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RT @camcavers: More people who didn’t find Apple’s reservation page. “@RichLamPhoto: Camping out for the iPhone6 @RichmondCtr Mall”
RT @Garin: "The harder I work, the luckier I get." ~Samuel Goldwyn
CSV: "The rabbit hole goes deep" Markdown: "is getting there"
RT @BCbrews: .@guanacotruck If @CityofVancouver wants to be @greenestcity they should allow for AC hookups at regular food truck locations, eg. @33Acres
My latest post on @CloudFoundry: "Diego Explained By Onsi Fakhouri" @ActiveState #PaaS #golang #Docker #Mesos
RT @webbmedia: "However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill
RT @kfelichko: Thanks @kelseyhightower for a great talk on #CoreOS at #DevOpsDays in Boston. IMHO, the best so far.
RT @bernardgolden: #devopsdays "sexy logs"? Definitely an oxymoron.
RT @jmeickle: Audience for Dave's talk about Librato's development metrics #devopsdays
RT @dissolve333: #devopsdays @kelseyhightower says ALL linux distros will be on systemd soon. I don't think so. Gentoo / Funtoo seem pretty set in OpenRC.
RT @bernardgolden: Speaker: Devops is the biggest group therapy movement in the world. #devopsdays
"Fleet is a way for us to forget about the hostnames" @kelseyhightower at #devopsdays Boston. #coreos #devops #docker
The new unwritten contract for tech companies like GitHub from @NKatsimpras
"Which part of the elephant are you touching?" @nkatsimpras at #devopsdays Boston
RT @HistoryInPics: People having a picnic in the middle of a highway in the US during the 1973 oil crisis.
RT @WesleyLowery: Scott Olsen's work in Ferguson has been breathtaking. Journalism is not a crime
RT @PicardTips: Picard management tip: Leave the bridge sometimes. Other people can handle things fine without you.
RT @devopsdaysbos: “Reducing grey matter is essential to increasing confidence“ - @DevOpsAnthony #devopsdays
RT @jakebullit: very glad basement jaxx are back
RT @devopsdaysbos: “Documentation solves all the things…if you actually write it.” - @sigje #devopsdays #devopsdaysbos
RT @flomotlik: Terraform, new infrastructure provision tool by @hashicorp and @mitchellh . They keep coming up with awesome stuff
RT @flomotlik: Microservices and the First Law of Distributed Objects
RT @bcferrycoder: The days of the monolithic app are numbered: microservices are the future:
RT @HoReaL: focus + agility, loving the 2 pizza rule! ==> " Microservices and PaaS - Part I via @activestate @bcferrycoder "
RT @Shivanand_25: Microservices not Monoliths are the way forward at #PaaS #AppDevelopers #DevOps
Montreal has an airport, a Holiday Inn and I just spotted an IKEA! Hopefully, my next visit I'll learn a bit more about this great city.
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