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GAME DESIGNERS: (DOWNLOADABLE IDEA SHEETS). Please provide gameplay feedback in comments or by posting your ideas via uploading notes/diagrams/blog post links (also other card type requests). The scientists are being asked to initially focus on 12 attributes (subject to space, etc). Your feedback and notes will greatly inform their decisions.
Are we going to come up with a standardized design parallel to a Pokemon card? I can throw together a quick PSD template to use based on a colorless basic Pokemon for initial design purposes, that way designers can get a better idea of what their image would look like on a real card. We can edit everything further when it is decided what attributes will be emphasized and how game mechanics will function. - Anath KaSh
From other feedback that we've been following, it looks like that may be the best/easiest way to do things. We're essentially open to whatever game designers think will work. If it happens to mirror Pokemon then so be it! (i.e. elements <-> biomes) Ultimately, we're hoping a variety of different gameplay rules are developed, all interest and enjoyable in their own right, and all that can feed off the same info set presented on the cards. Hope this helps. - Phylomon admin
Oh yeah, and the pdf attached is meant to mimic the blank card template that folks can work off. - Phylomon admin
I posted a suggestion, on the facebook page, to include fungi. Given the goals of the project, that seems like a reasonable idea that could provide some interesting twists as far as gameplay goes as well. I am also publicizing the project to the mycological community tomorrow with a post at I'd like to help if I can. Another card game that might provide some ideas for gameplay is Dino Hunt! by Steve Jackson Games. Just a thought. - Philip
I'm not sure how the pokemon game mechanics work, but Magic has a mechanic that would be great to include in our discussions. In Magic, you cannot play a character card (action card), unless it has the appropriate amount of land already laid out. So, if you had an octopus card, you'd have to have the appropriate amount of "Ocean" land cards already on the table. Taking that a bit further, if it's a benthic species, you would have to have a certain amt. of Ocean cards, and then perhaps a benthic zone land card as well. - rawrchiteuthis I want to suggest this: each card has a number in the right corner giving you the information how much it needs to eat and what animals it can eat. It can only eat animals with a smaller number and must eat things that add up to this number. The goal is to kill your opponents creatures. [edit] I thougt about the system. what about this: to play a card, you must have cards in the group under the group you want to put your card in with a total of points in their top right corner equal to the number of your card. (fuck, this long sentence must sound german...) Anyway, I only need a combat system now.[/edit] - Naturalismus
New thoughts about the gameplay: - Naturalismus
@Mike: I like your idea. Someone should make a wiki for gameplay ideas... - Naturalismus
Right now, I'm thinking of starting up a forum. I've got someone who can help me moderate it, and the forum set up seems more conducive for dialogue. The friendfeed portal is still handy as it lets folks upload files. Anyway, looking through things, and will hopefully have something for mon/tues. The wiki idea is also cool, so will look into that (just want to see whether the slight difference in editing language will make it a barrier for use). - Phylomon admin
imo the mediawiki syntax is quite simple - Naturalismus