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IPhone 3.0: iPhone 3.0 Adds Copy and Paste, MMS, Search, Notes Sync, and Tons More -
The iPhone event just ended, and the upcoming iPhone 3.0 software update adds a ton of new functionality to the iPhone—claiming over 100 new features, including long-awaited copy and paste, MMS messaging, and more. - Phil McCredden
What are people's verdict of MobileMe? Ideally from people who use it on a daily basis...
I have found it to be somewhat useless besides the syncing capabilities to my iPhone. I have had it since the very first day it has come out and I have probably logged into the web interface a total of 10 times. The fact that this service, which should be free, is not free makes it even less desirable until Apple makes drastic improvements to it. - Vinny
Vinny, why should it be free? Just curious. If it's useless, why do you keep the subscription? (or do you?). - mikepk
@mikepk It doesn't provide anything that other companies can and are providing for no cost. The only reason I still have it is because I paid for it a year in advance when I first purchased it. I don't plan on renewing unless better integration and more features are added. - Vinny
a couple of years? oh u mean including - i just mean what mobileme has been like since it's release... - Zee.
I love it. The ability alone to sync all my calendars and contacts with my iPhone, Mac, and PC's is worth the price alone. - Spencer
Call it what you will. MobileMe is the engine that drives iWeb, MacGallery, and the syncing. In fact, it enables Outlook users to sync with their iPhone / iPod Touch for calendars and email. Easily worth $99.00 a year just for the hosting aspects associated with iWeb. Plus it enables Mac users with multiple machines to sync them. The new user interface is better than under ,Mac I love it. - Garth Bradley
Syncing between home and work computers has been a life altering technology for me. With everything syncing to the iphone, and between work and home, I no longer have to lug around my Macbook pro everyday. In conjunction with the iphone, it really became handy. It is still a little pricey though...... - Tom Mancino
I have decided to stick with google - having a jailbroken iPhone I use NemusSync to sync my Cal, Pixelpipe for images.... only issue is that my contacts are still not part of NemusSync - but I am hoping it will come... - Thomas Jeppesen
Syncing my contacts, events and settings across 3 devices makes it very useful for me. I use the IMAP mail facility but I could get that elsewhere for free, ditto for iDisk, but I still use both of those facilities. - Paul Grav
Great for iPhone sync and archival backup. Mobile Me email is ok but I use it for only a few low volume tasks. I use dropbox for cloud storage of my active files. - Bill Sodeman from fftogo
The web interface is horribly slow. I actually like the old version better. I like the iLife integration for easy of use for uploading photos, creating a small site etc. - Noah White
I too use it only for the syncing capabilities to my iphone. That functionality is wonderful. - Phil McCredden
I really like it. When i took my iPhone back to get a replacement i just put in my details and ina few minutes i was back in business. Handy for syncing all my computers and phone to have the same calender and bookmarks too. Dont really use the web part of it. - Simon Wicks
I don't have an iPhone or MobileMe but my SIL does. We had a discussion about it & if there were "ways around it" and she showed me how she can't live without it. Me personally, 1st thing I'd do upon getting an iPhone is invest the extra time to save the money, but I can really see how it makes sense for her and her business. I like to tinker, she just wants to get er done & will pay the premium for it. I suspect she's not the only one, but then neither am I. - Melissa Davis
I've had it since launch day and was really looking forward to integrating calendar data between iPhone, Mac, and Outlook on PC. Unfortunately it was so unreliable and wreaked such havoc on my work flow that I haven't used it since. Can anyone speak to whether or not the syncing issues have been corrected, particularly between Mac and PCs? - RyanEs
Phil McCredden
anyone know a good contact sharing web app?
What exactly are you looking for? Does do what you want? - Zach Landes
I am looking for a web app that will allow a virtual team to share contacts. It would need to have groups, permissions etc. I would prefer if it could sync with gmail, mac address book, outlook etc. I use plazo to sync amongst my own computers or did before mobile me. So, I will check it out if it has this sort of team functionality. - Phil McCredden
wow that is quite a list of web apps! Seems like contact apps are not popular - still looking.. but there are some sweet ones I hadn't heard of before - Phil McCredden
and maybe the single best thing I've found tonight.... - Zach Landes
Yeah Zoho have some cool apps - their support is amazing too. I had a problem, twittered about it and one of their guys DM straight away and a few messages later problem was fixed. - Phil McCredden
Cameron Bailey
sitting in church listening to a good 80+ preacher. he usees ppt likke a much younger man. amazing guy actually
he certainly is amazing! - Phil McCredden
Randall Friesen
Today I discovered what this MacBook was made for -
you should put boxee on your mac... it makes the TV experience even better - Phil McCredden
Phil McCredden
YouTube - Home Office Tour 2009 -
YouTube - Home Office Tour 2009
A cool tour by Chris Prillo of his home office. I wish my office was as neat. Still only just moved house so off to IKEA for some furniture. - Phil McCredden from Bookmarklet
@philmccredden Your avatar looks a bit young. Maybe Dan is wearing rose-coloured?
yes I agree. Although in Dan's defence there wasn't a way to make it older looking. I could add some wrinkles but I think it is the hair that needs to be greyer. - Phil McCredden
Broke my toe tonight. Bloody hurts.
Ouch - how did you do that? - Phil McCredden
Phil McCredden
10 of the Best Mac Apps for Bloggers -
Some interesting contenders here. I have moved across to flock recently and am loving it. - Phil McCredden from Bookmarklet
Phil McCredden
Using Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer (version: 0.0.4) -
Twitter to Friend Feed Contact Importer finds all of your Tweeps on Friend Feed and automatically subscribes them. - Phil McCredden
Jordon Cooper
Shocked to find that Lee doesn't have wifi. We may not be brother's after all.
must be like discovering your brother is amish - Phil McCredden
Phil McCredden
I must get this book - Tribes by Seth Godin. A number of people have mentioned it to me recently - Phil McCredden
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