Rachel Lea Fox
Do you tip a repair guy?
Sometimes -- depends! Usually not though. - Stephen Mack
Well, he wouldn't take any so I guess that answers that. He was super good, if anyone in the south bay needs an appliance repair guy, I recommend Ace Appliance. Tom is awesome (he is the owner). - Rachel Lea Fox
You bet. I'll tip anyone who gives me good service and makes a living from it. - Mitch
Never. - Anika
Mitch, how much do you tip? Do you do a percent? If I really like service I often will, but I'm never clear as to who to tip and who not to. I tried to tip this guy and he wouldn't take it, but aside from that I try. I just never know how much. - Rachel Lea Fox
IMO, you only tip delivery people for furniture or other large objects not repair people - Adrian
I don't know how much most times, either. I just give them whatever's in my pocket as long as it's not unreasonably high or disrespectfully low. Depends on the length of time it took and level of skill involved, too. On average $10 maybe? - Mitch
My rule of thumb is that if you appreciate the work someone did for you and they were polite, a tip should always be considered. - Mitch
Depends on how dirty the job was. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
depends on how often he comes. if it's a one time thing, no. if he's there a couple times a week, a holiday tip of $20 - $40 is appropriate. But if a one time thing, no tip is needed. That's what the 'show up' fee is for. - Morgan
home repair service jobs people don't normally work on tips from what I know - Morgan
the word of mouth referral is the best tip you can give them. for real. - Morgan
When the guy came to clean up the nasty cat puke out of my air vent? That got a tip...otherwise, no. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Alex - The pitty tip? - Mitch
cat puke in the air vent? TIME TO MOVE!!!!! - Morgan
i NEVER tip a repair guy. labour charges are already obscene. - Big Joe Silenced
seriously, i wish i got USD$125/hr prorated to a 2 hour minimum for fucking about for 20 minutes of "percussive maintenance" and checking my mobile phone for texts from my girlfriend before declaring the whole mess needs to be replaced by someone else. - Big Joe Silenced
Joe, if his fees were that high i wouldn't have thought about it, but it was not an easy or short job and he gave me really good advice on how to get part of his visit covered by the expired warranty and he was welding and dealing with freon on top of everything else, so I felt like I should. Just didn't know how much. But he refused it anyway. - Rachel Lea Fox