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Current home data logger, inside and outside temperature and ambient light levels
First go at a Python library for the MCP9808, now I’m able to log my apartment temperature to @Librato!
Having more fun than I should be playing with Erlang process monitors across nodes. They behave like you would want them to and are quick
I ordered parts to make 20 Arduinos, don’t really have a use for that many though.
I think when I order shepherds pie I really just want pea soup
I just earned the 'Pucker Up (Level 10)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Trip to the Farm (Level 3)' badge on @untappd!
He’ll yeah seeing a @RattleNHumBarNY shirt at the @yardsbrew real beer event #getrealale
RT @_youhadonejob: I'm not sure Disney has got a grasp on the concept of pirates.
I was there: Lykke Li @ Spotify USA Inc..
I’m interested in Owls @ The Bowery Ballroom.
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I just earned the 'Lager Jack (Level 5)' badge on @untappd!
I’ll be in Philly Saturday and Sunday, come drink at the Real Ale Invitational!
Using a beaglebone black as a night light, maybe not what it was intended for
Oh the memories… My neighbor just burned something and set off the fire alarm for the whole building, just like college again!
$18.25 of free ebooks from amazon, what should I get?
New student discount for @Spotify!
Why would somone decide taking a baby onto the quiet car is appropriate?
I just earned the 'Rising Sun (Level 2)' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Rising Sun' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Gourd to the Last Drop' badge on @untappd!
It apparently takes 4 weeks of traveling to lose the mayorship of my local bar, guess I’m visiting @RattleNHumBarNY real soon!
I’m going to Anya Marina @ Union Hall.
RT @Monitorama: Have an OSS monitoring project or task (e.g. GitHub issue) you’d like to see highlighted at Monitorama? Reply with a link! Please RT :)
I just unlocked the "Fresh Brew" badge on @foursquare for checking in at coffee shops!
Service A supports logging into the admin, the admin has the logs, service A is broken, can’t get to the admin, can’t see centralized logs
Birthday almost over, great time thanks to @savant and @erwaller
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