewelry and are technophobic. Help!
Mine never want anything, but I tend to give them plants. That, or gift certificates to nice restaurants. - Katy S
Every year I get my parents a gift certificate to a different restaurant. - Jenny from Android
40 is "ruby". Maybe a gift of ruby glass? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Do you have their wedding picture? Have someone make a painting of it. I crowdsourced a project like this through twitter and got a talented artist for a similar gift. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
A framed front page of the New York Times from their weddingday ? - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Omaha Steaks? Some other kind of food they really enjoy? - Hedgehog
Digitize their wedding movie? We did that for my parents last year and then we added a family photo montage to the end. - Katy S
Pictures of them/your family/both nicely framed? - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Movie tickets? - Rodfather
fancy food stuffs? imported italian stuff that they can't find? - jambina
A show and dinner? - kendrak
I got my parents 1 bottle of good wine for each decade - champagne, riesling, red, and dessert. They really loved it. - Jennifer Dittrich
Weekend in a romantic B&B that has live music nearby? Hot air balloon ride? - Jenica
^ This is what I did for my parents' 40th. A weekend getaway to a nice B&B in an area they love. 40 is kind of a big number so I aimed for a bigger gift. Alternatives would be season tickets to a nearby dinner theatre, the hot air balloon ride Jenica mentioned (some of those places offer whole weekend packages), a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant they've always wanted to try...or if they honeymooned nearby, perhaps a revisit to that place? - Hookuh Tinypants
These are some great ideas. I'm loving the NYT one. My parents are not really the get away types, and they don't drink....they are the toughest people to shop for. - Mary Carmen
(I can help with the italian stuff idea, if needed :-)) - Apostocosì (Vulvia) from iPhone
Make a book telling their story together. - Marissa from iPhone
We did a portrait of all of us (their kids) for them - how easy/hard would that be to do? Or one of the grandkids? My mom wants a necklace of her grandkids birthstones. That's a birthday thing though. - Paulette
April Russo (FForever!)
Only part time, but better than nothing at all. - April Russo (FForever!)
Congrats! - John (bird whisperer)
YAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! - MoTO Boychick Devil
Funny how I got it, too. They invited me to interview for another position about a month ago, and I turned them down because I wasn't qualified. Told them if they had an opening for customer service/tech support, I'd be more than happy to apply. They remembered that and contacted me last night, offering me just what wanted. I was the only person they invited to interview for the position. - April Russo (FForever!)
Great way to start a weekend. Congrats they are lucky to have you. - Steve C, Team Marina
Congrats April! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Seems this job that I posted about (with the same company) may still be open, in case any front end developers are looking for work: And they posted this one on LinkedIn a few days ago: - April Russo (FForever!)
Yay! Congratulations, hun. :) - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
w00t! - Kevin Johnson
Also, good timing. Because, apparently, we need the tax revenue. ;) - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Congrats! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Kevin, there will be no tax revenue from me. I won't earn enough to be taxed. :-P - April Russo (FForever!)
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
Wonderful news! Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Congratulations, April! - Anika
YAY! - A. T.
April - trying to see how you could not be qualified for a developer role of any kind... mind doesn't compute - Iphigenie
Many, many congratulations, April! I'm so thrilled for you! :))) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Iphigenie, my specialty is making easy stuff look hard. I only take on projects that I know I can handle. I know my limitations. When someone hires you and expects you to do a job, you don't get to pick & choose and reject the many projects that would be way over your head. That would be a good way to get yourself fired and replaced by a more capable, experienced developer. So, I figure... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
Hooray! I'm so happy for you, April! - vicster.
congrats! - Paulette
Happy birthday! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Happy birthday! - John (bird whisperer)
Happy birthday! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
oops - it was for my friend's bday - mine's in July. but thanks! - Paulette
Well, that was to your friend, then! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks for the likes. :) - Paulette
Well done! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Thanks Stephen Mack! - Paulette
Mary Carmen
Normally, I don't find myself watching MTV, however, I am really enjoying Catfish: The TV Show. It is based on the documentary film, Catfish. Basically, it takes folks who have met online but never IRL, have had intense relationships, and get them to meet. Then they film what happens. So far, it's been interesting.
