Interested in saving money for your kids to go to college, by getting cash back on regular purchases, for FREE!!
@mgkimsal UAWemployees are making well above industry standard, which is why all eyes are on them.
@mgkimsal I see what you're saying, however, if those who are not UAW are making industry standard, then why?(I don't know that they are)
My kids woke up acting like little pricks, time to start handing out punishments.
@mgkimsal I think if they quit producing shitty products, they might do a little better as well.
@mgkimsal Maybe starting by liquidating uneeded assets, like $50/hr broom pushers. And 1 or 2 G5's? Don't put the burdeon on me.
@mgkimsal Like Wall Street was unionized? The big 3 signed poor contracts with UAW over the years, time to let them fall on their faces.
@mgkimsal I don't feel entitled to anything. I am going to write the IT workers bail out bill.
@mgkimsal If need be all, most of those jobs monkeys can do, they are paid more than the average sys admin. Can I do their job?Them do mine?
I installed feedalizer since Twhirl doesn't work anymore on Linux. Seems ok so far, plus it allows me to manage my Flickr account, bonus.
Twirhl no longer works on Linux. Frustrating.
@mschwartz01 Where are you?
@TimBrownson I never understood that either, but the conversion rates for those is so high
@macomaniac Maybe it is spyware in your head?
WOW! House really made me choke up. I don't know that I have ever had a TV shows story line tug at my heart like that.
I wrote myself a 1 million dollar check. Who wants to bet I cash it on 1/1/10?
@ElizabethN im in the same boat. as a matter of fact, im not even going to begin retraining until after new years.
sitting here dreaming about my future Icon A5 I plan to buy in 2010.
@jeremyheslop OMG He is a mini you!
I am annoyed at the inability to backup and restore zimbra data with out taking the whole /opt/zimbra directory.
@TimBrownson Actually, I had some a few years ago, I don't remember the evening though.
Wine hangovers are the worst.
@tferriss Tim Ferriss, from 4 Hour Work Week, TV Show, Trial By Fire, Debut's tonight on History channel at 11PM EST. Don't miss it!!
@timferris from 4 hour work week on history channel tonight at 11PM EST. Debut of his television show trial by fire. Good stuff!
Zimbra is among one of the best products I have used, however their price points are not all too appealing for me as a small business owner.
@TimBrownson You need a good coach? I can talk you out of second guessing yourself :)
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