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Take part in our photo challenge (Blog) - physicsworld.com
We want to celebrate the connections between light and the physical world by asking you to share your photos. Take part in the Physics World photo challenge by submitting photos to our Flickr group on the theme of “Light In Physics”. Please add your photos by Wednesday 29 February and then after this date we will choose a selection of our favourite images to be showcased on physicsworld.com. - Halil from Bookmarklet
Nature is teeming with photo opportunities. It might be the dramatic light shows produced by aurora, pearl-like water droplets glistening in a spider’s web, or the shimmering structural colours paraded by animals such as peacocks and butterflies. Or you may choose to capture an image indoors, maybe a laboratory demonstration of a basic optics principle or perhaps a fascinating array of laser light. Be as creative as like. - Halil
1 week left *bump* - Halil