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Review: Super Powereds: Year 1 -
Startup Engineering Management Gets a 2nd Edition -
Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic -
"In 1985, 46 percent of incoming freshmen at the 250 most selective colleges came from the top quarter of the income distribution. By 2000, it was 55 percent. As of 2006, only about 15 percent of students at the most competitive schools came from the bottom half. The more prestigious the school, the more unequal its student body is apt to be. " - Piaw Na
Sympathy for the Trustafarians - -
Krugman debunks Mankiw so the rest of us don't have to. - Piaw Na
Unlike gdrive, one drive is good enough that I'd switch. - Piaw Na
Sex Discrimination and Gender Bias - Why Do Women Pay More Than Men - Marie Claire -
Now you know why outdoor brands like north face and Patagonia always end up being women's apparel if successful, while the reverse never happens. - Piaw Na
Review: A Fighting Chance -
I too was a critic during the first term. His second term's been pretty amazing. - Piaw Na
Six charts that show how stingy America is toward its own families - Quartz -
american "liberals" would be considered conservative in any other developed country but articles like this never acknowledge that. - Piaw Na
Par for the course for wall street - Piaw Na
Vitamin D, Sunscreen, and Race -
Review: Sailing a Serious Ocean -
Review: Michelin Pro Race 3 Tire -
Review: Solbar SPF 30 Sunscreen -
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