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The Board are now able to announce the Q2 2014 results: mostly bollocks.
While chatting about movies, I saw ‘Boyhood’ when I was on holiday and I’m now even more in love with Richard Linklater. Out in UK soon.
Bryan Ferry surprisingly brill, plus *formidable* drummer, fun back-up singers, and a woman playing sax and keyboards simultaneously. VG.
Not sure if it's representative, but the ratio of female:male performers on BBC's Glastonbury coverage seems at least equal, really good.
BBC 6Music news has a recording of a random guy on the phone describing how his BT broadband temporarily stopped working. News.
I can't work out if Arcade Fire's early songs are *much* better than the rest, or if that's because they're the only ones I know.
MT “@numbdave: @mrchrisaddison [Arcade Fire are] like … in a stage musical when all the townspeople come out of the painted shops and sing”
Was thinking about a little place in the country, nothing too fancy…
Jimmy Savile: "Political correctness has ruined more people, jobs, and atmospheres than anything else…"
RT @pawboy2: Please! I can imagine making those alarming faces if you were, like, 1970s Funkadelic say, but you sound like off-day Au Pairs or s/t. #Haim
The good thing about catching a bit of Haim earlier, on stage and in interview, is that now I know I never need to see or hear them again.
I'm out of touch, so I'm just assuming Crystal Fighters are some kind of Mighty Boosh spin-off, which is fine.
Re earlier re cookie warnings… of all the data security issues users should be warned about, it doesn't seem high up the list. *cough* GCHQ
Very, very, very, very tired of dismissing "This website uses cookies…" banners. Come on people.
Whit Stillman’s ‘The Last Days of Disco’ Plays in Austin, TX 6/27 & 6/28 -
My IMDb STARmeter rank has dropped 4,202,143 this week. That’s a long tail.
The staff at Ozone called me “bro”, “buddy” and “mate”. I didn’t even realise I knew them! I gave them hugs, asked after their parents, etc.
“The darkness of night surrounds you. You can hear the crickets chirping and see fireflies in the air. icesin is standing here.” Fun times.
Someone just rescued BayMOO from its failed disks and got it up and running. A disappeared world miraculously reappearing.
(FWIW I prefer this new new page to the horrid previous new page. But still not keen on the black photo background. WHY WASN’T I CONSULTED?)
Most of the rest of the list: a mixture of the two views. People, eh? Rubbish, inconsistent. It’s almost like they’re *individuals*. Ugh.
Top-ranked idea about new Flickr photo page: This is the best yet! Second-ranked idea: Put it back to how it was!
Took ~3 hours to make a minimal version of a d3.js problem so I can ask on StackOverflow. Progress. Would’ve taken 3 days a while ago.
A browser plugin that changes all mentions of “World Cup 2014” to “Men’s World Cup 2014”.
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