Results from the Ultimate Engagement | The Business Behind The Artistry -
lessons learned at the wpo conference
Marry Your Differences with Style: Tips on blending cultures, families & faiths | The Ultimate Engagement -
What Valentine’s Day Means to Me -
Event Marketing Countdown - How big brands get ROI marketing their brand at events
reflections on going back to Harvard Business School at this stage as a small business owner
Make Your Wedding the Event of the Year with our New Photographers | Fifth Avenue Digital -
30 top blogs for social media updates- cool list!
@bropo -thanks for input on name- appreciate it!-and agree on the space thing
@vshade -i know-i loved my old name- than it was swiped by someone how has a trademark-this one does not fit
The Business behind the Artistry | Fifth Avenue Digital -
time to change my name again- i really dont like photobizwiz- i tried but its way to aol like-elizbeskin-ebeskin-5thavedigital-comments???
@Lifes_Dash -thanks my friend- the write up in the knot is fun!!
@SheJustGotMarri thank you so much for the great write up! so cool- just launched and already great press!!!-
cool day today-Album boutique was written up in the Knot New Blog-check it out -ready to move!
@PinkDeb we miss you- how are you
RT @pnv123: An excellent presentation & you've nailed the issues. Social Media events engage the attendee & that is key
NY has a new blog princess and the knot got her @mayakalman-thanks for the great write up :)
look what the NY knot blogess @mayakalman says about my new company! thnks :)
did you see the new blog from the Knot-NY KNotties? New post is on my new company :)
check out the write up on on the knot blog-NY knotties- so much fun!!!
check out what NY knotties (The Knot's NY blog) said about fun stuff! thnks @mayakalman :)
can someone please pass me a good article on how to get started on google wave- also what happens when non of your friends are on it?
RT @camerontoth: WAVE ME! (CameronToth@) 25 Useful Google Wave Extensions and Gadgets
@weddingchicks -nice to feed them during dinner if there are no table pictures
Red 7 Media Launches Online E-Procurement System - -very cool!
RT @bostonmarketer: SO funny about BostonMarket- are they asking you to change your name now??
@GPfood -really nice way to use tweets!!!
@theblogsmaid -am i ever going to see you or did i blow my chance????
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