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Joshua Byrd

Joshua Byrd

plays with reality, into evolution, creates sounds, messes with the order of the universe, puts down words
finally in the mood for easter eggs
There she blows! there she blows!—there she blows! There again!—there again!
oh hey i got 'poem of the day' on Hello Poetry for Easter #420 #BLAZEIT
@JonoH hahaha maybe I'll turn it into some Aussie hip hop yo!
long is the road, and hard is the way that brings once known, long lost and forgotten keypresses out of the darkness, and into the moonlight
almost twelve months absent from a piano, and the moonlight sonata has mostly flown my mind, time to shine again
slowly catching up
my body clock is so confused, i think it's time for a nap…
@nicodonnell it's good being back for now anyway!
Painting Seven Samurai - Making Of - Imgur -
my mum makes the best scrambled eggs ever
greet the morning sun, out on the porch, with a book and a tea
an intimate crossing by phocks -
an intimate crossing by phocks via @hellopoetry
oh my god I have missed Milo soooooooo much!
Xanax and "Enlightened", pretty pretty good, goodnight
circadian rhythms suck
just drove past my old primary school—existence, the strangest thing ever
welcome to the future
@myauralfixation sleeping for a million years probably
RT @mariekehardy: Can you die from jet lag? Asking for an ex friend (my soul).
@aamjp cheers, let's start a Moby-Dick book club or something :) 🐳
@marchofclouds thanks Hannah. I still miss Melbourne!
@miranda_jane a necessary coming home, family, financial, existential, hopefully I can return soon, who knows what the future will bring :)
in honour of my return, Horus took it upon himself to bring me a poor small mouse from outside, now he's sulking because I got angry at him
@georgiecel unfortunately I'll be missing the Sydney show. You'll just have to book tickets to Brisbane :) I'm sure we'll be back that way..
@asillyfox Yes! Will we still find you dancing close to Canberra way? I'll have to make it there someday.
@ajmaus the shizz iz fo real. Cheeeers!
@myauralfixation Thanks so much Mandy. And yes, we will meet soon :)
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