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.@Uber not thrilled that my black car driver is using his handheld iPhone for GPS and continually looking down at his screen.
Quick - who can name the make and model of this car? #cars #car #question
The Decoy Effect - another loophole in our brains that manipulates your buying decisions
Enjoying time at UCLA and attending a great @health_box event bringing entrepreneurs and industry together #digitalhealth #mhealth
Picked up the new @Sonos Play 1 a week ago. For an office or bedroom, it's awesome. Most surprising? The bass.
Why would @facebook do this experiment when it's well established that emotions *are* contagious amongst groups?
RT @marshallk: Techmeme has done a really good job curating discourse on the Facebook experiment
.@XFINITY "Are you moving?" "…Movers Edge program makes it easy." <really?! I just spent 25 minutes on hold & hung up #fail
Fascinating graphic of where Americans are healthy and wealthy or struggling
Google Removes Search Results in Wake of EU Privacy Case / the right to be forgotten...
<creepy "We’re making everything contextually aware. We want to know when you’re at home, with your kids."
Check out this *live* cyber attack visualization showing attack origins, targets, and types by @NorseCorp
RT @MrVelvet: Enjoying “True University 2014” by Christiaan Vorkink on @storehousehq:
RT @DesignUXUI: The Nothing App. Simplicity at it's simplest. #minimal
RT @DesignUXUI: The Nothing App. Simplicity at it's simplest. #minimal
RT @rstephens: 20yrs. ago today I started The Geek Squad with $200 and a bicycle. What a long trip it’s been. Today: 20,000+ Geeks.
UglyGorilla Hack of U.S. Utility Exposes Cyberwar Threat
Wow. Safe bet the next I need the windows washed I'm going with this guy. Talk about passion & differentiation.
Off The Grid. Let the games begin for my son's Memorial Day baseball tournament at Half Moon Bay! #baseball
What kind of jobs do software engineers who earn $500k per year do? <brilliant - must read #startup
"Biology is not simply writing information, it is doing something about it." ~ Richard Feynman
Why Vinyl? I think many of you will enjoy this short documentary - it's about a lot more than the music. Cc @om
.@Rackspace Hires Morgan Stanley to Evaluate Options
Cheering for my hometown team. Go @mnwild leading 1-0 vs @NHLBlackhawks game 5. What a battle Cc @normyustin #NHLplayoffs
Hilarious - came across this in a parking lot in downtown Redwood City, CA. #humor #LOL
Link source for last mobile reach tweet from @comScore #mobile
As of Jan 14' - Mobile App Reach iOS + Android - #1 @facebook (77.6%), @YouTube (49.7%), @Instagram (27.5%) & @twitter (22.8%) s: @comScore
London’s 19-to-1 Transport Edge Prompts Counterattack
RT @zards: Microsoft Web Browser Security Bug Could Impact Millions of Users
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