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Now I’m trying to use a standing desk most of the day, rather than just evening, I don’t want to use my computer at all. Maybe this is good.
Rebranding wind turbines as devices to blow away foreign desert sand, coming over here hiding the English sunshine, might get Tories onside.
If we reverse the power to all the wind turbines, will that blow the smog away?
I read so many more tweets whingeing about how awful April 1st will be than I've seen actual April Fools jokes. It's been like Y2K.
I’ve made this Frankie Knuckles-inspired YouTube playlist in Spotify: As best I can, 45 tracks
I have a momentary out-of-body experience whenever I open Colloquy (IRC app) and it says “Your buddy philgyford is now online”.
The morning smog over Silicon Roundabout thins just enough to reveal the glistening towers of Middle Class Sweatshop and Bourgeois Gulag.
TIGA’s “amorous pursuit” was also “a long, arduous, seven year campaign”. I don’t envy the author’s enemy, er, I mean, beautiful girl.
“TIGA's quest for Games Tax Relief has been rather like courting a beautiful girl to go out on a date.” !!
What I did at Berg over the past year: (Partly for my own future reference!)
An anonymous friend of mine is looking around for a project management / UX type role. They're good:
Watching small children trying to kick footballs, throw frisbees and hit balls with racquets. They're tiny idiots!
Is The Register the last place to still write ‘Wired’ (or ‘WIRED’) as ‘WiReD’?
I think I’ve finally got all my websites moved, and all the many, many moving parts working again:
Tempted to declare “to read” bankruptcy. Or take a year off to catch up.
Tempted to declare “to read” bankruptcy. Or take a year off just to catch up.
“Shoreditch”, by Richard Curtis, starring Martin Freeman and Scarlett Johansson.
“The life of a simple hacker changes when he meets the most famous film star in the world.” A Notting Hill-style movie about Shoreditch.
You’re all very kind, but I don’t *want* to make removing whitespace to be easier or more fun. I want laborious. DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?
So pleased I now apparently have a thing that highlights trailing spaces in my text files. I was running out of things to obsessively tidy.
A GTA V update in which you play a faux-naive Englishman who must piece together three hours of TV without dying or viewers switching over.
The recurring surprise that there are people who read Hacker News.
Apologies to those of you for whom that is gibberish. I kind of wish it was gibberish to me too.
Rails folk: I am stuck with getting constraints to work in routes when globbing: Just want to get this finished…
RT @hdif: I did this Tory Poster. Someone had to. via @PSbook
1) Riots often happen in summer. 2) Water cannon will be used for riots. 3) Hosepipe bans happen in summer. I’m imagining the outrage.
RT @tomstuart: I know a human could’ve gestated in the time it took me & @philgyford to achieve that high five, but unlike a human this was worth the wait.
What a lovely day. Many nice events and people, but still giddy with excitement that @tomstuart and I managed this
Soon all the kids will tire of Facebook, Snapchat, etc and be like, “Check my sick Gopher server, it’s well rad, daddio!” or something.
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