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Citybound: The Road to Alpha, Week 5 -
Citybound: The Road to Alpha, Week 5
The joy that a speedy and accurate answer to a Stack Overflow question brings. I’ll feel like I can achieve anything for several minutes.
Woke up with aching feet and legs… might have to give this standing desk lark a break wile I’m at home all the time.
Which also made me wonder if there is/should be somewhere that has archives of email newsletters ( cc @textfiles
I wrote about some of the email newsletters I subscribed to in the 1990s: Which only might interest some of you.
Ha, when will Maria Miller resign, on Doodle:
Ha, when will Maria Miller resign on Doodle:
Some days you think that Bengali typhoon was never going to merely shake things up, but just leave the place in a whole new kind of mess.
GoGo Penguin - Garden Dog Barbecue Live Session -
GoGo Penguin - Garden Dog Barbecue Live Session
(That's ignoring the EDC folk with handguns; two knives and a torch seems barmy enough.)
I enjoy the Every Day Carry Tumblr but am baffled as to why everyone needs a torch and one, often two, sizeable knives. What lives!
More of you probably won’t like it at all, so this doesn’t seem a terribly efficient method of sharing music, but still.
I reckon a few of you might also like this new album by GoGo Penguin I keep playing it.
I fail to see what can possibly go wrong with putting the privacy of my Internet activity in VisionFibreMedia's competent hands.
New Barbican broadband/phone provider sends update email with all addresses in To field, not BCC. Then two 'Recall' emails, doing the same.
This is the story of an English film maker and the powerful forces that put all his archive clips in Flash so few people could see them.
I told yesterday's correspondent that Samuel had been dead for 311 years and didn't need USB chargers. "Got it, thanks for letting me know!"
Someone saw that “Samuel” is based in the UK and has emailed to see if he wants review units of some USB charging cables. He’d be intrigued.
Now I’m trying to use a standing desk most of the day, rather than just evening, I don’t want to use my computer at all. Maybe this is good.
Rebranding wind turbines as devices to blow away foreign desert sand, coming over here hiding the English sunshine, might get Tories onside.
If we reverse the power to all the wind turbines, will that blow the smog away?
I read so many more tweets whingeing about how awful April 1st will be than I've seen actual April Fools jokes. It's been like Y2K.
I’ve made this Frankie Knuckles-inspired YouTube playlist in Spotify: As best I can, 45 tracks
I have a momentary out-of-body experience whenever I open Colloquy (IRC app) and it says “Your buddy philgyford is now online”.
The morning smog over Silicon Roundabout thins just enough to reveal the glistening towers of Middle Class Sweatshop and Bourgeois Gulag.
TIGA’s “amorous pursuit” was also “a long, arduous, seven year campaign”. I don’t envy the author’s enemy, er, I mean, beautiful girl.
“TIGA's quest for Games Tax Relief has been rather like courting a beautiful girl to go out on a date.” !!
What I did at Berg over the past year: (Partly for my own future reference!)
An anonymous friend of mine is looking around for a project management / UX type role. They're good:
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