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Piaw Na
Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. | New Republic -
"In 1985, 46 percent of incoming freshmen at the 250 most selective colleges came from the top quarter of the income distribution. By 2000, it was 55 percent. As of 2006, only about 15 percent of students at the most competitive schools came from the bottom half. The more prestigious the school, the more unequal its student body is apt to be. " - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Sympathy for the Trustafarians - -
Krugman debunks Mankiw so the rest of us don't have to. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Unlike gdrive, one drive is good enough that I'd switch. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Sex Discrimination and Gender Bias - Why Do Women Pay More Than Men - Marie Claire -
Now you know why outdoor brands like north face and Patagonia always end up being women's apparel if successful, while the reverse never happens. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
I too was a critic during the first term. His second term's been pretty amazing. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
american "liberals" would be considered conservative in any other developed country but articles like this never acknowledge that. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Par for the course for wall street - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Google's Datacenters on Punch Cards -
via tom - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
As Interest Fades in the Humanities, Colleges Worry - -
How to reconcile this with America's low may and science standings? - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
• Chart: Samsung Now Officially More Profitable Than Apple | Statista -
It helps to be an Apple supplier, not just a competitor. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
There's Another Way | Road Rights | -
""Hananja Konijn, 12, was riding his bike home from school. A turning truck right-hooked him, knocking him from his bike and dragging him for a few feet before it came to a stop. Konijn died the next morning. In the US, we would have called it a “tragic accident” and that would be that. But this crash didn’t happen in America. It happened in the Dutch city of Zoetermeer. And in the Netherlands accident investigations are required for every bicycle fatality. So when young Hananja was run down, police went to work. The intersection where Konijn was killed was closed by accident investigators, who painstakingly recreated the crash, as reported in the Boston Globe: Along with clipboards and cameras and measuring tape, they brought with them an 18-wheeler and a child-sized bicycle. Over and over, they maneuvered the two around the corner, recreating the all-too-common “right hook” accident in slow motion, each time adjusting the truck’s mirrors or the angle at which it struck the bike. T - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Facebook And Teen User Trends - Business Insider -
Are they on Google+? :-) - Piaw Na
Amit Patel
My old game ported to the web runs faster on the iPhone 5S than on my laptop or my gaming desktop. Woah.
480 simulation ticks/sec on iPhone; 300 on laptop; 430 on the gaming desktop. Weirddddddd - Amit Patel
What language is the game written in? Is it single threaded or multi-threaded, and how old is your gaming desktop? :-) - Piaw Na
Single threaded, C++ code compiled to Javascript using Emscripten. Gaming desktop is core i5-750. - Amit Patel
Piaw Na
Creepy Obamacare ad hits college campuses and your nightmares - Yahoo News -
Gotta love the koch brothers - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
CEOs All At Sea - -
"If you insist on thinking of Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren as somehow symmetrical figures, you’re already so out of touch with political reality that there’s no way you’re going to have useful influence." - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Your False-Equivalence Guide to the Days Ahead - James Fallows - The Atlantic -
"As a matter of journalism, any story that presents the disagreements as a "standoff," a "showdown," a "failure of leadership," a sign of "partisan gridlock," or any of the other usual terms for political disagreement, represents a failure of journalism*** and an inability to see or describe what is going on. " - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
140 Character Assassination - -
There's no such thing as a sane republican - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
The thing is, by and large, the wealthy have gotten their wish. Wall Street was bailed out, while workers and homeowners weren’t. Our so-called recovery has done nothing much for ordinary workers, but incomes at the top have soared, with almost all the gains from 2009 to 2012 going to the top 1 percent, and almost a third going to the top 0.01 percent — that is, people with incomes over $10 million - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Amazon Wins Cloud Game Of Thrones - Business Insider -
"Instead of guaranteeing performance and availability, heavy Amazon users like Netflix are building applications to work around its faults. We have taken, for our default cloud, a system that has poor storage I/O, unpredictable CPU performance, and an annoying (albeit rare) habit of whole zones going down. Read more:" But Amazon isn't the only one doing this to its users. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Apple's Gold iPhone 5S Shortage - Business Insider -
Proof that Apple iPhone owners are actually as shallow as everyone thinks they are. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
More on the Coming French Imperium - -
