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Absent fans get robot to do cheering
CoreOS Stable Release "Starting today, you can begin running CoreOS in production"
RT @topette: Hoy es el día de agradecer a tu SysAdmin - Happy SysAdmin Appreciation Day vía @activestate
We headed to the streets of Vancouver to find out what the general public thought of SysAdmins #sysadminday
[video] Happy Sysadmin Appreciation Day from Vancouver Canada! #sysadminday #devops
RT @troytop: #sysadminday - where @philwhln finds some LART-worthy definitions of "sysadmin" in the wild
Remember to thank your SysAdmin for all that they do for you! #sysadminday is tomorrow
RT @ActiveState: RT @CloudProUK: AWS & ActiveState launch cloud training conference
RT @portertech: Just pushed the first Uchiwa (@sensuapp dashboard) omnibus packages to the repositories Give them a try!
CloudCredo - Project Decker: Cloud Foundry with Docker (Cloud Foundry Summit 2014) - YouTube @hatofmonkeys
Sainsbury's becomes first supermarket to power a store with food waste alone
RT @ak_cloudssky: Running @cloudfoundry through @ActiveState's #Stackato on top of #openstack took only 2 hours, excited!
"6 Reasons IT Needs PaaS" by @ActiveState's Kathy Thomas
World Cup re-created in 8-bit art
"Hulu secures exclusive $80M deal with South Park, throws content behind a paywall" via @VentureBeat
RT @jtimberman: OH “I'm pretty sure .io means node shop and .ly means rails”
RT @wadebaker: Ways to know you've overstretched your phd program: update letters turn sarcastic and cause LOLing.
RT @littleidea: @mccrory @vccarvalho @dturkenk people get the platforms they deserve.
BBC News: Brazil 1-7 Germany
Pride Parade - Apple-style via @YouTube
Pride Parade - Apple-style via @YouTube
RT @auxesis: No, Google. This is not what I was looking for.
RT @planetlarg: A name check from the mighty @ActiveState. Now THAT'S made me happy.
RT @velocityconf: The IaaS revolution will be matched by restructuring of how apps are designed, deployed & operated says @activestate:
For #DevOpsDays, do you prefer Thurs+Fri or Fri+Sat? #devops
RT @sfiegerman: Germany’s goalie right now
RT @duncwinn: Join #cloudfoundry London #LCFUG this thurs 7pm Old Street. @wattersjames and @tsaleh talking + food n beer: join at
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