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RT @wadhwa: RT @techreview: Laws and Ethics Can’t Keep Pace with Technology >I explain legal impact of exponential technologies
As 'crazy' as this Silicon Valley Disaster may sound - it doesn't surprise me a bit;)
Learning about the Slug 'SLG' stat in baseball - Babe Ruth still #1 in this stat
Re-imagining the extension cord - love this! #design
RT @geekandi: #MinneBar preso on OmniFocus by @thingles <wish I could have been there - he's an OmniFocus master
“@sengineland: .@WSJ: Local Businesses Losing Reviews After @Yelp-@Yahoo Deal by @mattmcgee” <this idiotic
RT @ChildrensMN: Today's the last day to vote for the Children's Music Therapy Program! #livestrong
RT @mathewi: "Should Twitter -- or its investors -- care about all the people who never tweet?" <YES
RT @wadhwa: Open source robotic operating system ROS has far more applications than its creators imagined. Wait till robots start using it :)
Challenged to improve patient portal adoption? @CareWire can help. #mHealth #digitalhealth
“@thingles: @PhilipHotchkiss see step 3” thanks!!
RT @mathewi: In which I try to summarize the views of @cdixon, @fredwilson, @monkbent and @gruber on apps vs. the mobile web
RT @elonmusk: Leasing a Model S takes 5 mins online, no signatures & one tap on car center screen to accept when delivered Cc @kmsaitow ;)
RT @joshdsullivan: What Drives Research in Self-driving Cars? (Part 2: Surprisingly not Machine Learning) from
Watch Captchas being cracked by Vicarious tech - Turing Test 1: Captcha #AI
If you haven't already heard of Vicarious & you're interested in AI - take a look (note the investors)
RT @semil: Albert Wenger is essentially writing a book, unbundled into a series of posts that may shape USV's next thesis:
“@MaciekG: @PhilipHotchkiss you probably feel the same.....or even more adamantly about Twitter's future.” <agreed $
If you value great audio - I can't say enough good things about the support provided by @BowersWilkins speakers. #music #Audiophile
Movie Industry, Google, 3D printed invisible dental braces, Pakistan, patents - fascinating case Cc @pkedrosky
RT @wadhwa: How Old Are Silicon Valley's Top Founders? Here's the Data. By @wfrick --VCs favor young but anyone can succeed
RT @wadhwa: Still a smart thing for Microsoft to give Windows away for tablets. Take Android head on. It looks better and will evolve faster.
Hair raising driver view from the 2014 Ferrari Challenge #ferrari
Hair raising driver view from the 2014 Ferrari Challenge #ferrari
Check out this #Wow factor product for your mobile or tablet. Steelie (the video is worth watching)
FBI Seeks Help From High-Frequency Traders to Find Abuses
Scratching my head. Siri can open apps but she can't close apps. Why?! #siri
RT @wadhwa: Advancing technologies can be scary. Moving faster than our ability to understand ramifications, risks, ethics. Laws can't keep up.
After Getting On His Daughter's Computer, This Dad Writes This Letter... via @quickmeme
Via @nprmusic: First Listen: Valentina Lisitsa, 'Chasing Pianos'
If you haven't seen this interview with @elonmusk - it's a must watch. Thx 2 @mwalsh for the heads up on FB
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