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New article Project Cosmos - Από τον ορφικό μύθο στο Cern Check it
The Big Bang Is Hard Science. It Is Also a Creation Story. - Issue 17: Big Bangs - Nautilus via @NautilusMag
ΦΥΣΙΚΗΣ ΑΝΑΓΝΩΣΜΑΤΑ: Εκδόθηκε το βιβλίο μου για τη Φυσική Β' Λυκείου γενικής Παιδείας - 1ο τεύχος #GRedu
New article Φυσική Β' Λυκείου γενικής Παιδείας Check it
Φυσική Β' Λυκείου Προσανατολισμού - 1ο τεύχος -
Φυσική Β' Λυκείου Προσανατολισμού - 1ο τεύχος
Breaking Habits: Changing eating routines to healthier food - Chicago Tribune via @ArchiveDigger
29 Signs You’re Doing Just Fine (Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It) via @feedly
8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness | Edutopia
Don’t believe the hype – 10 persistent cancer myths debunked - Cancer Research UK - Science blog
Why do I study physics? | ScienceDump via @sciencedump
Watch Morgan Freeman teach us physics while high on helium | ScienceDump via @sciencedump
The Cycle Of Poverty Is Psychological, Not Just Financial | Co.Exist | ideas + impact
Gaming in #education: 'We don’t need no stinking badges' | eSchool News | eSchool News #gamification
Vertical Farming | Today's Big Idea | Big Think
College Lectures: Not the Best for Learning, Says New Study | IdeaFeed | Big Think
Reflection: What Makes Learning Stick
Smart strategies that help students Learn how to learn
These Solar Roads Could Power The Entire Country
LANDOR - Dünger- die gute Wahl der Schweizer Bauern -
Everything You Need To Know About The New Twitter Profiles via @feedly
How to avoid common mistakes in science writing | Science | @bjohnnymac @JanetBenson77
Είστε εκπαιδευτικός; Μετρήστε το επίπεδο αυτοεκτίμησης, συναισθηματικής νοημοσύνης και ικανοποίησης από τη ζωή #GREdu
RT @bjohnnymac: Tony Bates and his most recent blog. Worth the read #mscidel #mscde
The Science of Flirting Science everywhere... @ChrisPanag
Don’t Listen to Music While Studying via @edutopia @JanetBenson77 @bjohnnymac @hamacleod
Hidden miracles of the natural world
Visualizing Which Countries People Are Trying To Get Away From, And Where They're Going By @jessleber
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