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Joshua Byrd

Joshua Byrd

plays with reality, into evolution, creates sounds, messes with the order of the universe, puts down words
@breemateljan what a rush! :)
tfw you think you've screwed up someone's laptop beyond repair but then it's just the motherboard power strip come loose, is what i live for
Schematic Diagrams for the Nintendo Entertainment System
alright, got a tiny bit of real work, back to what i do best, wrangling wayward computers back onto the straight and narrow!
Amy just put on the Hey Jude record, the very same that I just wrote into my novel, and I'm having a pretty big Stranger Than Fiction moment
RT @megabichi: @phocks just bat your eyelashes at the librarian and you’ll be stacking books in no time
@helveticade reminds me of pacman
i could almost see myself working in a library.. bet it's a tough job to get though right
a mission of discovery, for air-conditioned comfort
just answered a $1 survey about christmas shopping and have finally saved up enough google opinion rewards to buy minecraft pocket edition!
just going through my old flickr, had almost forgotten about it, holy mother of all flashbacks batman
i enjoy flicking focus to the lightbulb the instant you switch it off and watching the filament slowly fade into resolute darkness
@vivzilla EXACTLY!
helping mum put a possum house up in her backyard, and feeling very conflicted
bordering that thin line, not enough sleep to really function properly, but enough to rule out a nap
@teganvictoria will do! I might see if there are any puppy schools close by :)
Weeping Willows was selected as the daily poem November 10, 2014 (2nd time poem of the day at Hello Poetry!)
@rocknbee good idea, I'll investigate!
@mizminh sweet, I'm applying!
@EllyOcean haha, puppies + profit (probs minus the cruelty) = perfect!
RT @VelociraptorAU: New edition of Raptor-Mag out today!
RT @worstbloke: Heard a guy in the cinema say during Intersteller "when will he get to Uranus lol" Fuck The General Public
It's said, that those who don't sleep confuse reality with dream.
@louvelitteraire pup pup 😍
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