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I was there: Dustin Lynch @ Spotify USA.
RT @KerbalSpaceP: #KSP is still 40% off at the @steam_games store. Do you have the funds for it?
RT @KerbalSpaceP: Be like Felsmak and test ALL the parts! Get #KSP for 40% off today on the Steam Store:
Sometimes your sensors aren’t broken. Sometimes you just didn’t initialize them.
I think it was just someone emailing me from his linkedin account…
How do I still get linkedin messages after deleting my account, I have a strange feeling my account wasn’t actually deleted.
I’m interested in La Roux @ Terminal 5.
I’m interested in Garfunkel and Oates @ Irving Plaza.
Oops, got the keg coupler stuck on the spear, good thing there is a homebrew keg to be served!
Still needs a case but I’ve got my Ethernet controlled outlet going
RT @violetblue: You probably already saw this. But if you haven't, it's without a doubt one of the coolest things I've ever seen:
I feel good about not being pressured into a 10th drink
First gruit is a success! It has a very noticeable heather taste, mugwort and juniper are lost though.
I just earned the 'Independence Day (2014)' badge on @untappd! #hoppy4th
Accidentally walked to the closest train, go NYC!
I’m interested in Mike Doughty @ The Bell House.
I’m interested in Meiko @ The Iridium.
I just earned the 'World Pint (2014)' badge on @untappd! #worldcup
Where can I find what my @Uber ride actually cost?
Is 3d printed beard jewelry a thing? I want it to be a thing.
RT @savant: Just slather these onto your toast and your breakfast will be webscale!
Another new fermenter, hopefully I won’t buy another next month, my apartment probably can’t fit more than 2
Rather unusual but I am terribly cold at the bar.
I don’t feel like typing in my email address to unsubscribe from Constant Contact emails, I just mark them as spam.
In other news, need to try out the i2c libraries for Erlang tomorrow
In retrospect trying to run 2 clock-sensitive protocols on an Arduino simultaneously was a bad idea, 3 days of problems later, only do 1!
Just received my conical fermenter, still need to get it home though
Not quite enough beer left to put into a 22oz bottle, guess I need to finish this pint of leftover barley wine!
I think Gmail removes all of your filters if your account was disabled …
Should I be trying to find food or should I be ordering something?
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