Have you seen the movie Mary? I thought it was pretty good. - Chris Topher
Colleen and I are hooked so far. - Jed from FFHound!
I wonder what it is like to know people pretty well online, but not IRL.... weird! - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Yeah, I thought the movie was fantastic. Nev seems like such a good person. - Mary Carmen
I've met people IRL after knowing them online for years, a number of times to various degrees of prior familiarity. It seems so normal to me that the very idea of a movie about it makes me feel strangely judged. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
Deborah then you should totally see the movie, Nev (the main guy from the movie and show) is, as MC pointed out, really a good guy. Even all that he went through, he and the person end up becoming friends, it's really good. Also, I'm presuming from the tone of your message that for the most part you weren't *in love* with an image, only to find out it was not a real person, or even remotely close to what the person had said. - Scott. Cat Herder.
<looks up plot summary> Yeah, no, that's actually exactly the kind of thing I don't want to watch: more focus on the possibility of Munchausen by Internet and other deceptions. It's totally a valid problem but... when *all* the stories we tell are about that, it lends weight to the idea that internet friendships aren't real, only meatspace friendships; and I don't like having my... more... - Deborah Fitchett
I think the most interesting part of the documentary was the psychology that it got into. When they went to meet the online friend it was because they knew something wasn't right. And amazingly the reaction of the guys (Nev and his 2 friends) wasn't anger, it was sympathy that someone felt the need to live another life online. I think it had a fairly deep message in the end. - Heather
I've been on both sides of this. And had they filmed my story, well it would have been better tv.. Moreso than what they've been showing lately. I couldn't believe the 2 girls that were posing as guys for years. That is just disturbing on so many levels. In my case, there was so much attraction and the pictures weren't fake but we attributed much more to the pictures and when we met, it... more... - Paulette
April Russo (FForever!)
I hate to ask, because it really makes me feel like crap to have to do it, and to do it more than once makes me feel even worse, but I don't know what else to do or where to turn to any more. I keep falling through the gaping holes in the so-called "safety net". For those of you that don't know, my family has been going through a really rough patch lately. My husband has been out of work since July, when the company he gave the better part of his life to, over 25 years, shut down. Then he was hit by a car on Oct 4th, while looking for work. He is currently unable to look for work while he is healing from his injuries, and I am having a lot of trouble finding work that I can physically do (I have my own share of health issues). We have no money for anything, not even the basic necessities of life like food and shelter. We have been getting most of our food from church run emergency food pantries. The biggest problem with this is that my husband has Type 2 Diabetes and they don't give... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
April, my heart goes out to you. I am so sorry life has dealt you so many troubles. I hope things turn around for you soon ((hugs)) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
*hugs* I really hope things start looking up for you soon. - Jennifer Dittrich
I donated via paypal, but not sure if it got to you. Give me a buzz if it did not - Mo Kargas
April, I will see what I can help with once my husband gets paid next Wednesday xxx - Melly
Thanks everybody. Much appreciated! @Mo, got yours, no problems, thanks! - April Russo (FForever!)
Done. I hope this helps in some small way. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
I can give a small amount. Wish it could be more. Hope it helps you out! - Paulette
Days 15-20 of No Pants November
2012-11-16 07.55.46.jpg
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You're not wearing pants in the 3rd picture? ETA: I love your skirt in the first one. - Anika
Yeah, those are leggings and I had the argument already. :-/ Me and the girl in the pic had discussed and she said leggings were fine so I wore them and I caught all hell for wearing them. I guess everyone has their definition of "pants"! LOL - Paulette
Oh and that is a dress in the first pic - its a long summery maxi-type dress that I put a suede-y type brown blouse over and my brown boots and voila a winter outfit. :) - Paulette
What alarms/reminders do you have set on your clock/phone and what are they for?
My wake up time and my reminder to take my pills. - Mary Carmen
7am weekdays - get up; 2pm weekdays - get ready to get Josiah from school; 9pm daily - take night meds & remind husband to take his. - Melly from FFHound!
