The Chinese economy is probably going to collapse in ten years. It won't be pretty.
Robert Plant. 19 year old kid.
Robert Plant. 19 year old kid.
I hear the Berlin Wall fell 25 years ago. Meanwhile, in Hungary (hint: antisemitism is big there)
None of the singularity people could handle immortality. They'd spend eternity begging for death. Greed is Hell.
RT @1938loren: A VC during the manic phase will talk deals and money, during the depressive phase lots of tweets about humanity and what matters in life.
Technology is what happens when tools become ideologies with drives beyond our control.
Catastrophe Ebola: Protocols Versus Workflows -
Hate buttons might be better for us: Less passive-aggression and more honesty. More honesty, more interesting.
This probably won't end well
It's no longer "People think X" It's now "Twitter thinks X". The mob isn't the terror. That's history. Today, the Medium is the Vote. See?
RT @fqure: @PhilBaumann this week likened ALS to some fraternity with public hazing
So…what have you learned this week about ALS? In all those ice videos, is there any discussion of pathophysiology? Treatment? Heartbreak?
By definition, when someone breaks from reality, they have no idea that they broke from reality. So in their world, they're always right.
RT @1938loren: What society are we building here? — BuzzMachine
Horshack could have been the greatest psycho killer character in movie history. Woulda been a good opportunity with a smart director.
Guess it's time to play this again, @nunomaia
RT @GonzoVice: Yessir, the countdown is on us. I can feel it. A snow-balling rage that has long since shadowed reason.
RT @nunomaia: "Starting tomorrow morning, we can scale back on the robot talk" - if only...
RT @ProfJeffJarvis: What if Abadi embraced VC #innovation, and split Iraq into 6 provinces, like California?
It gives me a migraine to know that some people think Bobby Bobble has anything meaningful, useful, or insightful to say about any topic.
RT @LarryRosenthal: everyone wants to be a comic book hero
Being There. I'd write a Twitter version on behalf of Chauncey Gardiner, but here there is no there. I'm sure you understand.
"I Pushed the Lance Armstrong Lie: An Open Letter to Greg LeMond"
Put 100 of the brightest people on the Internet and at some point the group will devolve into a cesspool of possessed cats.
RT @LarryRosenthal: What's it say about us when the most interesting characters in this summers films have been a chimpanzee and a raccoon ? think about it.
"Society’s dark hull drifts further and further away."
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