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Joshua Byrd

Joshua Byrd

plays with reality, into evolution, creates sounds, messes with the order of the universe, puts down words
do climate change deniers even realise what silly sods they sound like most of the time? lol
do climate change deniers even realise what silly sods they sound like most of the time? lol
@pressdarling ah soz mayte!
@helveticade just read a story about the new Swipe. Well done! Makes me wish I was down there again in Melbs getting involved!
@YuriKalzone69 gets me every time
@sufstjames it's going well, i broke twitter, lost a few forgettable followers, and my timeline is nice and clean now x
"@dabadaf: @phocks TELL US THE TRUTH!!!!" I'll tell you the truth when you start matching my standards of beauty/ sexiness Daniel!!
@Anita_AMH well they did lock my account afterwards (password reset) and for a while i was following -88 people haha
@sufstjames i was already following you from the start :)
@sendai @AshKyd also i almost felt beholden to my old following / wanted to experiment and experience that emptiness for a while..
@sendai @AshKyd well not that exactly I guess. It's just funny how quickly some people unfollow you after you do it first
that said, if i've missed you, fav or retweet this & i will refollow you right now
..interesting results in both fields it seems! @AshKyd good having a clean timeline, slowly refollowing / observing follow loyalty too 😉
.@misswhitemoth umm what? where did u get that? no i unfollowed everyone indiscriminately as a technological & sociological experiment..
@HiDrSpaceman yes I realised that afterwards after plugging in to do a backup :)
raptor rehearsal, play rehearsal, life rehearsal
i need feminism because jesus had a twin sister
Just finished: Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality by Barbara Bradley Hagerty
it is what it is
@tobiassvn Minnie Driver seems to be annoying me the most..
@tobiassvn ha, haven't seen it in aaages, can't even remember it
abstract concepts with absolutely no application in real life… are really cool!
good will hunting
RT @tonedeaf_music: Want a colourful track for track breakdown of the new @VelociraptorAU album from Jeremy Neale (@SegaDreamboat)? Boom:
@jamesxboyd I am composing a new tweet.
Making a mini greenhouse.
dear all media stop spreading alarmist stories about internet security you're making people paranoid & they are asking me annoying questions
..actually, looks like Horus's birthday was yesterday. Happy birthday Horus! (sorry I forgot)
so according to Catbook it has just ticked over to Horus's birthday. Happy birthday Horus!
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