Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
The Comedian Comedians Were Afraid Of via @sharethis
The Comedian Comedians Were Afraid Of via @sharethis
I hate that he is gone. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Me, too. I didn't really know him until recently and saw him on one of the Comedy Central roasts. There was just something earnestly superb about him. - Akiva
Had he lived long enough I have no doubt he could have been the next Pryor. Also, as a comedian it blows my mind that he would go out there without a planned set. The fact that he made it doing that means he was ...genius is the only word I can come up with. that shit is really hard. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
He had the best one liners on those VH1 I Love The... and Best Week Ever shows. - Eric - Final Countdown
I loved it every single time he was on the O&A Show. Listening to him and Jim Norton riff off one another for four hours at a time was just sheer brilliance. And his laugh. Holy shit when they'd get him going on a laughing jag, it was infectious. After he died, they did a week of memorial shows for him where they brought in all these other great comedic talents like Rich Vos, Jay Mohr, and Colin Quinn, and they shared all these fantastic stories (and tweeted photos) about Patrice. Still makes me mad that he's gone. - Hookuh Tinypants