People always ask me if the US has seen it's best behind it. To which I reply: Unlike almost the rest of the developed world, the US has a growing population with no signs of slow down. It's not a surprise that France is similarly situated though. Their family policies are extremely friendly to working couples. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
House of Un-Representatives - -
"As a whole, Congress has never been more diverse, except the House majority. There are 41 black members of the House, but all of them are Democrats. There are 10 Asian-Americans, but all of them are Democrats. There are 34 Latinos, a record — and all but 7 are Democrats. There are 7 openly gay or lesbian members, all of them Democrats. Only 63 percent of the United States population is white. But in the House Republican majority, it’s 96 percent white. Women are 51 percent of the nation, but among the ruling members of the House, they make up just 8 percent. (It’s 30 percent on the Democratic side.)" - Piaw Na
Victor Ganata
The ultracynical part of me thinks we should just let athletes use performance-enhancing drugs. Yes, it might seriously maim or kill them, but that’s what they’re getting paid millions of dollars for anyway, to potentially wreck their bodies for our entertainment. Sure, it gives kids the terrible idea that the only way to Succeed™ is by cheating,... -
I don't like the idea of high school and younger athletes getting the go-ahead to use substances that will probably destroy their lives. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I kind of worry that's all this faux-outrage around PEDs is actually doing, though: making it seem OK. - Victor Ganata
I think if we were truly serious about outlawing PEDs, people who used them would be banned for life. None of this pleading down to 65 games crap and then playing again like nothing ever happened. - Victor Ganata
Probably. The solution is to make sure there are lots of PSAs showing the effects of PEDs on penis size. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Then there are all the other ways that athletes are allowed to totally wreck their bodies. - Victor Ganata
I have a medical question for you Victor. Pure "blood doping" is the removal of blood for later injection to increase red blood cell counts. What is the difference medically between that and say training at altitude? - Johnny
Yeah, what Stephen said. There's thousands of young athletes for every world class one. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
At least with CTE, the media is finally publicizing the tragic effects. With PEDs, all we really see are people getting slapped on the wrist, then it's business as usual. No one really dwells on those Belgian bicyclists who killed themselves with EPO. - Victor Ganata
With training at high altitude, there are more effects than just increased red cell mass (and some of those effects are actually detrimental to certain types of athletic activity), and when you're no longer at high altitude, those effects go away in a couple of weeks, whereas if you get auto-transfused, the beneficial effects can last for up to 120 days (although probably 30-60 days on average), and you don't get any of the adaptations that will decrease your performance. - Victor Ganata
I think that it would be great for medical science. We'd figure out what works and what doesn't. - Piaw Na
There's something very American about that. The Nazis experimented on concentration camp prisoners. We can experiment on professional athletes. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Although I guess we already experiment on soldiers. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
It's not cheating if it's allowed. Maybe they could represent different pharmaceutical companies? And in Tour de France there could be a pharma ranking in addition to individual and team. - Eivind
I had discussion with my PT about amputee runners. She opined that if blades gave a significant advantage that healthy runner might opt for amputation... #doping - WarLord
Piaw Na
Sous vide at home: Why thermal immersion circulators are the microwave of the future. - Slate Magazine -
I tried low temperature cooking in my Oven last week. The results impressed even my wife one day. Two days later I tried again and it was a complete mess. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Scott Adams Blog: New Hiring Methods 07/10/2013 -
I agree. That was my biggest beef with Google's approach to promotions. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Congrats Digg for Rescuing Me From Feedly! Gets Google Reader Replacement in Just Under the Wire and It WORKS! naked capitalism -
I had the same issue with feedly - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Social Security errors: They're incredibly rare. -
So much for "government can't do anything right." - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Accurate recording: The one amazing feature that makes European DVRs so much better than American DVRs. - Slate Magazine -
Hint: it's all about the "free market", which is really about corporate greed in the US. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Greg Mankiw and the Gatsby Curve - -
"We live in a society that allocates rights to intellectual property in a way that yields huge rewards to a select few, that taxes top incomes at a historically low rate, and so on. Even if the game is fair, nothing says that the game has to look the way it does." Greg Mankiw is a hack. - Piaw Na
Piaw Na
Readers of literary fiction are better thinkers, according to new research | Mail Online -
'A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.' - Piaw Na
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