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Joshua Byrd

Joshua Byrd

plays with reality, into evolution, creates sounds, messes with the order of the universe, puts down words
in the study of queue dynamics, and the splitting into two, tempers flare, when the observed order seems ever so slightly unfair
final leg, accents a dead giveaway, dazed.. may attempt some sleep
i am a flying zombie from space
@megabichi bye Ruthy! I'm gonna miss hanging out with you guys so much. See you soon no doubt! XoXOOXx
@asillyfox precisely.
RT @asillyfox: @phocks looking like old robert smith, but not being robert smith. sounding like talking heads, but being performed by arcade fire.
just watched "This Must Be The Place" and pretty much saw my future
socks inside acoustic guitars saves a lot of space, utilising every inch to avoid excess charges
@emersonlane it's all i do :)
we all can see the future, but only the past can make it prophecy
@aamjp haven't even read any other Melville, but I think I remember reading a quote about an empty sarcophagus that was quite interesting
it's always suddenly 2am
dragon tea is the greatest 🐉
relax. let the music engulf you. -
@dabadaf guess it means we'll be sinking shitloads of piss next week old chap 🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻🍻 don't tell anyone haha
wanderings in the woods
@dabadaf 💉🐙
with the parallels of 'gone home' played through, immersive, emotional, atmospheric, and sublime, perhaps now so can i, next week sometime..
@aamjp I'm really starting to believe it doesn't exist, oh ghostly apparition! not even close. Perhaps one day…
If another book comes close in sublimity & profundity as Moby-Dick then let me hear about it. I can only reread it so many times, probably..
almost finished 'Gone Home', I think
oh hey, instagram's back
she told me to be sure not to call her on her birthday, so i guess i'll just scream it into the universe: Happy Birthday Mum!
forgot what my face looked like
@longgonerecords pills hidden behind the soap dispenser still there from last year haha tell Rohan
shaving hair follicles off my face, quite strange when you think about it
10 sites developers should have in their bookmarks -
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