I just earned the 'Swedish Brews' badge on @untappd! https://untappd.com/user...
I took a photo from the lock screen, the thumbnail still shows as the last photo but it’s not in my albums/last photos, seen this before?
I’m interested in The Blow @ Glasslands Gallery. https://t.co/swdY6By8Tu
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The guest network at the hotel is > 80/80mbps … not bad
I’ll be glad to get out of NYC today. Just trying to cross the street a car (softly) hit me on a green light in the middle of a crosswalk.
I want it to get colder so my window-fan-blowing-on-my-fermenter temperature control system works a bit better.
It's a fun day when automating a service restart call turns into reading dbus docs /s
Wow, just unsubscribed from spam sent to an old Facebook address, didn’t expect it to be from @seatgeek
Anyone else going to Yards Smoked Beer Festival in September?
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I just earned the 'Trip to the Farm (Level 5)' badge on @untappd! https://untappd.com/user...
How much does an email weigh? Someone is claiming “tons of emails per day” and I’m wondering how many that might actually be.
For the record: a 15 gallon pot can fit on a manhattan studio stovetop.
I was there: Kiesza @ Spotify USA. https://t.co/nR0aga5k79
Second time this month where the Amtrak conductor didn’t check tickets between Philadelphia and New York
Are there any conferences taking proposals where a talk “How Not to Monitor Like Spotify” would fit in?
I was there: Misterwives @ Spotify USA. https://t.co/1MsNsZXVGQ
7% saison kegged, bringing it to work next week
Trying to get 100 engineers to share ownership in a performance critical system in a language/framework only a few know will be very painful
Is anyone using @travisci to create releases of OSS and happy with their process? Looking for ideas for https://t.co/Fa4gHqwNgN
RT @internegz: Do you know stuff about computers? Perhaps you should come do SRE things with me at @Spotify . https://t.co/Rh04VlZo2w
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Any recommendations for a 2-week international trip sometime in September? I’d like to relax enough for a year
Inebriated bath at 8pm on a Wednesday night! Maybe manhattan isnt the right place for me, maybe it is!
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RT @cdixon: "Who would want to watch other people play video games?" Excellent explanation of the Twitch phenomenon http://www.youtube.com/watch...
RT @cdixon: "Who would want to watch other people play video games?" Excellent explanation of the Twitch phenomenon http://t.co/HcbIyxmLYa
Just brewed a 1.104 OG Tripel, should be about 10.5%!
I was there: Dustin Lynch @ Spotify USA. https://t.co/pKyg5SLNhw
RT @KerbalSpaceP: #KSP is still 40% off at the @steam_games store. Do you have the funds for it? http://store.steampowered.com/app... https://twitter.com/KerbalS...
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