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RT @ShaunFrankson: Great news. @PlasticBank just successfully made 3D printing filament from recycled plastic! The future is looking greener.
RT @cdunlap831: I'm keeping an eye on interesting private #PaaS up-and-comer @ActiveState whose #Stackato is built on #CloudFoundry and is part of @HPCloud.
"User Provided Service Instances" by @troytop < Inject any service credentials into @cloudfoundry / #stackato #paas
RT @AndreiYurkevich: profound description of buildpacks "mechanics" Thanks to @philwhln #stackato
RT @StephenKinder: PaaS: Buildpacks via @activestate <- Wonder how Liberty and node are contributed to Bluemix... whoop, here it is :)
RT @NickChase: Giving a meaty webinar on #OpenStack #Icehouse in 30 min. If you're one of my tech friends, please sign up at
RT @pkopacki: Nice piece on buildpacks "the best & most portable option for PaaS" via @activestate #heroku
Thanks for the Hacker News posting for "PaaS: Buildpacks"! @friism
RT @stfnklb: Nice round-up about #PaaS extensibility and buildpack portability by @ActiveState
I forgot how depressing Mad Men can be
"docopt-go for it!" by @RealMattBoersma Also see "18 Months of docopt" #docoptlove
Need #PaaS? "servers spun up for a project 2 years ago, never decommissioned, sit waiting for new workload"
A classic @ActiveState post from 2011 "Virtualization in the EC2 cloud using LXC"
RT @capotribu: "IT bottleneck has moved from infrastructure availability to application flexibility" by @bernardgolden
RT @eucalyptus: Congrats to @bernardgolden, a true cloud authority, on joining @activestate
RT @jg21: RT @bernardgolden Pleased to announce I've joined @ActiveState as VP Strategy. Learn why here: <<Nice!
RT @tavisrudd: "Microservices - not a free lunch" good article
RT @kumar303: @gvanrossum may or may not be open to python 2.8 #pycon
xkcd: Heartbleed Explanation
RT @jambay: i just saw @ferdy do some mad stuff with stateful docker containers and bosh in GCE. destroy the vm & BOSH resurrects it w/ data intact.
RT @vanhappenings: #PEMBERTONFESTIVAL REMINDER: tix for the July 18-20 @Pemberton_Fest on sale tomorrow at 10 am
RT @troytop: Forgot to tweet last week's post by @philwhln on #docopt - A Polyglot CLI Option Parser <- made my job easier
RT @LSamanthaSingh: "Almost Impossible" Application Autoscaling by @troytop via @activestate. #stackato @SMFulton3
RT @troytop: It's a fair cop @SMFulton3: Application autoscaling in Stackato - wherin I admit to equating impossible with hard:
RT @DanHushon: Docker and Cloud Foundry via @activestate < great article on approaches to lxc/CF via Docker (and sec. issues)
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