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Yesterday was a crappy day. Except for the rain, it was a crappy day.
I love listening to rain falling on leaf-mush. It sounds like honesty. Sometimes, I'm envious.
Disruption is a theory of change founded on panic, anxiety, and shaky evidence
Unsupported Health claims are 3 times more likely to be true if they are tweeted at 4:15pm.
Tinder. An info graphic. Sounds like insanity.
So I guess that Hidden Cash thing is great for the environment. No sense of thinking-ahead with the Internet showoffs
RT @amyrnbsn: Still touting apps as demi-gods fixing healthcare into a cool mobile virtual hospital of perfection & awe? Not that simple, you say? Ah.
RT @1938loren: 6 online identity safety tips from the most private woman on the Internet
This elephant used an iPhone app to write love poems. But it's the backstory that will melt your heart into a pool of red tears.
RT @1938loren: A Facebook Experiment: via @YouTube
RT @1938loren: A Facebook Experiment: via @YouTube
This is The New York Times. Left, doesn't make a difference at this point. Everything is a clickhole now.
RT @LarryRosenthal: Everything I make an ironic joke about on Twitter then either follows me or becomes the dominant feed of sponsored ads. Ad Buyers need AI.;)
"This Jewish hippie from Nazareth was nailed to a cross and left to slowly die in suffocating agony. You won't believe what happened next."
You too can be a poet on a twitter. Look out Bukowski. Look out Yeats. Rilke: we won't change our life. Wait...what's that green knife?
This is a tree. It is free. It is something you can see. In a park. In the dark. You can even feel it's bark.
Alll work and no play makes Jack a dull bot
I tried writing something intelligent on Facebook. I don't think that it's possible. Now I feel like a total idiot.
I tried writing something intelligent on Facebook. I don't that it's possible. Now I feel like a total idiot.
Good morning. Or something like that.
Ten Bucks Fireworks -
Ten Bucks Fireworks
Ten Dollar Fireworks -
Ten Dollar Fireworks
My son doesn't care about the world cup. He can kick a ball pretty hard though.
Why Are All the Cartoon Mothers Dead? Click here to win a free trip for one to Downtown Disney
RT @TheAtlantic: People prefer electric shocks to being alone with their thoughts, a new study says
RT @karaswisher: The Truth About Tinder and Women Is Even Worse Than You Think - Businessweek via @BW
Marketing Onionified RT @adrants: Denny’s Teams With Atari To Integrate Menu Items Into Classic Arcade Games
It's a good question. Click here to see what happened after these kittens were arrested for indecent exposure
Step A: Have no knowledge about a topic you never cared about Step B: See topic trend on Twitter Step C: Freak-out Step D: Go to Step A
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