What MC said, wake up and pills. - Heather
Weekday wakeup, weekend wakeup, 3X/day pills. - teleken
6, 6:15, 6:30 am school days & 1 hour before our various appointments. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
the alarms on my phone are legion. 5-6 each weekday, plus other ones as needed - ellbeecee
Just my alarm to get up in the morning. - Jed
I just have an alarm set for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday (the days I usually work from home) to wake me up. For days when I commute (usually Thursdays) I set our traditional alarm clock (which has two separate alarms). I don't use an alarm on weekends, usually. I also have a handful of one-off alarms that are still stored in my phone, but they're not enabled - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
None. I guess I'm the minority here! - Rochelle
One on Thursday for my allergy shots and one Saturday a.m. for my PT job (nobody to cover for me if my radio alarm should not go off) so I MUST have a backup!!!!! - Jenny from Android
Rochelle - I just started using my phone as an alarm when I started needing two separate alarm settings for myself (in addition to the alarm my wife needs). Before that, it never occurred to me to use my phone, as I was always afraid I'd sleep through it - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
None. I will set an alarm (on my phone) if I have a very early appointment but otherwise I try to wake up with the sun. - Amit Patel
none. my phone is a phone. i live in the 1990s. - Big Joe Silenced
my first bedside alarm is set for 6:30am so i can shower in time to get the kids up and feed them and take our oldest to her school half a city away (transferred to a better school). the other alarm is for 10:45am so if i nap i will wake up in time to get our youngest from pre-K4 at 11:10am. - Big Joe Silenced
Only 2 - 4AM Weekday alarm for the gym - 7AM Weekend alarm for Sunday walks - Paulette
Wake-up alarm at 6:15 and Leave the House alarm at 7:15. - Steven Perez
Curdyvore, no, I mean I don't use any alarms at all. Not on my phone or anywhere else. - Rochelle
April Russo (FForever!)
DO ANYBODY NO... How do you make Velcro stick better?
Got a pair of Sketchers Mary Jane style "dress sneakers" that have a velcro strap across the foot to make them stay on. The right shoe is just fine, but as soon as I try to walk in them the left shoe pops...the velcro comes undone and the shoe falls off. Is there anything I can do to the velcro to make it hold better without making them look like hell? - April Russo (FForever!)
Wondering how difficult it would be to remove the velcro, add buckles, and punch some holes in the straps. Then wondering where I'd get appropriate buckles for them. - April Russo (FForever!)
On my shoes with velcro - I can slip them on - I used same color twist ties to keep the velcro closed permanently. On others I've used safety pins on the insides to pin the straps closed. Not sure how those would work for you on a daily basis. - Paulette
I am actually considering removing the straps and sewing in a band of black elastic, across the foot, to hold the shoe on. There really isn't anything to attach a twistie tie to, so can't do that. And I don't want safety pins popping inside my shoes...that would be worse than the velcro popping. The shoes are almost identical to these:... more... - April Russo (FForever!)
I have the same style shoe, where the velcro attaches to the side, I've put the safety pin. So far its not come undone. I just slip them on so its never undone. Been working for me but then again, I don't wear them all the time like you probably have to. Your idea sounds good. - Paulette
We went water biking this weekend in Austin. Fun!!! I don't know how to swim and that wasn't a problem. These don't tip over and you don't have a chance to get wet at all. Loved it!
That looks interesting. Glad you had fun! - Anika
Thanks Anika! It really WAS interesting. I wasn't sure what it would be like and when we got there, they were smaller than I imagined. At first we thought we'd be paired up on them. But it was really a good time. :) - Paulette
Oh and I was really scared at first b/c of the whole, not being able to swim thing. But I did it! :) - Paulette
Was it just like riding a bicycle? - Anika
Next step, learn to swim, it's never too late and it's good exercise while learning. - Steve C, Team Marina
Yes, Anika - just like a bicycle - you pedaled and it ran a propeller and the handle bars steered a rudder. To "stop", you stopped pedalling and to go backward, you backpedaled. - Paulette
Forever 21 Under Investigation For Using 'Sweatshop-Like' Factories In Los Angeles via @HuffPostBiz - "We have proof that the goods going to Forever 21 from certain garment contractor shops are being sewn by people who aren't being paid properly," Priscilla Garcia, director of the Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division...
