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Phil Stubbs, Environ Show

Phil Stubbs, Environ Show

I write and produce The Environment Show. Podcast and blog at
Bikes aren't just good for you, they're good for the economy -
How to get cycling going as a viable transport mode -
Copenhagen's Bicycle Strategy 2011-2025 -
Copenhagen-style separate cycleways planned for Christchurch -
'Bicycle highways' help save A$50 million a year in healthcare costs in Denmark -
List of all Streetfilms - library of videos about making city streets liveable -
Game Changer profile - Janette Sadik-Khan (Time video) -
As commissioner of transportation for New York City, Janette Sadik-Khan has transformed many of the city's streets to focus on pedestrians, re-engineering Times Square and beyond - Phil Stubbs, Environ Show
Janette Sadik-Khan: liveable streets are an economic strategy -
The Mayor's Vision for Cycling in London -
PDF file link - Phil Stubbs, Environ Show
oris Johnson reveals £913m London cycling plan - video -
London's mayor says his new plan for cycling in London will make the capital 'the most attractive city to cycle in for everybody' - Phil Stubbs, Environ Show
Boris Johnson's bold thinking could change the future of London cycling -
Mayor's new plans for cycling in the capital could re-shape the way Londoners transport themselves for decades to come - Phil Stubbs, Environ Show
Scientists confirm riding a bike has extraordinary effects on our brain chemistry -
Cycling can help fix your brain...
Why don't people cycle in cities? Fear of cars, trucks and buses ... -
New York's new streets help fight diseases -
New York's new streets help fight diseases...
Shareholder liability could tip the balance towards sustainable energy
Google Maps team walks Grand Canyon to give you "street view"...
Heat from cities is altering the jet stream and affecting weather thousands of miles away...
How many people can live on planet Earth? David Attenborough documentary - worth watching...
How many people can live on planet Earth? David Attenborough documentary - worth watching...
Humans are a 'plague on Earth': David Attenborough on population growth...
David Suzuki: "We are in a giant car heading toward a brick wall and everyone's arguing over where they're going...
10 Techniques for Making Cities More Walkable -
10 Techniques for Making Cities More Walkable -
5 Charts About Climate Change That Should Have You Very, Very Worried - The Atlantic
The carbon tax is now more popular than Tony Abbott -
Energy from tar sands v. energy from the sun (spot the difference)
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