Priscilla Garcia is my sis! - Paulette
<------------------------------------------------never learned to swim.
can't comprehend all the strokes. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
It's easy and never too late. Then, maybe you could win a championship at Octopush? (I was a good player younger) - Zu from AOD
I never really learned to swim, either. - John (bird whisperer)
Zu, I was singing a little Parliament, although I'm not a really GOOD swimmer. Aqua Boogie: - Derrick
Me and you, John. Learning to swim in 2013. Let's do it, let's go! ;-) - Derrick
Me either. - Rochelle
Add me to the list - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
why should I hold my breath ... *tries to guide this thread back to the funk* ---------> - MoTO Boychick Devil
totally reminds me that I wanted to re-learn how to swim this winter, so I can take up kayaking in the spring! Thanks D! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
you people are not paying attention - MoTO Boychick Devil
haha, two conversations but it's all good. :) - Derrick
FEELING THAT I MIGHT CHOKE - Monique the crochet freak
Can dance underwater and not get wet ----------------------------------> - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I DON'T EVEN GET MY HAIR WET. (for those of y'all in the 2nd convo, in actuality, I was on the swim team) - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
YWCA is where we are going for lessons - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
I will like the thread that features scans of the signup forms. Y'all ARE learning to swim in 2013. Or I will be coming to EACH of your towns in 2014 to teach you PERSONALLY. #deadserious #truemeaningofbuttinsky - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Yay Mandy! - Mary B: #TeamMonique
So that's D., John, Jason, Rochelle, Holly. BW, you're a triathlete, of course. (I had a Stupamax moment there when I forgot.) Ha3rvey, Momo, you both are swimmers, amirite? You need to be basically water-safe - don't really know what current minimum standards are for that, but it probably involves a certain amount of time treading water and a some time floating on your back, and some... more... - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Neither me. - Pete's Got To Go
I know enough to not drown. My best stroke is side-stroke. Is that even a stroke? - Melly
I used to spend all summer in the pool when I was a kid, but it's been *years* since * swam. I miss it badly. - bentley
I taught myself to swim at the Y for my 40th birthday. But it was pretty inelegant--could never get the face in the water/breathe on the side thing down. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I can swim, but not too well. I'd like to think that if I was in a situation where I might drown that I could save myself, but that may be an overestimation. - Jed
Thanks to getting the "dump him in the pool, he'll learn to swim" treatment as a child, I cannot--period--put my head under water. On the other hand, I can dog-paddle for a good long distance, and did so in the canals out in Hughson during tween years. (But won't even try snorkeling: I know I'd panic and drown.) - walt crawford
So much for talking Aqua Boogie. I'm too cool to swim or dance. I might get my hair wet. - Hookuh Tinypants
Problem is my local rec program's only indoor pool is part of the expensive gym. The other nearby one would require expensive non-resident rates. I can use the one in the town where I work for resident rates and a discount, but I'd have to remember to go before or after work or else drive 20 minutes each way. *whine* - bentley
Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop. Just sayin'. - Hookuh Tinypants
Great Amandas think alike. AT THE SAME TIME. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Don't know how to swim either! - Paulette
MANDY. *fistbump* - Hookuh Tinypants
I received a voicemail today from a woman. The voicemail said that she cannot receive incoming calls due to their phone system, so she would just have to keep trying to call me until I was able to answer (and not miss the call as I did today). This was from a medical clinic that I go to, so it's legit but WTF kind of phone system is that?!
(Anna's voicemail post in here made me think to post this.) - Rochelle
So she can't receive incoming calls today? Or ever? - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Zulema, the way she described it on the voicemail, it sounded like ever. Anna, I guess so. Hopefully she calls early in the day. - Rochelle
Sounds to me like she "could" receive a call but someone there doesn't want to transfer all the calls that this lady makes and misses. So she says that so she doesn't receive any returned calls. No phone system works that way. All calls can get transferred by someone or something (hit #such and such), they just don't want to do it. - Paulette
Maybe they're using dial-up and only have one line. (Not likely, but I know that pain, and even after years the wound is still fresh.) - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
She called back today and I caught the call and talked to her. I also asked about the phone system issue. Paulette was on the right track! The receptionist for the clinic is often not at the desk or is busy, and if the receptionist doesn't pick up the call, there is no way to get routed to the woman I needed to talk to. She doesn't have a direct line. The call just goes directly to... more... - Rochelle
That's a messed up phone system. They should at least have the ability to dial an extension before going to voice mail! Glad it worked out though. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
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